40K RUMORS: The Fragmented Emperor

The Golden Throne may soon have a new occupant.

Gathering Storm III – Rise of the Primarch is just around the corner and the rumor mill is cranking up in anticipation. Here’s the latest on what’s going down in the Imperial Throneroom.

One of Faeit’s birds has been singing.

“Roboute Guilliman will become the Emperor Incarnate, as the Emperor is destroyed and fragmented. Cypher will be at Guilliman’s side.”


What exactly would a “destroyed and fragmented” Emperor look like?

Now for those of you who don’t remember way way way back in 1990 when Black Library was young, Ian Watson’s Inquisitor was published. One of the pivotol scenes in that book was the discovery that the current day Emperor’s mind is fragmented into many thousands of smaller minds each set with some key task needed to keep the Imperium functioning. It was an interesting construct for it’s time but not dwelled upon. It however set up the concept of the Emperor as such a potent psychic entity that he can be in multiple locations across the galaxy enacting his will simultaneously.  Inspiring a Sister of Battle here, guiding an Tarot reading there, providing safe passage to a ship a Segmentum over..

We also have the example of the Eldar Avatar – once a single god, fragmented into many shards; each of which is an small incarnation of his spirit. Each of which is immortal and works to protect and assist his people.

I could see a giant shift in the fluff along these lines:

  • Guilliman takes the Throne
  • The Emperor’s body is destroyed
  • He spirit is freed to travel the warp and aid humanity via many fragments each working independently to aid mankind.
  • In effect, the Emperor would ascend and become the first member of the Human pantheon of the warp.
  • It would be the second freeing of all the early human shaman’s souls into the warp to assist mankind and perhaps one day coalesce into a new Emperor.

It’s a cool thought experiment and as a GW / Black Library writer – I could see a lot of mileage coming out of that theme.

~What’s your take?



  • Alistair Collins

    We would have Girlyman on the Throne instead? And where does the Lion sit with all this happening (Cypher, etc).

    • Lewismauler

      But I would love to see guilliman become the acting emperor, mostly because I think seeing other primarchs return after he ascended the throne would be quite interesting and create great strife. It would be awesome to see the imperium fracture and split because other primarchs returned and didn’t see guilliman as fit or deserving to rule or just disagreed with how he ruled. Or guilliman could split off and create imperium secundus again because he is PO’d at how the high lords have allowed the eclisiarchy and inquisition to become a thing.

      • vlad78

        My problem comes from the ‘incarnated’ word. I fear the studio will feed us will the same garbage they used to spoil the warhammer lore.

        Guilliman becoming acting Emperor with the actual emperor becoming the starchild would be awesome. The Emperor incarnating his soul into Guilliman is just garbage of the same magnitude as the incarnations of the magical winds in ET/AOS.

        • Loki Nahat

          well, they already ruined one franchise, best make it a double-whammy before brexit

          • Drpx


          • euansmith

            Emperorxit 😉

          • Ryan Williams

            That truly heinous way GW took something that had become stagnant and selling poorly, and made it into something that wasn’t.

          • Loki Nahat

            The method of trading in loyal fans, designers, long running fantasy elements for something fad like and cartoonish does not seem the smartest way to create a radical IP protecion drive while creating a skirmish game which could have existed with half the effort, but it seems they didn’t do their investor relations justice or KYC due diligence

          • Apparently not loyal enough to keep the system afloat.

          • Loki Nahat

            thats not what loyal means, what you’re thinking of is applebois.

            I never said the game didnt have issue, it sure was impossible to get into without massive investment, thats a barrier of entry

            what do you thinks easier?

            1. build a new system and lore from scratch to the tune of LOTS of money for the glimmer of hope it may succeed

            2. develop skirmish game in same setting using same models, as a low barrier for entry with little overheads compared to a massive risky overhaul?

          • marxlives

            TBF most AoS players are 40k players. Don’t know if this constitutes as new for the GW customer base.

