BOMBSHELL: Eldar Trio of Minis Pics!


GO GO GO – You NEED to see these new Eldar minis, the mystery is revealed!

The Fracturing of Biel-Tan is coming this February!



GW Community says:

reveal-500x367 reveal3-473x500 reveal2-391x500

The Yncarne – Avatar of Ynnead

yncarne-2 yncarne-1
The Visarch – Sword of Ynneadvisarch-1

Yvraine – Emissary of Ynnead


~Have at it – these are going to sell out instantly!

  • DoctorBored

    In before GW kills off Slaanesh completely and we never see another Slaanesh model for the rest of our lives.

    • Bichop

      I’m afraid that you are rigth

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      There’s at least one BL author on record saying a beaten down Slaanesh is just a build-up to a big return for both systems. If they were cutting Slaanesh entirely, they probably would’ve already done so in AoS. (And hey, the new Archaon still bears a mark of Slaanesh on the model.)

      • ragelion

        Also slaanesh is mentioned in the new tzeentch book. Bretonnia and Tomb kings are how GW squats something they don’t mention them like at all. Slaanesh is all over the AOS fluff and the followers have been getting good development.

        • Asrai

          I think that the elves in aos are linked with slaanesh (like they are in 40K)

          • Aezeal

            Well both of the aelven models in silver tower are order aligned in AoS. They seem to be from 2 different allegiances within order (and somewhat aligned with high and dark elves respectively) so not sure if Aelves are going chaos now.

          • ragelion

            Yup and in the sliver tower novel the mistweaver tells the group that she is in the tower for a specific reason and that the group would not understand the gravity of her being there or some such. I guess it’s most likely slaanesh related and tzeentch giant spell he is weaving is most likely slaanesh related.

            Since for some reason in a past short novel a hidden tzeentch champion was helping a slaaneshi warband to find slaanesh for some reason.

            Also in the all gates book slaaneshi lords are trading secrets not known to mortal men via clan enshin. It sure sounds like slaanesh is going to get killed!

          • Well they obviously are. It IS based on WHFB after all, no matter how loosely. Slaanesh and the Cults of Decadence still are part of AoSElf history

          • euansmith

            “AoSElf” ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Severius_Tolluck

            check AoSELF before you wreck AoSelf!

          • Mike Salamandrin

            *wrak. It’s the beginning to the path of covens of The Dark City ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Chris Norvall

          Even Bretonnians and Tomb Kings have had fleeting mention in the AoS fluff, with a tiny possiblility of a come back for Settra and the Tomb Kings

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Yep… Ministry of truth would just write… There was only 3 Gods of Chaos. We have always been at war with Eurasia. etc etc.
          Like you know, once upon a time there were 5 chaos gods and six facets as one was still undivided.

          • Asrai

            just hope that the Wanderers faction will not be removed.. I think that the new Sylvaneth are supposed to be the “new” Wood elves but for me, they aren’t

      • Sleeplessknight

        We’ll believe it when we see it. Right now, it’s looking like Ynead is Slaanesh’s replacement because the bean counters have too much influence in the art.

        • Mike Salamandrin

          As much as Kaine is a replacement for Korne

      • GWELLS

        I believe it. I am with Slaanesh all the way, i’m not ashamed and I firmly believe they are just building up to a major comeback. The AOS thing was just to create some greater connection to her and the Elves like the 40k counterpart with the Eldar. I mean they wouldn’t bother creating new Greater Daemon models for keepers of secrets if they just planned on squating her.

    • Ben Martin

      I doubt their gonna kill him/her. It’s likely a build up to bring Slaanesh back. Also, this book is almost certainly gonna have new minis for the Prince

    • wibbling

      The Slaanesh range is very well fleshed out, it’s just missing Fiends and the Keeper of Secrets, same as Khorne is missing Fleshhounds and Nurgle (which equally hasn’t seen new models) needs Beasts and Great Unclean one.

      The models will arrive, and hogwash to this daft idea it’s because the US can’t cope with boobs.

      • Sleeplessknight

        The US can’t deal with boobs.

        • Michael Garrett

          I love boobs!!!

          • khegrow

            ironically they’re not far away from other “radical” religious believers which they’re in turn fighting for their religious believes, while having the biggest pr0n industry of the world..

        • Shatterclaw

          Blame the uptight so called “religious” types..

          The human body is beautiful.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        Never a truer statement on BOLS

      • frank

        slaanesh is my favorite chaos god because hes about excess in all of its forms. slannesh makes a perfect enemy for the button down imperium. could you imaguine a cadian regiment seeing an emperors children army before battle or more infuriating for loyalist space marines to witness? its sex drugs and rock and roll (noise weapons technically). we have been packaging and selling that to kids in this country for a long time It would be sad if they think the next generation cant handle it.

      • SYSTem050

        Repeat after me slannesh is not the good of boobs it is the good of excess.

        Not specifically directed at wibbling just a reminder to all

    • Talos2

      I can’t see how they could do it, especially as heresy is a more important range than it’s ever been. They going to delete fulgrim and the emperors children? It’s impossible

      • Heresy is 10k years earlier.

      • Maximillian Rampertshammer

        Slaanesh dies in the 41st millennium because eldar. Emperors children still exist. Not so impossible…

        • Talos2

          If they did kill it, rather than try to remove it from 40k lore I guess it’s possible, but as the chaos gods are a reflection of the emotions of the races in the material universe it would be a story that can’t make sense. Eldar could maybe remove their own need for pleasure etc but they aren’t going to do it to humanity, so slaanesh is safe

          • I doubt they’d remove the ‘need for pleasure’. Just the god as an entity. The one with billions of collected Eldar souls.

          • Talos2

            That’s ultimately what slaanesh is, just the warp turns that reflection into a sentient and malevolent “god”.

          • A god is an echo and collection of emotions from real-space. It’s not the source. Otherwise the old Eldar wouldn’t have had ‘need for pleasure’ before Slaanesh was even existing, right? The emotions formed him. And now… it maybe gets shattered. That doesn’t change any way of how creatures will behave or feel though. Imo.
            Emotions feed gods. Gods don’t create the emotions.

          • Talos2

            No exactly, they created it. So it can’t be uncreated unless the source (which is pleasure) is removed. The only thing is now it isn’t just a reflection of eldar pleasure indulgences, it is all races

          • I’m not sure that’s how GW lore works. Many Eldar gods died before and no emotions got removed in the process ๐Ÿ˜› We will see.

          • Aezeal

            He was created by (excessive) decadency. If they kill him/his stored power from eldar souls and then behave normally (no excessive decadency) then Slaanesh shouldn’t become a major power again. If If If…

          • Talos2

            Yep but slaanesh is no longer just an eldar god, it feeds on countless billions of humans plus others. Does it matter how excessive things are at that point?

          • Aezeal

            Yes. It does, I don’t think normal pleasure really does it for Slaanesh. Ofcourse there are plenty of humans doing stuff he would like to see.. but if he was shattered he might not reform directly.

