D&D Wiki Joins the BoLS Network


We are happy to announce our latest member of the BoLS network – the D&D Wiki, and a big d20SRD.org update.

BoLS has been adding a lot of RPG content to our coverage over the last few months.  Today we hare happy to announce the latest site to join the BoLS family, and a big new expansion of another of our RPG sister sites.  This is your lucky day RPG readers!



D&D Wiki

The D&D Wiki had just joined the BoLS network and had a remodel.  Make it your one stop shop wiki for D&D official canon and publications information, as well as a massive Homebrew section for 3.5, 4e and 5e, plus full SRDs.  Take a look, bookmark us and join the community today – everyone is welcome to help us build the best D&D encyclopedia online!



D20srd.org recently updated to add a 5e SRD section to the site. It is still early days and many more tools and improvments are coming., All of you 3.5 players who use the site can now use it for your 5e games as well.

You can always get to both of these sites via the BoLS top navbar.

~Look for much more RPG content and news in the future!

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    The Wiki was in desperate need of a re-model.

    I like that the distinction between official and classic seems to be sharper with the new design. I quite like it.

  • Vepr

    Woot! 🙂