    • Spacefrisian

      The Lion is corrupted into a Daemon Primarch, turns out some of the fallen Angels snuck into the inner circle and corrupted him in secret.

      Hail Hydra style.

      • paxter

        Or the fallen angels were loyalist all the while and the true traitor and his sons were heretics this whole time…

        • Guillermo Cordido

          or there were some of the fallen that were tricking both sides to make a plot by themselves.

          • Derek Lee

            I wonder what the links to the fallen and the super secret cells of Alpha Legion whom actually have a idea of what they are really doing.

        • Muninwing

          that’s so been done by now that it’s almost expected.

          what would work better would be that the DA were loyal and the Fallen the heretics… but after millennia of obsessed hunting and straying from duty, the DA as is now have decided to reject the Imperium in favor of their own morphed concepts of what the Emperor is and what he wants.

          think the Gnostics, or the Manicheanists. or any of the early christian heresies. they’ve been doing their isolated thing for so long that they have an alternative structure from the ornate complexity of the Imperium. and the Emperor coming back before they were able to earn their forgiveness has a complex psychological effect upon them… causing a new round of Fallen, and a new reaffirming of their dedication to their quest.

          • Chardun

            Or the DA and Fallen are both loyal, tricked into believing the other were traitors a la Burning of Prospero style.

          • Muninwing

            yeah. something like that. not the derivative dreck that the “hehehe… DA are heretics” crowd offers up.

      • Emprah

        You mean hail Alpharius?

    • Drpx

      He punches Guilliman in the face then goes to find his true love Leman Russ.

      • Leif Leegard

        And a new Chapter is created, The Dark Wolves, as the 2 Primarchs make up and end their feud once and for all. Banding together to oppose Guiliman’s 2nd attempt at empire building.

        • nuggy

          Id ship that.

          • Logan Sama

            All aboard

        • A.P.

          better yet a new Legion, a new first founding if you will.

  • BT

    One problem… who keeps the Astronomicon going? Without it, Astropaths can not navigate the Warp and there is no warp jump. It takes 10k psykers sacrificed every day to feed the Emperor with enough power to do this.
    Also this was the whole point of Magnus’s background, as he was the one who was suppose to be sacrificed to sit on the Golden Throne (and showing the dick side of the Emperor). That is a huge ramification they need to work out. They have pretty much locked up Magnus’s arc as a Demon Prince, so they are not going to have him somehow become purified and replace the Emperor two months after releasing him as a DP with real rules.

    In the end, GW doesn’t give a damn about it’s own fluff. I am sure they will change something to clumsily make it work, again showing how short sighted they can be.

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      Remember, the Astronomicon was functional throughout the Great Crusade – still guided by the Emperor, but without him being on the Throne. With a rejuvenated (albeit incorporeal) Emperor, it could perhaps return to that state.

      …does the Throne even directly influence the Astro? Sure, it sustains the Emperor, who leads the Astro, but the Throne was intended to work the Imperial Webway, and currently needs an occupant to keep that sealed.

      • Jake Reid

        The Master of Mankind novel implies that the Throne is not influencing the Astronomicon, which seems to just keep working without the Emperor’s guidance. The endless choir that Navigators here is actually the sound of the 1000 daily souls being sacrificed to power the Golden Throne for when the Emperor is not around. It first began when He had to enter the Webway directly in order to try to reinforce the last stronghold of mankind in the Webway, which failed.

        It actually makes a pretty strong case that the Emperor is already dead, and Cypher might just reveal that. The only piece that’s still possibly Emperor-dependent is how an Astropath is made, but if the Astronomicon is actually self-sustaining then it could also be responsible for the creation of Astropaths somehow.

        • TenDM

          I think that would be an interesting way forward. The Emperor died 9000-odd years ago, then reincarnated the way the Shaman did, but after seeing what happened to the Imperium in that time without him chose to go back to working from the shadows.
          So for the past 9000 years he’s been using his extremely powerful psychic abilities to maintain the lie that he’s on the Throne while really he’s protecting humanity and growing stronger.