          • Talos2

            Yeah I’m not suggesting enjoying a bacon sandwich is feeding him/it, I’m trying to use language appropriate for this site. And yeah there’s enough humans, so are the tiny numbers of eldar even relevant anymore?

          • Aezeal

            Good point since the current eldar are presumably already not doing what really pleases him. The DE seem to be doing what must strengthen him.
            Anyway I think if he’s destroyed in some way he’ll be gone for a while.

          • Maximillian Rampertshammer

            The warp was once safe for aeldari who (obviously) had pleasures. No reason from their perspective for that not to be the case again. No one in lore will miss slaanesh, not even the other chaos gods.
            As an aside, afterwards, if there was a “rebirth” of slaanesh, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

          • euansmith

            Unless the majority of humans in 40k have had any taste for pleasure hammered out of them?

          • Talos2

            The countless billions of humans inhabiting the many thousands of world’s in the imperium would suggest that isn’t the case

          • euansmith

            Hammered out of them, I say, hammered!

        • Jared van Kell

          They won’t kill Slaanesh they will just prevent him/her/it from having any claim on the souls of every Eldar from that point onwards.

      • You made me wonder, if (and that’s a big IF) Slaanesh might get killed, would Fulgrim be free from his possession and return as a regular Primarch? O.o

        • SYSTem050

          Not read enough fluff (and it’s generally conflicting anyway). But pretty sure fulgrim defeated his possession and joined slannesh as a willing partner

          • Oh, ok, thanks for the hint.

          • SYSTem050

            Just to clarify its me that hasn’t read enough just have a memory from somewhere that he did eventually become a fully fledged partner.

            As mentioned though the amount of conflicting stories who knows. He could easily have always been possessed

        • Talos2

          More likely that’s how the fabulous snake man will make his way into plastic 40k form

    • Iconoc1ast
    • Dan Wilson

      Slaanesh is the God/dess of Excess…. without Eldar souls to feast on s/he will realise their true calling. Khorne delights in excessive bloodshed and violence, Tzeentch delights in excessive trickery and planning, and Nurgle delights in excessive filth and disease. Thus, the other three Gods are all in thrall to Slaanesh. Voila, new super powered Slaanesh!

    • bfmusashi

      I figure they’re reworking the Slaanesh designs and using its rebirth as a mechanism to pull that off. I honestly think Tamatoa from Moana was a great indicator of a direction they could go.

    • Mike Salamandrin

      The Eldar gods were nothing more than the races psychic output harnessed to prevent it from adding to Korne, Tseench, and Nergle; they simply finally bound him/her. Slaneesh is still fed by humans and other sentient species

    • Golden Yak

      I wonder if Slaanesh is tricked into devouring Ynnead, and doing so sort’ve… evens Slaanesh out. She becomes less Chaotic and more benevolent. This change could then be mirrored in Age of Sigmar, where Slaanesh devoured the souls of countless aelves and went into a kind of stupor, and then was then captured by benevolent aelven deities. A more benevolent Slaanesh emerging in 40k would be matched by a more benevolent Slaanesh awakening in AoS. And as a result Slaaneshi models become more family friendly.

    • OldHat

      Except this seems an awful lot like it would lead TO a Slaanesh release… you know, since they are fighting against Slaanesh who would fight back, right?

  • Commissar Molotov

    Noooo! “Fracture of Biel-Tan” sounds like they’re gonna Cadia-ize my favorite craft-world. Guess they’ll get a new paint job and become Alaitoc.

    • EmperorOfMankind


    • Aezeal

      You can always play a remnant of the craftworld going rogue in the webways. In a few years you can talk cool and old school about it.
      “I played when Aeldar where eldar and these colours aren’t ridiculous.. they are old school Biel-Tan. Just google it if your knowledge doesn’t extend that far back nubs.”

    • Anggul

      ‘Fracture’ sounds more like there will be a dissenting faction

      Maybe the more zealous members of the council (and that’s saying something for Biel-Tan) oppose the idea of a new god and believe that Khaine holds the only true path for the eldar, the path of bloody murder and conquest. As a Biel-Tan fan, that would be awesome.

      • I second these thoughts. Khaine-followers opposing Ynnead-followers. Biel-Tan will not let go of Khaine-worshipping that easily.

        • Arthfael

          Then again, Eldar were never monotheists.

          • Yep. However, this new god is claiming their souls. That might not be a pleasing thought to everyone.

      • RiparianLibrarian

        That’s actually pretty close to the background fluff for my army, except they were the zealots bent on bringing Ynnead to reality.

        So incredibly pumped for the new book and minis.

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      “Fracturing” strikes me as a best-of-both world approaches for having impactful faction-wide consequences without invalidating a preexisting army. (I mean, the fact that they obviously chose ‘fractured’ over ‘destroyed’ for that reason does lessen the impact a bit, but I appreciate the respect for player armies.)

      • Interesting thought. You may be right.

      • Mike Salamandrin

        Biel-Tan has a large collection of aspect warrior soulstones (Yneed might need), a large population of aspect warriors (that would oppose yneed), familiarity with avatar summoning rituals, and a dedication to restoring the old empire. My assumption would be the faction wanting to awake Yneed was hidden on Biel-Tan, needed the aspect warriors to perform a ritual, and the result was the birth of Yneed and the Biel-Tan survivors forming the core of a Aspect warrior heavy “old Craftworld” faction.

    • Maximillian Rampertshammer

      I see it as political fracture – eldar have to choose which avatar to follow…. my guess is that aspect warriors are about to go extinct.

    • Arthfael

      Think when they said IA11 was going to be called Doom of Mymeara many thought that new Craftworld was going to be destroyed in it, yet it actually turned out the story was different. Maybe Biel-Tan will just split into 2 factions.

      • Dan Wilson

        Or quite the opposite, Biel-Tan’s new incarnation will be as a Super Faction gathering the rest of the craftworlds AND commorites underneath their umbrella. They get upgraded to the Acolytes of Ynnead or something.

    • Jared van Kell

      In my opinion it will be an ideological fracture as opposed to the Craftworld dying. The followers of Khaine and Ynnead having religious differences.

  • I’m not really convinced by the aesthetic choices of Yvraine and the Visarch, but Yncarne looks awesome.

    • Old zogwort

      Whoo. I don’t like the looks of Yncarne. Glad that there are those who do so that I can split the box : D

      • What’s the thing you don’t like? Personall I’m not a fan of this over-the-top-ghost-thing going on. Like that undead-king from WHFB. I’m not a fan of that. Too much anime for me.

        • Old zogwort

          The cat lady I like, the incibus is a bit dull except for its cloak, the daemon host of slaanesh just looks too bombastic for me. I do not like those magic effects.

          • My thoughts exactly. Thanks for shedding some details on your thoughts.

          • Old zogwort

            They make the model appear more static in my opinion. I imagine my normal wizards doing all sorts of stuff, while these models appear to be forever stuck in casting the same spell. It also feels like a waste of design capacities. Those swirls aren’t simple to pull off design wise and take up a lot of sprue in the box. I would rather have those resources allocated to an other cool model, or alternative weapon layouts instead.

