Geekery: Deadpool and The Oscars

deadpool trailer ouchie

The Merc with the Mouth may be picking up some nominations this year.

Yes, that merc. Yes, that movie. Here’s the thought process:

  • 4 Critic’s Choice Awards nominations (won 2)
  • 2 Golden Globe nominations
  • 1 Producers Guild nomination
  • 1 Writers Guild Award nomination

Producer Simon Kinberg told USAToday about the PGA nomination:

“We are beyond thrilled and humbled by this honor. We made this movie with a passion and love that audiences responded to. And now it’s equally incredible to have our peers embracing that same commitment. We really wanted to make something that broke all the rules, and somehow we didn’t get punished for it.”

PGA nominations tend to lead to Oscar nods. While best picture is very unlikely – based on what it’s been nominated for so far – it may get a best adapted screenplay nomination. That would be a first for a movie based on a comic book. More likely it’ll get sound, makeup, and/or effects nods like most movies from the genre do.

Ryan Reynolds isn’t exactly sold on it, but…

I’m kinda hoping we get that reaction video.

Nominations will be announced on Tuesday January 24th.


  • EnTyme

    Reynolds needs to accept any awards won in costume, even if it’s one of the technical awards.

    • Jonathan B.

      I would actually watch the Oscars if that were to happen.

    • Horus84cmd

      Ha. So much!

    • MechBattler

      He’ll do it too. And it shall be hilarious!

  • georgelabour

    I haven’t been this amused since I found out that Predator got an Oscar nomination.

    Yes, the one with Ahnold. Go look it up. 😛

    • Visual effects are to be expected, though. The only comic book based movie that’s made it out of the technical/music categories was Dark Knight when they gave Heath Ledger an Oscar for best supporting.

      If Reynolds can manage a adapted screenplay nod it’ll be a first.