Pathfinder: Realm of the Fey Preview


The new setting book is coming out soon – get a peek at what’s inside!

Creative Director Steve Sutter give us a look at First World…

A place where anything can happen, there’s infinite variety around every corner, and beings great and powerful can toss you into an adventure in an instant! It’s the same draw that led me to first start work on Kaer Maga (following in the gonzo footsteps of folks like China Miéville and Richard Pett), or to follow trailblazers like Wes and Jacobs into the Outer Planes with my novels. For me, the more bizarre oddities you can pack into a setting book, the better.

… one of the things that excited me most about this project was the prospect of getting to give all of the Eldest a full Book of the Damned/Chronicle of the Righteous-style write-up. Ever since Wes did the first Book of the Damned, it’s been one of my favorite campaign setting books, and I shamelessly ripped off that format for The First World. Each of the Eldest in the book gets their own spread—the left page a write-up about the god (like this one for Ng), and the right detailing that Eldest’s seat of power—in Ng’s case, the fabled Palace of Seasons. As with Inner Sea Faiths, all of the Eldest come with boons and obediences that work with both the prestige classes in that book and the new feysworn prestige class presented in this one.

Check out The Hooded…

ng the hooded paizo

Be sure that you pre-order your copy today…

The First World, Realm of the Fey$22.99 / $15.99

paizo realm fey

Inside this book, you’ll find:

  • Detailed information on all the Eldest, including overviews of their strongholds and magical boons for their worshipers.
  • Dozens of bizarre fey adventure locations, from the legendary Witchmarket to the Chittering Tabernacle, with secret histories, maps of prominent cities, and more.
  • The new feysworn prestige class, allowing you to harness the power of the fairy lords.
  • New spells and magic items to help you survive the First World, as well as rules for spellcasting in the fey realm and bending the landscape itself to your will.
  • Six new fey monsters, including the skull-headed escorite and the technology-trashing bulabar, plus a new First World template and suggestions to help you create unique fey foes on the fly.

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