          • Aezeal

            Well I disagree with the general sentiment: I love the swirls on Nagash so I know it can be done in a way I like and I do feel it looks dynamic on him.
            On the Yncarnate I also think it looks dynamic but I don’t really like the overall look since the “effect” is so massive.
            You also have the Celestant Prime and I do not think his effects look dynamic which is the reason I don’t like it on hiim.

          • Sean Murray

            I agree. I personally find it OTT.

          • vlad78

            Same here.

    • vlad78

      Well Yvraine reflects a rich xenos culture, I like her and the Visarch is what we would expect from a heavily armored Ale-dar warrior prince, the only thing annoyig me is his static pose.

      I have more difficulties with Yncarne ‘s face and ghost thing. A bit over the top.

    • J Mad

      Yvraine is DE’s Lady Malys

      • deris87

        A plausible and interesting theory.

  • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

    Yes please more please yes continue.

    • Zingbaby

      And my wallet wept.

    • petrow84

      Guess, we have at least 3 survivors for volume 2. I cannot safely say, that they make it to the end of Volume 3, though…

  • Karru

    The Visarch looks cool, Yvraine might be one of those models that I might like once I see it irl. The Avatar is extremely ugly. It follows the current GW trend of “maximise the ‘effects’ around the model!!!!!1” Something that I don’t like at all.

    • Karru

      Also, can’t wait to see how Tau or Necrons will join the fight. Thus far it seems that only the top dogs get something out of the campaign. First it was Imperium, now Eldar so I guess Tau or Necrons are next.

      • It’s only January… this narrative arc goes on all year. By November we’ll be seeing the Jokaero getting stuck in… ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Karru

          It’s more the case of how dumb the entire model release is. I understand why both Eldar and Imperium is getting stuff, but what I don’t get is the lack of Chaos stuff. I mean, release 3 models for Eldar and Imperium that’s cool. Is it too much to ask to release one Chaos model per book?

          That’s the problem I have with this. Considering that the entire campaign is about Chaos ravaging through Imperium and being the big threat, the lack of everything Chaos is noticeable. I know they got the TL, TH and now Daemon releases with the LoC and Co, but asking for special named characters isn’t exactly too much to ask.

          • Thalesin

            You literally got a D A E M O N P R I M A R C H at the end of last year and you’re complaining that you aren’t getting minis over everyone else?

          • Old zogwort

            ‘Jup it has to be chaos every month or he will be unhappy ; )

          • Karru

            Ah, yes. It’s good we see Imperial and Eldar stuff after so many years of drought. Oh wait, Imperium gets something pretty much every two months and Eldar got two Codices and lots of new kits from 6th edition to 7th edition. Now they are getting even more. What has Chaos gotten during that period? The middle finger, until TL was released.

            The point still stands. For a campaign that heavily focuses on Chaos running amok, there is very little Chaos to represent rules-wise. Was it too much to ask for a single model or even a combined detachment of Chaos and Daemons with the first book? Of course it is.

          • And a Lord of Change, too. And a Traitor Legions Supplement spearheaded by Rubrics. It is really petty to demand more already when the Tzeentch wave isn’t even finished yet…

          • Karru

            Repeating it once more, with Chaos being such a massive part of the campaign, the lack of ANYTHING Chaos is massive. No formations, alternative detachments, relics. Nothing, absolutely nothing.

          • That might have a lot to do with the fact that Chaos JUST got formations, alternate detachments, relics, Legion rules and all that.

          • Karru

            Good point. It’s a good point indeed, considering that Imperial Agents book was released much, much later… wait.

            Who didn’t get formations/detachments/anything new during Fall of Cadia:

            Imperial Guard
            Chaos Space Marines
            Chaos Daemons

            Who got something new out of it:

            Space Marines
            Sisters of Battle
            Adeptus Mechanicus

            Who were included in the Imperial Agents book:

            Sisters of Battle

            So tell me again how Chaos getting Legion rules and relics is somehow a legit excuse not to give them SOMETHING out of the campaign books when Imperium is getting some. If not Chaos, think about Imperial Guard getting shafted by this release. Sure they got themselves a fancy new detachment, but what about relics? Adeptus Mechanicus already got their own relics, Sisters got their new relics, Inquisition has their relics. What about Guard who still use 6th edition book?

            Chaos also happens to be in the same boat. They got their Legion rules and all that, but considering that they are supposed to be the main antagonists of the current story, they are quite lacking in that regard. They are still pretty bad army to play, lack good characters that are taking part in the 13th Black Crusade as Magnus is nowhere near nor are the Thousand Sons.

            Releasing a single detachment similar to the ones Imperials got, ie not formation based, and a single NEW character that would be even close to the power level of the new trio would be nice to see.

          • Karru

            Yes, who plays absolutely no part in this campaign. My point is still the fact that Chaos being a major player in this campaign, there is very little Chaos stuff in the books. Thus far we have seen a lot of Imperium and now Eldar. I guess it is too much to ask if Chaos gets something out of this campaign.

          • It’s still called “gathering storm” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wait until it gets unleashed. I guess we will see *alot* of Chaos stuff over time. Not Slaanesh though…

          • Karru

            I doubt it. At most it’s going to be a plastic Abaddon and that’s it. I’m still guessing that the next book will focus on Necrons and then it will somehow move on to Tau.

          • Tzeentch got quite some stuff so far… two models for Ahriman, Rubrics, Rubric Terminators, TSons Sorcerors, Tzangors. I doubt Khorne and Nurgle will get less than that treatment. Maybe not yet. But I keep m hopes up. GW did some awesome model releases lately and if all this is about Chaos, I more believe we will see lots of Chaos releases at some point. Age of Sigmar saw lots of them too. The same I assume for 40k. You don’t need to agree though ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I think GW won’t let such a campaign slip away without a huge amount of Chaos models released.

          • Karru

            Again, very doubtful. We won’t see any “large” releases for Chaos. We might see some Daemons for AoS which can be used in 40k and then the plastic Abaddon. Most likely they will release some updated kits for Chaos when 8th drops, which would be fine but I am still very worried about the possible bad decisions they might make with it that would affect the kits.

            Also, the Tzeentch stuff suffers greatly from one thing. They are not part of this campaign. That’s the fun part, Thousand Sons are not participating in the 13th Black Crusade, they are floating near Prospero.

          • Yet.

          • Karru

            Magnus has always had his own agenda. Same goes with all the Daemon Primarchs. That’s why you don’t see Angron or Mortarion hanging around Abaddon. It’s not like he can order them around.

            Part of me hopes that some book would focus on Slaanesh sending Fulgrim against these new Eldar.

          • Thomas summerscales

            Dude, have some thought for us imperial guard players. Cadia is literally destroyed and we still aren’t even allowed a detachment that’s under 3000 points min. Not even gonna mention the fact that 3 New characters appear and not one is an impy.