      • Mike X (Official)

        Yeah, the Throne just seals the corrupted webway. Nothing more.

        • euansmith

          Reopening the Webway portal could make a cool campaign book; lots of work for all sorts of Spacemarines battling the daemons and resealing the rupture (plus it would be a really short trip to work for them. Just step through the portal at the start of your shift, and it is immediately War O’Clock).

          Once the Web Portal is stabilised, the Imperium could abandon straight up Warp Travel, and surf the Web instead.

      • Mike mad cow

        I have a feeling it’s going to be Eldar shenanigans that fixes the astronomicon

    • Scotty Vi Britannia

      Magnus wasn’t intended for the golden throne. That was a daemon trick telling him that so is highly suspect. Also Magnus is in shards with some good and some bad.

  • TDog

    The Emperor identified himself as a Perpetual to Vulkan. Keeping him alive on the Golden Throne was probably not the right thing to do since allowing him to die would have allowed him to resurrect.

    Now that the primarchs messed up that particular dynamic at the end of the Heresy, chances are something weird like his fracturing may occur. I would guess that his fractured “soul” would create new mega-heroes ala the primarchs of old, but more in the vein of St. Celestine.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      like the Sigmarines! Yay!

      By the warp, they had better be careful with this. 40K is the proverbial goose that keeps GW going. If they mess this up, the company could go down…

      • I’m just waiting for a webway portal to be opened somewhere by a snickering Eldar (probably Eldrad), and reveal an army of very confused Stormcast Eternals ready for some hammertime!

        It could happen 🙂

        • Jim Collins

          Throw jetpacks on em and throw them in the field.

        • vlad78

          Too fat, they can’t go through the door.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          funny, was talking to a friend who is just starting 40k today, and I was explaining how there were lots of hints that the old WHFB world was a planet in the 40k universe. One of the things that bugs me about AoS is how there is no similar fit with the rest of the GW universe.

          Like you say, it would have to be in the warp, or maybe in the mind of a 40k character (the Emperor?). Not as satisfying somehow.

      • Anasa

        I can already imagine it: In the 8th edition lore, there won’t be any space ships or such, since almost everything is covered by the warp and everyone conducts planetary travel through the webway/warp and the galaxy will be divided into different reality bubbles kept together by the Emperor, Orks, Necrons etc. Regular humans will also be brushed aside in favor of reincarnated heroes of old in power armor.

        • TenDM

          Well, the Horus Heresy box set sort of give reincarnated heroes of old in power armour the spotlight.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation


        • David Leimbach

          You need space ships to travel the webway.

          • Anasa

            Good point

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      The emperor is on the throne because it is his vast psychic potential that is keeping the webway portal under the golden throne closed. No one else in the Imperium could maintain it. Even Malcador, a great psyker in his own right, proved insufficient. So really the debate at the end of the Heresy was – do we inter the Emperor here forever or do we sacrifice Earth? They chose the former, hence why the Emperor was never allowed to fully die.

      • euansmith

        Abaddon arrives at Terra, bursts in to the Throne Room, slays the Emperor; only for the Corrupted Webway Portal to open under the Throne as a second Eye of Terror (Eye of Terra?). Abaddon is sucked through it and back through to time to when he first arrived in the Eye of Terror. His life becomes an endless cycle of failure.

      • Angus Murphy

        the emperor asked yo be put on the golden trone. it was his choice

      • TDog

        Good point!

        OR… this happened:

        KHAN: Hey! We lived!
        DORN: Yeah, but The Emperor is kinda messed up.
        KHAN: Yeah… he does look like he was rode hard and put away wet. What do we do with him?
        DORN: I’m a siege engineer and a generalized pain in the @$$, Khan, not a doctor.
        KHAN: Me neither. I’m really more of a Mongolian biker type…

        Brief silence.

