40K BatRep: Black Legion vs Magnus & Horrors


sit back and enjoy a post-FAQ Magnus battle report with his Pink Horror friends facing down the Black Legion.

 Hi everyone, Adam from TFG Radio here.

So this time we actually see Magnus on the table along with some pink horrors, piloted by Salt John, going against my Black Legion Warband.

Keep in mind we incorporated the GW Magnus FAQ. Enjoy!

~ Always, let us know what you think and what you want to see!


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  • sethmo

    Just start magnus on ground and wreck face….he had nothing to touch him in that list……

  • The Suave Lion


    I’ve got an 1850 battle vs a wolfstar list tomorrow. Shall be tough.
    Faced a chaos warband this week. It was a good game but Magnus is overpowering. I find there is not much use to flying him as he is such a monster on the ground.

  • tl;dr?

  • The_Mighty_Moogar

    I was there that night and I almost came up to these guys to say cheers, haha. Game Empire is great

  • Nyyppä

    I keep wondering why this game was even played. The lists are not even remotely in line with one another.

  • Devourer

    Didn’t like it. So much noise and the camera so far away that I couldn’t get anything of interest in this video…
    But thanks anyway. Maybe next time it will be better 😉