          • Karru

            Oh I do care about Imperial Guard as well. I have a nicely sized Guard force, but they at least got SOMETHING out of it. Those characters can be used in a Guard army to some extend and the detachment from it can be fielded in a Guard army with minor benefits.

            I’m not saying that there should have been more for Guard considering the situation, but it’s not as bad as Chaos had it within the book. They got absolutely nothing out of it.

          • AX_472

            Its because stories are told by the winners, the protagonists, That’s why the story leads with them. This was the first waves chaos are sending. this is everything the imperium is expecting to fight and its still crushing them. Book 2 may be largely concurrent (rather than consecutive) with Book 1 as book 1 has the sword of ynnead make an appearance at the end and I’d assume we’ll get some of the “where they popped up from” story before carrying on the narrative. AFTER all of that setup abbadon will unleash his big guns and new toys. Probably book 3 or 4 but then chaos will get more than one release as they are fighting pretty much everyone.

          • Randy Randalman

            You got a new Kharn, a new Ahriman, new Thousand Sons and Rubrics, New Sorcerers, and a freaking Demon Primarch in the span of a few months and you’re complaining about Chaos not getting enough?

          • vlad78

            Primarch and legions are not enough? At least they could make you wait until march or april, no? ;p

          • Mr.Gold

            New Plastic CSM as preference…

      • georgelabour

        Well Trazyn is already involved..and he was pondering which dynasty he’d get to ‘help’ him out while his own troops were being defrosted.

        • Karru

          Pessimistic and sarcastic thinking aside, I heavily believe that the next campaign will be centred around Necrons. Considering that Trazyn just vanished, it’s hard to believe that GW would just “abandon” him.

          Necrons might start to mobilise against the growing Eye as they don’t really enjoy the Warp that much.

    • ZeeLobby

      Right there with yah :/

    • Arthfael

      That I agree with. He may need heavy reposing/massive conversion. Still a good model once all the crazyness has been removed. I love the other two.

  • Old zogwort

    Those look like perfect inquisitor convertion bits. Except the daemonette in a mealstorm

    • EmperorOfMankind

      meal storm? you mean maelstrom

    • Aezeal

      Yeah one a bit more politically inclined, visiting parties and balls etc. (as opposed to th grayfax models who looks like she’s only adventuring in dungeons. Is she normal human scale though? and you’ll need a different head obviously.

  • Alexander Slizewski

    I can’t tell if the Yvraine and the Yncarne are male or female; I live in a PC culture and I am not allowed to assume their genders. The Visarch is too male dominate for my taste. They need to check their privileged.

    • Sybarite

      I think that’s kind of the point with Yncarne. They have one boob, one masculine breast armor piece. You know, like slaanesh daemonettes.

      Yvraine looks pretty feminine to me, but androgynity has always been a bit of a thing for elves hasn’t it?

      • Alexander Slizewski

        Last time I made the mistake of assuming that the one boob was feminine and the other breast piece was masculine I was beaten with a PC baseball bat that assumed a different gender every 5 minutes.

        Sarcasm aside, the Eldar are in some ways as sexual as Slaanesh in art design. From an Eldar point of view, sex identification would be naturally understood based on their psychic nature and complex literal body language. So they wouldn’t have a problem dressing as a drag queen.

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      Why don’t you wait for a member of this phantom “PC police” to show up before you start whining your heart out?

    • Thomas Gardiner

      I will never understand the kind of person who asks themselves “how can I force a dumb, backwards rant about ‘PC gone mad’ into random conversations today?”

      • Benjamin E

        It’s honestly pretty pathetic. He’ll start whining about how the “SJWs are ruining gaming!!1!” next.

        • Thomas Gardiner

          I watched a video for Dawn of War 3 the other day and half the comments were pretty much that. All because the game has a black character and a female Farseer.

          I despise humanity sometimes.

          • Sybarite

            Didn’t Dawn of War 1 have a female farseer as well? ๐Ÿ˜› or was it the 2nd game? They probably forgot. Ugh… people suck.

          • Kefka

            They were all female! In one and two. And isn’t the Farseer in DoW 3 the same as in 1? Either Macha or Taldeer, I dunno anymore.
            AND there was Inquisitor Mordecai Toth in DoW 1 who was darkskinned as well.
            Next up they’ll complain about Shadowsun not looking feminine enough >_>

          • Lion El’ Jonson

            …….When I first got into Dawn of war…I actually thought all Aeldari were females.

  • Kritarion

    That fog does not look healthy but I’m no xenobiologist.

    • Old zogwort

      It looks like a herald of slaanesh in the process of casting to me.

  • Ryan Williams

    Perhaps the Visarch is an evolution of Yriel, and Yvraine of Lady Malys…?

    • Anggul

      It seemed similar to Malys, but she’s under the control of Cegorach so I think we might see her another time. I believe Yvraine has been mentioned before but I can’t remember where.

      • Ryan Williams

        Unwitting agent, but that’s not the same as controlled.

        • Thomas Gardiner

          Very much witting afaik. DE book talks about her meeting an entity in the webway and willingly cutting out her heart to replace it with the creature’s own crystal heart. Afterwards her attendants often hear her laughing and talking to herself.

        • Anggul

          Unwittingly sort-of possessed by the crystal heart though, seemingly a shard of Cegorach. In her private moments she has fits of uncontrollable laughter in which she seems to be laughing with two voices simultaneously.

      • Arthfael

        Do we know it’s Cegorach? And Malys was never very funny, Cegorach has a plan to get rid of Slaanesh, maybe this involves Malys becoming this Yvraine. It sure feels like her.

        • Anggul

          She’s razor sharp of wit and sadistic in her deadly cunning.

          Also yeah it’s definitely Cegorach. In fact in her private moments, staring into her mirror in her inner sanctum, a slight smirk cracks her usually stoic visage. Then the grin begins to get wider, and she starts to laugh, laugh, and laugh with uncontrollably, maniacal mirth, sounding as if it’s two voices, her own and that of the being inside her.

          • Arthfael

            Damn, you’re right, I had forgotten about that bit.

      • deris87

        Yvraine was the daughter of Aenarion and his first wife in Fantasy, she and her brother were held in trust by Durthu in Athel Loren when daemons were ravaging Ulthuan. Otherwise, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a Yvraine in 40k.

        • Anggul

          Yeah for some reason I thought there was one in 40k too but I’m probably just getting them mixed up

    • J Mad

      It is Lady Malys, Gw just hates DE and loves Eldar.

      • ZeeLobby


  • Infamous Wendigo

    I would like to be the first to say that I, for one, welcome our new Eldar overlords.

    • Karru

      Aren’t they already? I mean, Imperium is putting up a fight but Eldar as a singular faction is going strong.

    • Skeksis

      I am new wtf is Eldar

  • SilentPony

    Aww it wasn’t a cape of a dude wearing a cape, it was a skirt of a chick wearing a skirt. I guess you guys don’t all owe me drinks after all.

    And the Avatar looks like something from that terrible wood elf line.

    • Randy Randalman

      You mean Sylvaneth, which are absolutely not Wood Elves (and you’d know that if you’ve read anything in the last year)? They’ve only sold better than any 40k army in recent memory, so a lot of people disagree.