        KHAN: Dad’s throne is pretty metal though, huh?
        DORN: Yeah. That it is.
        KHAN: Hey! Wanna know what would make it even more metal?
        DORN: What?
        KHAN: Draping his mangled body all over it! It would be like gothic and metal and totally heavy!
        DORN: I like how you think. Let’s do it.

    • Garrett Alain Colas

      The Emperor already has “demons” (or angels), the legion of the damned.

      It would be a cool double wammy if they released a new legion of the damned codex and maybe new models. (They’re finecast still, half are sold out)

      Then they could start releasing all sorts of far out Loyalist demons of war. Legion of the damned terminators, dreadnoughts, And then have the avatar of the emperor as an awesome giant spirit of war.

      • TDog

        Or change up the Sisters of Battle – instead of just human “nuns with guns”, make them post-human like Astartes, but using a different mechanism to do so. Instead of being genetically modified types, they could be “faith”-powered and infused superhumans. Legion of the Damned, but female, I guess.

    • Angus Murphy

      the emperor asked to be put on the golden trone after his battle with horus. it had nothing to do with the primarchs

      • TDog

        That’s what the current fiction says, but the bits of fluff from White Dwarf and the various rules books have proven mutable at best. There’s a chance – I’m not saying this is how it is or how it will go down – that the Emperor muttered something and the primarchs misunderstood him or anticipated his wishes wrongly.

    • C G Bloom

      Yes. I have wondered this myself. When E wakes up hes going to pissed. But the only way for this happen is for the throne to shut down…

      • TDog

        Or to knock his head off with some bloody great sword and let him die already. ;-D

  • Earl Tower

    It is a good way forward. Changing the Emperor’s status is long over due, but if they return him to life the Great Crusade starts anew. If he just dies, then the Imperium is doomed. By fragmenting him, you can elevate Guilliman to the throne, still empower all the Living Saints and other holy effects, yet still create other features. I would like to see something like the Eldar Avatar or the C’tan shards. Make some of the Emperor Shards into raging war units.

    • In the Age of Sigmar, Sigmar’s “daemons” are Stormcast Eternals.

      What on Holy Terra would the Emperor’s “Daemons” be?

      • Karru

        More stormcast? It’s not like GW has much originality these days. It’s the same fluff repeated over and over again, the horrific fanfic that makes Matt Ward proud of his Ultramarine work.

      • BT

        Legio Custodes.

      • NNextremNN

        Legion of the damned or living saints.

        • Well remembered!

        • euansmith

          I always thought that the LotD were the Emperor’s daemons. It makes them really cool.

      • Drpx

        Avatars of Empy?

      • vlad78


      • Earl Tower

        Well I know a lot of people have theorized that the Legion of the Damned are minor daemons and the Living Saints, like Celestine, are equivalent to greater daemons.

      • Noah Jerge

        Make the Stormcast dual game kits like the Chaos Daemons.

    • Mr_Pickles

      Guillieman challenges Trayzan to a duel (insert pokemon music here)

  • Lakados

    What if instead it turns out that the emperor doing half of what he said he did was just a lie. And through tens of thousands of years of story telling, his importance and roll in history was elevated from that of super smart scientist who made a lot of cool stuff to that akin to godhood? The Primarchs who disappeared were the ones who learned the truth and hid themselves away in the corners of space as to not share the secret, or worse in despair of learning the truth fall into Chaos.

  • Christopher A. Herrera

    Shattering the essence of big players isn’t new imo but the prominence of it as a plot mechanic is.

    I’m convinced it’s GW’s latest way of pulling a retcon in terms of OP figures in the fluff.

    Ex. Oh yeah, c’tan being stargods makes their story too immutable. Lets make em fragments and then turn em into pokemon!


    And Emperor now?

