Signals #479 Sisters on the Way?


Reece and Frankie are back after an awesome halloween to bring you all the news and rumors you are looking for. Sisters rumors continue to swirl as a release seems imminent…or not, who knows with GW.


Show notes can be found here.


Some mats are as low as 35$ Prices slashed because we are moving to a larger location! Hurray!

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    Pff, can’t stomach IRN BRU.

    • jeff white

      irn bru ?

      • Benjamin E

        Pronounced ‘Iron Brew,’ it’s the Scottish version of coca cola. I think Scotland is one of the only places in the world where coca cola Isn’t the most popular soft drink, because their domestic Irn Bru reigns supreme.

        Tastes kind of like … Big Red, but without the red flavor? Hard to describe.

      • GiftoftheMagi

        It also tastes like bubble gum, will permanently stain your clothes orange, and has so much sugar that…well, you might turn into Jesse Cox.