      • Sure they would. And still he has his own opinion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Thomas Gardiner

        Chill out, fanboy. Yeesh.

      • SilentPony

        Wait, you think the wood elves, because they totally are wood elves and that was only changed when GW tried to copyright Wood Elves and learned it was a pretty generic title, outsell Space Marines.
        Space Marines, that make up 85-90% of all GW sales. The tiny little wood elves and their weird spirit trees outsells the flagship product of the entire company? Seriously? That’s the claim you’re making?

        • ZeeLobby

          Dude, it’s RandyGWRandalman. He comes up with all kinds of crazy stats :D.

        • deris87

          Worse than that, because he’s technically right Sylvaneth aren’t really wood elves, they’re just the tree spirits. He’s saying just the tree spirits sell more than Space Marines.

      • Sonic tooth

        you are so full of BS, why even bother

  • Adam Upson

    Hopefully GW realises that they are opening themselves up to having to forfill a trio of characters for each codex now or there will be an uproar.

    • Randy Randalman

      Not for each codex. Just for each “Alliance”.

    • bomster

      I wouldn’t be too surprised if we saw at least at least a chaos set before this is over… among the major players of this storyline old Abaddon looks more and more unimpressive. It’s possible he’ll either sort of level up and get a new model or we’ll be presented with a reasonably big new evil boss in the course of the story. Currently there’s too much of a quality gap between factions…

    • Adam Upson

      I’m selfishly thinking about my own Ork army ๐Ÿ™‚ Chaos will be a given I’m sure. Necron’s definitely and a marine kit with gulliman.

      • Laurence J Sinclair

        Da Trimvuritt ov da Orks: Ghazghkull, Nazdreg and Makari as a re-awakened Brain Boy.

        • William Jameson


        • Lord Elpus

          Orkimedies!! Ghazghkull and Nazdreg, or 3 new Orks! Hurrah!! Damn, between this and my Eldar, I think I’ll have to sell a Kidney (not one of mine though, that would hurt) any volunteers are greatly appreciated…

      • deris87

        I dare to dream for a “triumvirate” that includes Ghazghull and Yarrick together, best fightin’ buddying together against Chaos.

  • Randy Randalman

    Yvraine and Visarch are tastefully badass. The avatar thing is decidedly over the top, but still carries incredible detail.

    • I’m just happy the Eldar get a new Avatar (of a new god). Kaela Mensha Khaine weeps bloody tears in the corner over his ancient sad miniature.

      • FW did him justice twice though. That’s still an awesome miniature. … or two.

        • ZeeLobby

          Very true. I just think for what he is a model in the core line would be cool.

      • ZeeLobby

        Man, that just makes me wish they had updated his model instead.

  • Anthony Frampton

    Love the models, that mix of elegance and savagery. These peeps look like people you never want to run into.

    Remind me deeply of pre-fall eldar.

    • Jooster

      Elegance? They’re about as graceful as a brick to the teeth.

      • ZeeLobby

        Wait, you mean everyone doesn’t walk with their arms spread about a foot from their sides?

        • Hedwerx

          Dancers and gymnasts often do, and quite a few Eldar poses seem to be based off that kind of aesthetic. She’s stepping forward in much the same manner as gymnast would too.
          Just a thought.

          • ZeeLobby

            Lol. It’s silly and super common in GWs sculpts of all their ranges lately. If it wasn’t so common elsewhere I might believe it was done as an Eldar thing.

      • joetwocrows

        That may be the point.

  • Bob Smith

    At first I was worried the emissary’s peacock plumes would break off easily, then I realized they’d be fine, the top-knot holding the hold head-piece-ponytail up would break waaay before the others.

  • Randy Randalman

    There’s something here GW could take with them when updating Slaanesh. Sexual lust should cover a broad range of beauty, and not just bandage porn (which a very niche fetish that would even seduce 90% of the races in the galaxy). Beautiful faces with a hint of sinister intent.

    Sirens, succubi, nymphs etc would be a be a good aesthetic for AoS and demons. Vanity, fine garments and jewelry for the Marines.

    • The beauty and all that were always part of Slaanesh. Just look at Sigvald for Fantasy or the way the sons of Fulgrim were concerned with their pretty faces before they went full excess. Slaanesh entities also usually hide themselves behind beautiful facades and their followers are often not even aware of what monstrosities they have become because all they see is what they want to see.

  • bomster

    All in all I kinda like these. The two infantry models are a pretty neat mix of Eldar and Darl Eldar elements – maybe this is what pre-fall Eldar looked like?
    As for the Avatar (which suffers a bit from the choice of colours) – the only detail I don’t like about the actual model are those floating gems. I understand what they are supposed to represent fluff-wise, but they still look like christmas ornaments.

    I remember having some twenty or thirty old Aspect Warriors in one of my storage boxes. Maybe I should do something with them?

  • Hendrik Booraem VI

    And no one else sees the “End Times” in this? I really don’t want to be playing Battle for Vedros with 1850 points…

    • Old zogwort

      Battle of Vedros isn’t such a big hit really;. I would rather expect them to switch to a DnD 3.5 style releases. Just pile on more cool must have additions to each army.

    • Ryan Williams

      Nope. WHFB sales were poor, hence the reboot.

      One in every four GW sales is Space Marine related. I think your concerns are a little unjustified.

  • Mr.Gold

    i see many people taking the Visarch as an Autarch, even if the Visarch’s Rules are bad…

    • joetwocrows

      I wonder if the Yncarne (does anybody else notice the ‘Incarnate’ pun) will replace the Avatar of Khaine, or if the Avatar of Khaine will get a (long-needed, IMO) rework with god-like titan rules?

  • Damien Harrison-Maw

    I look at the avatar and I see why people claim slannesh, but this could easily be a avatar that is both eldar and dark eldar with the thing that connects them (slannesh). interesting to see how it goes.

    • Yup, I guess that’s what’s the point. After all, the dark side of the Eldar nature *is* Slaanesh after all. Ynnead having parts of that nature sounds logical to me.

  • MKG35

    Just look at the bustle on her or in other words ‘Take my money’ these look incredible.

  • Ford

    Yvraine looks a bit like lady malys…

    • ZeeLobby

      Haha. I was definitely like, crap, if only she still existed, lol.

  • I don’t think they will kill of Slaneesh. Simply put chaos cannot be so severely weakened and for the purposes of the universe it is actually better for Chaos to remain strong.

    However what we have here is a checks and balance system on Chaos. Fighting against the Gods of Chaos will be the Gods of Order (Ynnead, Cegorach and the Emperor ascended).

    This will not mean that the war will end or that it will abate.

    On the contrary, it means that the war will continue but in a different form and with different factions.

    Personally I want the Imperium to be fractured and reforged, for the Tau to grow into a serious threat, the Eldar to regroup and reclaim their birthright and for Chaos to continue as a terrible threat.

    The Orks don’t care they are already eternally fractured and for them one fight is as good as any other, so the Orks don’t need to be changed in any way.