    That’s like three of the most powerful forces in 40k that loosely have the same fate.

    idk. The stories being told are important, iconic, and important moving forward in the gathering storm books. But this is the first 40k literature I actively dislike the (fluff) writing style of.

    Fall of Cadia reads like the 13th crusade is tyranids. Literally it’s like “oh hey this happened but chaos is an endless generic wave we’re topically going to cover in detail and not even really major players- for ex this leading warpsmith is literally just like ripped to shreds as a footnote to making chaos seem like tyranids”.

    Fracture is……better? I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve read the DE and Eldar codex and the fluff in those is awesome imo. Something about fracture….like I feel like it’s ONLY good because we have forward motion in the fluff.

    There were some cool details here and there(ex. starving bloodbrides for DE, aspect warriors fundamentally changing their regalia by altering allegiance, eldar politics). But I think part of why I’m struggling with these books is because they’re too long for non-black library style novels.

    They sit in this weird middle space where there’s enough for me to feel the need to invest in a long read, but not enough that it’s as magnificent as the HH(or many other) novels, and something about that leaves me dissatisfied. I feel like there are elements that are lazy in the writing, far moreso than we’ve seen before.

    • Karru

      This is the current MO of GW. They are trying to retcon a lot of stuff in order to make them feel more tame so that their precious Imperium cannot be threatened too much.

      Also, the current team isn’t exactly good when it comes to writing anything outside Imperial factions. Chaos is just Chaos for them. A massive group of madmen who only care about slaughter and murder. They are no longer these scheming masterminds that do great plots to trap and destroy Imperial forces. They are now just ravaging madmen that slaughter everything in their path.

      Meanwhile Imperium is a massive collection of redshirts and super heroes. Many of the old models take the role of the redshirt and then magically new models get the super hero treatment. Their current “twists” and “surprises” are extremely repetitive. You just have to look at the current releases and which models are ancient. Oh, Imperium just got some new characters? The world they are on is under a massive invasion and is surely going to die and there is absolutely no hope of escape? My gift of premonition is telling me that these new models aren’t going to die for some reason.

      The biggest issue with GW is their lack of creativity these days. They just repeat the same “doom is coming but not really” scenario over and over again. They don’t do any real damage to factions that matter. That was the great thing about HH novels and the old 40k fluff. For example, the Isstvan V drop side massacre and the Battle for Macragge. Both were devastating to the legions/chapter in question. It had an impact.

      Now it’s just “Imperium is threatened again, is this going to be it? Will the Imperium survive this massive threat? Yes. Yes they will. They won’t suffer any major damage from it, quite the opposite. They acquire some new amazing weapons or characters to make sure this doesn’t happen. Threat #500128 is now pushed back.”

      “Oh, some old character does die because we can’t be bothered to update it and it would be much better if you bought these new replacement characters instead! They don’t have nearly as interesting backstories, it’s just generic ‘i’m a super hero’ story that someone wrote while he was visiting the toilet.”

      • StingrayP226

        100% this… Wrath of Magnus was a HUGE dissappointment in this regard. Its about the Thousand Sons but some random Wolf Lords have more book time than Ahriman. Also love how well laid Thousand Sons plans were defeated by some random BS/shaman theory stuff that allowed the Space Wolves to magically be in the right place at the right time or get a feeling something bad is happening and act on said feeling to save the day.

        Also you could tell it glorified the Imperium forces way too much…

    • Even Magnus the Red was shattered into fragments by breaching the Palace’s defenses and the breaking by Russ, then taking his toys and going to the Planet of Sorcerers. It just seems very lazy, so I’ll not believe this rumor until it becomes fact, and even then I’ll groan.

  • Lewismauler

    Plot Twist: the emperor has already passed in his corporeal state and in fact his soul has fragmented and seeped throughout the empire to guide and protect the imperium in vast and unknown ways. For example his soul inhabiting heroes like lord solar macharius, creed, Celestine and other saints etc. this is the only real explanation how saints like Celestine would have the powers to heal and reincarnate like that and still be human.

