Geekery: Making the Major’s Thermoptic Suit

This is really freaking cool – even if you’re not looking forward to the movie.

Adam Savage gets a behind the scenes look at Weta’s take on Kusanagi’s thermoptic skin.

They also got to play with the geisha robots with Richard Taylor…

Ghost in the Shell hit theaters March 31st.

  • euansmith

    That was fun. I hope that the film is as good as the props.

    • Crevab

      All I know is my gut says “maybe”

    • petrow84

      I was about to say cheap kl1kbeit with b00bs, but that really turned out to be awesome. Kinda stoked now about the movie too.

  • af

    Just watched Ghost in the Shell (95 movie by Mamoru Oshii) on the big screen. It was on the cinema as hype for ScarJo’s movie. Predictably enough, they showed the trailer for the new movie.

    It’s interesting how mismatched the tone of both movies is. GitS (95) is introspective, and there is no “conspiracy” to steal Motoko’s body and of course she doesn’t seek any revenge for anything. No-one lies to Motoko; her fears and doubts are mostly existential. If there is any conspiracy, it’s inter-agency rivalry (which is typical of Oshii’s movies) and of course, the Puppet Master itself. The anime is mostly philosophy punctuated by action scenes.

    The trailer for the new movie apes a lot of the anime’s iconic scenes (Motoko’s drop from the building, her waking up in her bed next to a brightly lit window, the fight with the “hacked” hacker on a water-covered ground, etc) but at the same time the voiceovers are so typically Hollywood they are jarring contrast with the quietness of the original.

    Maybe it’s another case of a trailer completely misrepresenting the tone of the actual movie, but I’m not holding my breath…

    • BT

      Yeah, they are kind of all over the place with what the trailer showed. I just watch the anime, but the Geishas bit was really a stand alone 1-2 episode spy thriller. Then they have bits from the Individual Eleven arc. I am not sure if they are even doing the Laughing Man arc, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they stole some scenes from it. You have 120 minutes, I don’t think you have the space needed to skip around different arcs and throw in some custom stuff to boot. Pick Laughing Man or Individual Eleven or do a custom origin story with a one off from the anime (like the Geisha one). If you mash them up, you can muddy things up to much.

      Really, I would like to see IE or LM done as a two or three movie arc. Then you can really have the time and the pacing to tell the stories and do them justice.

      • euansmith

        Fingers crossed this will not be Danny Cannon’s version of “Judge Dread” with everything thrown in to the mix.

      • Huntard

        BT you’re referencing Stand Alone Complex, the series. af was talking about the original movie made back in 95. It can get a little confusing given the amount of GitS media that exists and that none of the groups of them are connected to the other groups.

        The only reason I’m saying this at all is because the coming movie is very loosely based off of the original movie made long before SAC, so likely none of the content from the series, or the new Arise series of movies will be referenced.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          What he is saying it did. The geisha scene is from IE story arc from SAC. So no, the movie is taking references from all things GitS but focus is on what the 95 movie portrayed with puppet master. Mainly they are tying elements from the setting together.

  • Jared Swenson

    I am willing to give the movie a genuine shot. I am a mild fan of the original works, and am not nervous about the casting, nor am I nervous about the proposed story arc. I think I’m more nervous about Batou’s eye implants. But again, I have not seen the movie yet, and I generally go in to these things with optimism, especially since Shirow has commented that he likes the work they did on it. If anything It looks to be a really beautiful cyberpunk, and I want to see more cyberpunk work.

  • zeno666

    Is it true that they made Scarlett Johansson more asian-like with CGI?

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Did not really look like it to me, if they did, they did a poor job at it. Honestly though Motoko in the Manga was questionable if she was ever truly Japanese, let alone Asian. Shirow even said he didn’t really base her appearance off an Asian. In any case.. her shell is just that, she can cast it away and have any appearance or gender she so chooses, so honestly it doesn’t bother me at all. I just think Scarjo is a bad actress. I mean if you were going to do this that way, I would have chosen Theron.

      • zeno666

        Yepp, I agree.