    The Tyranids can come in while everyone if fighting chaos and fight against the Reawakened Necrons.

    The war won’t end or even abate, but who fights and for what is what’s going to change

  • BaronSnakPak

    Lovin that Visarch! He’ll go well with the rest of my Eldar army that I don’t play due to the amount of salt they mine from opponents.

  • ZeeLobby

    With the avatar, I really think they could have portrayed menace and power without having to visually display menace and power. But this is classic current GW “big things are better”. I’d swear they were an American company at this point, haha.

  • Jason Anderson

    Im interested as towhy theres what looks like a slaaneshi horn growing out of the avatars head

    • Ynnead is a god of dead Eldar. Dark Eldar, Craftworlders, all of them. The dark side of the Eldar nature *is* Slaanesh. So Ynnead should be something of everything. If he/she even kills off Slaanesh, there are much more souls to overtake and incoperate their nature into Ynnead’s. There you go. Mishmash of everything.

  • ZeeLobby

    LoL. OK. I just saw the big spike on the top of sword dude’s head. That’s just funny.

    • There’s a similar DE Trueborn helmet. But it’s a piece I don’t like on that new guy… that and all these “ornaments” on his armour. It’s not something Eldar do. Neither CWE, nor DE. Armour-plates are typically flat.

      I’m more worried that his helmet has EARS!

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. It’s just weird, very large and phallic. I know the kabalite warrior helm with the spike, but i’ts about half that size. But We’ll just have to expect this going forward. All future releases are just going to be blinged to the max.

        • Did you notice his ears? I think those are really hilarious.

          • ZeeLobby

            Oh god, those are ears?! I just thought they were like side spikes… Yeah… urg. The more I look at that model the less I like about it.

          • Well, if they aren’t ears, what else are they? They are surely ears.

          • ZeeLobby

            Well. Maybe he’ll die in the endtimes… My friend was joking that at least they only changed Eldar to Aeldari and not to Pointy Ears. But now I’m not so sure….

          • Hahaha, awesome.

      • Hedwerx

        The plates with moulded on faces remind me of RT era Eldar. I like em.

        • I guess those faces are a hint to Harlequins. They have masks and faces all over their model range.

      • bomster

        You mean… Like the Incubus helmet? Scandal!

        • ZeeLobby

          the ears on those look silly as well.

        • No, that’s not what I’ve been talking about at all. His face is great.

  • Bhazakhain

    Awesome! Trying to figure out if the horned half of the new avatar is something to do with Slaanesh or if it represents the two halves of Eldar (craftworld and Commorite) and their one unifying God of the dead…

    • EmperorOfMankind

      Seems really Slaaneshi to me.

      • joetwocrows

        Of course…Slaanesh was born of the Eldar psyche, so other gods would also reflect that vision.

  • Alvin Adorno

    If its the god of the dead were are the skulls and bones.

    • Looks like Eldar don’t see death that way.

      • TenDM

        You’ve got to remember they’re basically immortal. To them it’s all about the soul and the infinity circuit. What we consider death, the body failing and decomposing, is more like retirement to them.

        • Mr.Gold

          not even that – wraith constructs…

          • TenDM

            Only under the most dire of circumstances… or if I want to win with cheap D weapons.

    • Stephen James Hand

      Shhh! Never say anything that could be interpreted as ‘more skulls please!’ anywhere someone from GW might read it. They only need the slightest encouragement!

  • elwin charpentier

    For so long we have wait with my friends to see any real evolution in the lore… GW had begin to move that recently in 40k, compared to the life of the game, and now we have this. This is candy for eyes and heart.

  • Mark of Death

    We can’t new writers come on boards and add awesome things to an already imagined awesome setting. No. they have to think they can do so much better and destroy what makes it 40k. Nice models though….

  • Defenestratus

    As a life long Eldar fanatic…

    No. Just no. There’s nothing of Jes Goodwin in these models. Terrible.

    The models themselves are amazing, just not for Eldar.

    • thereturnofsuppuppers

      big hats? I’m pretty sure he designed these.

      • Big hats are on purpose an Eldar trait. But some other stuff is not something seen on any Eldar range before yet. Like these armour-ornaments for example. Even *Prince* Yriel had flat armour plates.

        • thereturnofsuppuppers

          In the recent heelan hammer interview and on warhammer tv, he goes on about big hats a lot.

          • Any links you could share?

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            err the warhammer live one was last week I think, if you’ve subscribed it was on the designer talk.

            It was interesting seeing how he talked about differences between translating his ideas to traditional sculpting compared to digital.

            Ahh maybe it wasn’t on heelanhammer (that was Jervis)

            It was another, maybe baddice, face hammer. Ill get a link when I find it. It was really interesting.

          • That would be great.

    • The lack of Jes Goodwin’s hand is quite notable indeed imo.

      • Defenestratus

        There were so many models in the existing Eldar ranges that they could have redone, and instead they shove this garbage on us. These are age of sigmar models…

  • hersoldier

    Any one notice the Avatar has one female breast .

  • Hawt Dawg

    The detail and creation of these models are amazing.

  • Lion El’ Jonson

    Holy throne those are beautiful…. We’ve come a long way…..

  • Damon Sherman

    I’m starting to think that lady is a repupose of Lady Malys.

    • Earth127

      Yes and that make sme wonder if these “new” characters aren’t old one from the lore who take on new names/positions/powers and such. They look great tough definitely buying this set.

      • Damon Sherman

        well, Fallen Eldar(not dark eldar) have been in the fluff for decades. So I guess they’re giving us chaos eldar and that’s probably a corrupted avatar that’s been turned to Slaanesh.

        • Earth127

          That’s not what I meant. I think Yvraine might really be Malys. From the look of Yncarne I’d guess at her being an ynnead corrupted Slaanesh deamon and I don’t know what to make of the Visarch along these lines

  • Talos2

    The avatar one is really nice. Interesting to see if it has avatar like rules. The emissary one is a really nice model too

  • PrimoFederalist

    OK, that is pretty freaking great. Interesting – I am super curious about the plot line. Biel-Tan army was always on my 40k bucket list. Isn’t Biel-Tan the primary proponent of salvation via Ynnead? I wonder if there is a falling out over cooperation with the Imperium?

    • Nope. Biel-Tan is into Khaine (Aspects, Swordwind, etc). Iyanden was the ghost-army-thing with Iyanna speaking about Ynnead being their only hope.
      And that’s where I guess the clash will happen: Khaine-followers vs. Ynnead-followers.

      • PrimoFederalist

        Yeah, I knew Biel-Tan is the Aspect warrior craftworld (the first Path their young must embark upon is the Warrior, IIRC), but for some reason I thought their whole “restore the Eldar to glory” involved Ynnead. I think I remembered it wrong after reconsulting the 40kwikia…

        • Nope, Biel-Tan was never into Ynnead yet. That was part of my own fluff actually ๐Ÿ˜› Maybe you read that somewhere? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • TenDM

      Beil-Tan are the ones who are trying to restore the Aeldari to their former glory by basically destroying everyone else.