    What’s if the 1000 psykers a day weren’t being sacrificed to keep him alive but were the force keeping the astronomicon powered and the webway sealed. I wouldn’t put it past the lords of terra or the eclisiarchy to have been lying all this time. Because if the emperor did die and hadn’t reincarnated yet then the whole religion would fall apart and appear a sham. Or he could be “alive” like is stated but they wouldn’t allow him to die because that also means they would lose all their power and authority. His body either way is the figurehead for all they do and say.

    • Mr_Pickles

      Celestine’s powers are linked to the warp/Eye of Terror, as seen in “Fall of Cadia”. It would make sense if the Emperor was running around in the Warp with his pet Draigo….

  • Jared Swenson

    I can dig it. It will be interesting to see how they handle things, like the Astronomicon. Because without that warp travel would essentially going from “kindof a bad idea, but you work with what you got” to “a really frikkin bad idea with no possible good outcome of it”. It’s definitely exciting to read about. I like grand progressions like this. Then again, I actually liked the End Times stuff.

  • petrow84

    When I started the hobby, the throne room scene in Watson’s novel was one of the single most defining fluff experience to me, and so it is, even today.

  • datalas

    Does it bother anyone else that the Emperor has two left hands in that picture ?

    • petrow84

      Which one? On the lower it seems, that his thumb on his right is entirely missing.

      • datalas

        The angling of the hand on what should be his right arm is peculiar, with the shoulder flat against the armrest (for want of a better word) and the musculature being intact the natural position would be for his fingers to be pointing up and the wreath to be on top of the palm.

        Granted, he’s probably not “sitting comfortably” seeing as how that arm has fallen off, but it still looks odd, especially since you can see that the actual “meat” is intact and that his elbow doesn’t appear dislocated.

        Try bending your arm to match the position and you’ll find you’d have to break your wrist to do it, which would surely cause a bulge or something.

      • The_Ordo_Malleus

        If you can draw a better version i would like to see 😉

        • petrow84

          No problem with that one for me, I kinda like its mutilated look. Reminds me of an old Heavy Metal comic strip.

    • Chet Atkinson

      Looks like one arm of each to me. It’s quite funny how his arm parts on his torso looks like he could be fitted out with different options

  • frank

    If this is the direction they want to go with it, why make a mini of Gilliman? That would be the dumbest story arc ever Gilliman wakes up after 10k years asleep to go right back to sleep on the emporers throne. It would be really disapointing to see them do somthing like that.

    • BT

      He isn’t a Psyker, so he wouldn’t be put on the Golden Throne. That is the hiccup they have to fix, because of the 30 years of ever changing fluff about the throne and what it does. It went from the Emperor being the beacon of the Astronomicon to sealing a webway portal to earth to whatever it is now. They have changed it a few times, so they will change it again to be whatever they need it to be to fit their current story. And they will change it in the future to change it to whatever they need then. Then some yahoo will write a book and it will totally change again.

      • frank

        I totally agree that he is not a psyker and in curent story couldnt hold the position. Not sure why they would do somthing like change the whole fluff for a really boring end to the emporor and gilliman as well.

        • NNextremNN

          Maybe he uses the throne to sit on it and rule from there.

          Also I doubt he has no psychic powers maybe he just doesn’t use them in that way.

    • Seienchin

      Although I doubt it happens I can only say remember AoS and Endtimes… Biggest warhammer fantasy release of rules, miniatures and books ever just to have everything destroyed…

      • frank

        I really dont want to see 40k end times its been somthing that ive worried would happen since age of sigmar came into existance. Wasnt the rules that buged me but the whole concept of ending the story and creating sigmarines that just screamed please dont do this to 40k even back then it seemed like an ineveatability but didnt want to believe it an still dont haha.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    What I like about 40k? The setting, the character, the fluff. What I dislike about 40k? Ultramarines. So yeah, if these rumors prove to be true, these will be no good news to me…

  • Krzysztof Jasinski

    Emperor fragmented and Guillaume at the throne ? It’s a quite disappointing. The thing which will be cool – Emperor is dead but he reborn like some kind of God (Örmagoden maybe :p )

    The another thing possible for me, Emperor and all others gods (Chaos and not chaos) are dead, they will split into many spirits making the army of avatars which will be the specials characters with system similar to warmahordes.

  • Spacefrisian

    If GW is going with there prime example of the Human Empire than i would think there is a bigger chance of the Empirium of man splitting up with Girlyman becoming the eastern Emperor of the Ultramar Empire.

  • Drpx

    Smart move including Cypher to offset some of the neckbeard rage if this is true.

  • Squeeker

    Didnt the smurfs find a device which allows travel through the warp, a sort of beacon?

    • The Pharos. It broke during the Heresy, they couldn’t make it work properly afterwards, erased all records and it ended up attracting the Tyranids to the galaxy. Not a great thing to reuse.

  • Anasa

    If this is true, then we’re closer to Age of Guilliman than I could have imagined possible.

    • euansmith

      A big impediment to “Age of Guilliman” would be that his name is tricky to pronounce. I remember being put off purchasing “The Call of C’thulhu” as a kid, because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. 😉

    • Private Skittles

      Prime! :3

  • Victor Hartmann

    If Roboute Guiliman sits on the Throne, why do we have a model for him coming out? Wouldn’t he be permanently stuck in the Throne?

    We’ll see how things work out but as is, this rumor doesn’t make sense.

  • Jim Cook

    I’m OK with 41K, since all signs point to New Great Crusade, and, in RG’s faction, a return to some semblance of Imperial Reason. I want my escapism to be nice and escapey.

    • Jim Cook

      I also want to hear Duncan Rhodes finally define the pronunciation of RG’s name– “Ro-bout”? “Ro-boot”? “Ro-boo-tay”?

      • mikemc2

        I’ve heard it pronounced in audiobooks and on Warhammer Live as “Ro-boot”.

    • TenDM

      The big bonus for me is that 41K doesn’t invalidate any of 40K. It’s just another chapter in history the same way the Horus Heresy turned the page on the Great Crusade.
      I really doubt they’re going to shatter the universe the way they did with End Times. I think GW know that End Times was bad and unnecessary.

  • CF

    The Necron C’Tan were also “fragmented”.

  • piglette


  • Scott B. Smith

    “Roboute Guilliman will become the Emperor Incarnate, ”

    Isn’t this pretty much what happened with Karl Franz and Sigmar in The End Times? If this rumor turns out to be true and I’m reading it correctly, that is pretty freaking lazy.

    • Coltcabunny

      They’ve already copied the end times pretty much blow for blow.

      An extremely powerful sorcerer lets loose his long schemed plan to destroy the nation of the monarch that humbled him in a previous life. Which isn’t at all like Nagash.

      A Chaos attack is ultimately repelled by the arrival of a golden divine being in a pyrrhic victory that leaves the Empire of Man wide open for further attacks. Which isn’t at all like Glotkin.

      An Eldar faction fissure but ultimately re-unite all 3 of the important factions under the rule of the newly summoned Incarnate/Yncarne after which it will send its aid to the Empire of Man. Not at all like Khaine

      Right on track for a copy of ET- Archaon.

  • John Traupman

    Don’t forget the fractured God she that the necrons were at war with C’Tan

  • TenDM

    Hmm. The Emperor is made up of Shaman souls. That means a fragment of the Emperor should probably be an ancient shaman reincarnated with all the memories of the Emperor. Perhaps seeking to reunite with the other fragments to repeat their ritual.

  • Jooster

    You need to take any information from the Draco trilogy with quite a large amount of scepticism. Those books are absolutely trippy.