  • david

    Yvraine reminds me of the elf princess from Hellboy two!

  • Sleeplessknight

    Before anyone else says so…..

    Y’need these models.
    Y’need the new campaign book.
    And y’need Ynnead!

  • Heinz Fiction

    Man do they look ugly. Better make some plastic Warp Spiders instead.

  • Xodis

    I think the biggest question for me will be “How do I meld these units into my Mymeara army?”

  • Dr.Clock

    I really like the Visarch. It’s better as an Archon than any Archon they’ve released IMO.

    The Yvraine is also really cool in general. I’ll be adding a Ghosthelm and putting the headdress on as a ‘rack’.

    As an Eldar player of all stripes, I was chilled to my core seeing the Yncarne. It’s right in that spot aesthetically between Eldar and Slaanesh, and it’s painted in colours that evoke She Who Thirsts…

    On closer inspection, I see how it picks up the ‘wraithbone’ cues on the body. I think the thing I like about the model least is the colour-scheme. I’ll probably be doing mine with far less contrast between ‘skin and smoke’, as I kind of like the idea of it being a ‘swarm of wraith-stuff’ as opposed to ‘smoking guy’. Like… a song of a dead god made physical in the stuff of the Infinity Matrix.

    My guess is that this will be ‘what’s left’ of Biel-Tan’s Avatar when he becomes an ‘aspect warrior’? We know that Avatars of Khaine carry the Wailing Doom, but that its form is mutable… but if you said ‘Swordwind’, and gave me this mini, I’d say ‘okay, yup’ lol.

    ‘Shattering’ also seems to suggest that the Avatar of Khaine may well ‘shatter’. Maybe instead of doing the ‘right’ ritual to wake their Avatar, Biel Tan sent ‘someone else’?

    Anyway… very interested in how this all shakes out, obviously.

  • Weceslas

    I looked forward to this to happen.

    But now I’m actually quite disappointed by the models.
    Mostly with the baroque lady. Baroque is good for Imperial worlds but why Eldar wears it? That is the least thing I would expect from elves.

    And the rest looks too Chaos / Dark Eldar to me. I know it is basically another God and it’s dark nature.
    But I hope for something more like Forge Avatar or Wrait units (the way how Eldar meet and picture death) and similar.

    This looks unoriginal and give me an impression they made another evil Chaos God and became corrupted.

    Hmm…. that could be actually somehow cool though.

  • Arthfael

    I play Eldar, and I am SOOO buying these models.

  • Bryan Ruhe

    Haters gonna hate. The models obviously don’t hit everyone’s sweet spot but they are gorgeous. Mad props to the GW team and the sculptors. Wow.

    • Thomas Gardiner

      Instead of “haters gonna hate,” I’d rather “people gonna have a different opinion to me and that’s entirely fine.”

  • Arthfael

    Could it be Yvraine is Lady Malys reborn in a new form? The weapons match the description, and we know she’s always had this weird secret…

  • Andersp90 .

    The emissary of ynnead looks weird. The corset doesn’t look like something an eldar would wear, and the “crown”.. just wtf..

    Lets hope she won’t be forced onto an imperial ship. Walking sideways never looks cool..

    • Dan Wilson

      It looks more like something that Commorite Aristocracy would wear… and if they’re merging the two into one, as the rumours so far suggest, then imo it’s perfect.

  • piglette


  • Graham Bartram

    Oh my………. my poor wallet.

  • Mr.Fister

    How are the new Eldar Models representing Biel Tan?! They look like the
    main caracters from the show called “Two and a half Dark Eldar!”. Of
    course the designers put some Craftworld bling here and there but the
    overwhelming theme of this new models is soo DE. Look at Yvranie (or
    Space Hermione): She has the style of the Lhamaean and the sword of the
    Archon. The most important party of a humanoid model is the head and the
    Visarch wears a Kabalite Warior helmet. But the biggest fraud is the
    slogan: “Once…long ago…we damned the galaxy with the birt of a
    goddess. Now…we shall save it with the birth of a god!” The Avatar of
    Ynned represents the MALE god Ynned, I guess to a certain extent also
    visually. But this model looks like a Deamonette! You can’t trick me

    • Defenestratus

      It’s pretty clear that the aspect shrines are going to disappear with the next Eldar release. The writing is on the wall.

      • Mr.Fister

        Nooo! I like aspect warriors!

        • Defenestratus

          We all do but GW can’t copyright their names plus they are all, with the exception of the avengers, still in resin. The Phoenix Lord models are 25 years old almost.

          Like I said, the writing is on the wall.

          • They could copyright the names. There are Eldar-names for each aspect since 2nd Edition. And if there aren’t, make some. “Space Marine” was also pretty generic until they printed the old “Adeptus Astartes” right up in front of the boxes.

      • Yet another thing you fear me with, but you may be right once again.

    • MelonNeko

      They aren’t representing Biel-tan. They are fracturing Biel-tan =) I support eldar, dark eldar and slaanesh…so i might have to buy 2 -_-

    • They probably will represent a new cult within Biel-Tan (actually within the whole Eldar socienty – including Dark Eldar) which will not get accepted by everyone. So imo a mixed look is exactly what they wanted to achieve.

  • AnomanderRake

    The giant skirt looks incredibly stupid, but the Visarch may look cool enough to make up for it.

  • Shinnentai

    The Visarch makes for a cool Autarch – perhaps a little savage looking (Wildrider of Saim Hann mebbe?) and some of the detail is a little off.

    However the other two are oddities. I would have much preferred a female farseer and a new Avatar of Khaine model with swirly special effects. Surely 20 years is enough of a wait?

    I get that GW are supporting the storyline progression of Fall of Cadia with these models, but that rings a little hollow when the sculpts for the basic troops of the army in question are so out of date. One might easily say the same of the Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle of course!

  • usGrant7977

    They’re gonna get rid of Slaanesh and make the eldar more powerful? Wtf?! Plus all the new models DO look like DARK eldar. Freaking lame. Eldar fanboys rejoice. Everybody else; buy ForgeWorld.

    • Defenestratus

      I’m the ultimate Eldar fanboy and I’m not excited about these models at all.

      The only one that’s workable is the red dude but then his pose is the worst I’ve seen in a long time from GW.

      • MechBattler

        The Yncarne is interesting to look at, at least. Must be a b1atch and a half to paint all that magic fire or whatever it is though.

  • grim

    So no vect :(? Was so excited!

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Visarch looks great and that fan could be great as a Dark Eldar.

  • J Mad

    So ELdar gets DE’s Lady Malys now…………. GG, more hate for the DE.

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Ahem, Battle Brothers, your point?

      • J Mad

        BB isnt a armor or book, your point?

        • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

          You’re still getting something you can play with, without having to start a completely new army. Compared to other low tier faction updates, this shouldn’t be disappointing. And what do you mean by “armor or book,” anyway?

          • J Mad

            DId you really just say “someone else has it worst so you shouldnt be mad”?