    • Loki Nahat

      Those books defined 40k. After Space Marine, the prequel.

  • Denoobie

    RG is going to sit in that seat? You ever smell the seat of a 10000 year old living corpse? Break out the Lysol, Robbie.

  • The_Ordo_Malleus

    A Primarch on the throne?! This article is Heretical the author must be purged!

  • StingrayP226

    Well Ward did return to GW… having the Ultramarine’s Primarch become the Emperor isn’t too far fetched if he has a hand in anything…

    • Defenestratus

      I must have missed this.

      I have much greater hope for the future of the game if Ward has returned!!!

  • Deathwing

    We also have the much less powerful eldrad separating his psyche into multiple spirit stones to guide black guardian strike teams during the first 13th black crusade event in the fluff, so even for a not-eldar god its possible

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    This type of story telling makes me think Ward is back in charge of Fluff. Rowboat takes charge is a wet dream of his since day one. I wouldn’t even have any real issues with it if they wrote the 40K fluff anywhere near the level of HH fluff. Angron is a horrible monster that all hate and fear, that was what we had always been told. HH went and showed us why he was a monster, the nails, betrayed by his father and so many other facts both small and large. Facts that made him an interesting character that you could feel compassion for. 40K Rowboat is better than perfect and secretly (wink, wink) the best Primarch ever. That is just lazy writing. That aside if they have Rowboat peel a mask off and it is really Alpharius/Omegon in disguise I will forgive GW for their transgressions.

  • SilentPony

    So Guilliman is an Avatar of the Emperor?

    Also they better bring Russ, the Lion, the Khan and Corax back. I think the Big-E can spare a fragment or two to find those other lost sons.

  • Bellumvinco

    Is the latest video hinting that they are going to close the Warp Rift under the Imperial Palace? Is that what he failed to do 10k years ago? A Rift even the Emperor hasn’t been able to close. Everyone has conveniently skipped over why he has been trapped on the throne. Terra! A DAEMON WORLD!

  • Bellumvinco

    Also, the guy is the original Perpetual. I’m willing to bet he has died before. How his Godlike powers he gained after finding Molech changes that…/shrug

  • Go for it I say. Let’s get this as weird as possible.

  • Krizzab

    Lion wakes up.

    “how is the empire doing nowdays?”

    “err well…, Gilliman is emperor, the xenos help him and magnus is out there with a magic huge planet doing sourcerous stuff, btw all space wolves are aberrant mutants, and the blood angels are in their last legs figthing along with xenos….”


    Lion sleeps again…..

    “well nothing of valor was lost, after all”

  • Mart

    Magnus will turn to the light side and take his place on the golden throne leaving the emperor and the resurrected primarchs to drive the deamon hoard from the webway, burn out Chaos from the immaterium and let mankind take its rightful place as the rulers of the galaxy…


  • Emprah

    So what would Imperials yell if they can’t yell for the Emprah anymore? For Sigmar?

  • Earl Lemongrab

    It’s said the emperor is an Eternal, meaning, like his son Vulkan, he’ll just come back. Gorillaman won’t sit on a throne that literally drained the second most powerful normie psyker into dust if he’s not even on that scale. He has experience running an empire so outside combat that’s hos likely role.

    Groillaman gets mad a d rips dad off the iron lung and dad gets better, giving me ctharsis in this anxiety fueling storyline.

  • Keegan Hume

    Technically the astronomican can be sustained by the sacrifice of psykers, with a less potent psyker sitting on the throne, think Mephiston, or TIgurius.

  • David Leimbach

    So this would make the primarchs shards of the emperor already. Or clusters of shards?

  • 3dken

    All of this ties into the new South Park game, The Fractured, but whole (Emperor)! Haha! Who knows, maybe the “new” Eldar help Guilliman repair the webway under the throne?

  • PanzerDan

    So he comes back just to be send back to sitting for another 10k+ My god his hamstrings must be pissed