            Ok remember that the next time you have a bad day, or your car breaks down, might as well not think anything is sad, or you ever be upset again with that attitude.

            Yes there are 3-4 factions that all suck and honestly EVERYONE CAN ALLY. Ally to make your army “Better” isnt the answer…..

          • J Mad

            So I should NOT play the aesthetic fluff army that I love and spent 1000’s of dollars on and instead buy more models from something else that I dont like In order to make a balanced game?

            Or I should ask my opponent to go easy on me and handicap himself b.c my army isnt balanced?


          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            Play what you want, just spare us your whimpering when a set of new models, which, as these things have gone so far, you can directly plop into your list without any taxes, gets made for a faction that you may not care for, but works fine with yours.

          • J Mad

            Its not just a set of new models, it is 2 DE models. Thats the problem.

            And Honestly I can complain if I want, you know why? B.c thats how a business knows Im unhappy with the product.

  • frank

    is it possible that whats going to happen is that they open up a path for the eldar souls to travel to reincarnate in the web-way? so they deny slaanesh his victory in consuming the eldar race, slaanesh doesn’t die but significantly weakened. if they remove slaanesh from the stories it would be incredibly dumb.I think they could easily make covered up slannesh figures that get the point across. That said the avatar of ynnead looks like hes a demonette. it was a little disappointing he has only one horn so he looks like a lopsided unicorn.

    • BaronSnakPak

      He’s a she.

      • frank

        slaanesh is whatever you like shem to be.

        • TenDM

          I think he meant the Avatar is a she.

          • BaronSnakPak

            Yep, it’s clearly a female, based on the armor, the facial features, and the 30ft long hair.

          • I actually think it’s both and nothing at the same time.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        she is a he!

  • frank

    anyone know how tall that avatar is?

    • TenDM

      Not sure, but it looks like an oval base, like Yvraine has. I’d say it’s either that or something in the 80mm to 100mm range. It’s an Eldar Avatar so Yncarne herself probably won’t be huge.

  • Jared van Kell

    Yvraine is actually Lady Aurelia Malys having attained a new role beyond that of Archon and by extension a new name.

    • frank

      i totally see it when you point it out she has the right equipment and everything. why did her new title come with a cat?

      • Sleeplessknight

        Cuz Chicks dig cats

      • Lord Elpus

        She’s following the Path of the mad cat lady

  • Timothy Nanzer

    Can someone who doesn’t want the emissary of ynnead out of their triumvirate box let me know so I can buy it from them. Thanks.

  • Cameron McCowan

    The Fracture of Biel Tan? I’m all for advancing the story but they better not kill off Aspect Warriors there will be riots…

    • Lord Elpus

      They won’t, why would they, Aspect Warriors are on every Craftworld after all….

  • Dammit!

  • Shatterclaw

    That Yvravine Molde would make a great base for Lady Aurelia Malys for the dark elder.. just got to figure out how make it a little more darkness..

    • “I see a red dress and I want it painted black. No colors anymore, I want them to turn black”

    • frank

      thats apparently who it is just new title

  • Badgerboy1977

    Beautiful models one and all.
    Very mature in style to my eye and I love the swirling effects around the Avatar, incredibly dynamic and technical.

  • euansmith

    “Dark Prince, what ails thee?”

    “I’ve been partying for the last umpteen thousand years, mate; I’m totally shagged out. I may have to take a little lie down…”


  • cudgel

    Is Slaanesh getting turned good ?

    • Lord Elpus

      nope, that’s the Avatar of Ynnead, the elder god of the Dead, aka The Last Hope, it’s not just Craftworld Eldar, it’s ALL Eldar

  • Thomas Gardiner

    I’m liking these less and less with time (except Yvraine). Also super worried they’re going to pull an End Times and mash all the Eldar factions together because “lololol Vect was really a good guy all along!”

    Just like I stopped buying Fantasy stuff when Khaine came out, I’m going to be holding off on 40k purchases for now. Going to see how badly the fluff gets screwed up before 8th.

  • Tenpoletudor

    Positive post.
    I want to paint that red fella,The Visarch โ€“ Sword of Ynnead, but darker. Tones. If the guy as a beast in combat, i might dust of my craftworld Biel -Tan.

  • I hope this doesn’t turn out to be some sort of, “Yes, we know it has been NINE YEARS since we released the last plastic Aspect Warriors kit, the Dire Avengers, but get ready for something we are hoping you might care about instead! Oh please buy it, pretty please!” slap in the face. It is Biel-Tan though, so hopefully we will finally get some more Aspect Warriors plastic kit love along with this stuff. If not, this will kinda suck.

  • Sonic tooth

    i like em, i like all things elfy tho so im biased. i do think the visarch doesn’t look as good as he does in the webway art

  • Inian

    I so want to like these but a lot of the little details bother me.

    The Visarch is by far the best and just putting a guardian helmet on him would be a huge improvement.

    The Yncarne has much the same problem, a Slaneesh head and the half boob thing. Hopefully there is an alternate head sculpt that can be used… as for the chest… I don’t know how to fix that… maybe GS some more blue swirly stuff over it?

    Yvraine has one of the best looking female faces in all of GW history. The body looks like a vampire countess however and the head ornament is confusing at best.

    I don’t really get how the god of the dead could result in this kind of aesthetic. DE influences should be minimal since the DE haven’t contributed any souls at all to it’s creation, the same with Harlequins (unless Cegorach just gave them away to create Ynnead story wise, which at least is possible). But Ynnead is born out of souls bound by control, discipline and order, it should be the opposite of chaos, not look like a deamonette.

    • Zedatkins Zed

      Unless the souls eaten by Slaanesh have been “used” to create the Avatar. The armor does look *very* pink and the head does look daemonette-ish. Just a thought

  • Emprah

    The Ynnead avatar looks like its half Slaanesh. Not a bad model but more than a little bit Chaosy. Could make a great Keeper of Secrets , if Slaanesh won’t be squatted.

    Visarch looks great. Intimidating, but not the overdone eldar rainbow gem parade or the dark eldar edgy spike parade. Really well done.

    The Emissary looks like she is gets her fashion advice from an Inquisitor lady and a death cult assassin.The headdress look a bit silly to me but that is easy to convert/fix it seems. Like the Avatar above, it does not look super eldary to me, but looks like she would make a great custom half elf Inquisitor or Eldar trader princess allied with some Rogue Trader or such. Maybe the black and red paintjob does enhance her imperial look.

    Also she has cat so gets rerolls on Caturday games.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    Too human…

    Or just a nice basis for an Archon conversion…

    • Mike Salamandrin

      The Visarch is wearing less pointy incubi armor; down to the soul stones wrapped on his back blades, and drapery featured on his left side. I’ve been speculating if he is their lost Phoenix Lord and/or and update of Drazhar

  • Cool! Aeldar Vampire Counts models! :p Well, at least Biel-Tan is featured, which hopefully means we’ll see at least one plastic Aspect Warriors kit too. It has only been NINE YEARS since the Dire Avengers came out… :/