30K RUMORS: Next Heresy Boxed Game Features Who?

There’s talk out there on the contents of the third Horus Heresy boxed game slated for this year.

So we now have a pattern to follow from GW. In Q4 of the last two years we have gotten a plastic Horus Heresy Boxed Game.

Betrayal at Calth Arrived in 2015


Burning of Prospero arrived in 2016

Sources say to look for the third game to show up this year. Here’s the latest on what it contains:

  • The Boxed Set will Feature Death Guard vs a Loyalist Chapter
  • Loyalists are described with contradictory reports as either Dark Angels or White Scars
  • Minis are described as upgrade sprues with already produced plastic heresy kits.


The previous two boxed sets have already given us the following Astartes minis:

  • MkIV Power Armor
  • MkIII Power Armor
  • Cataphractii Terminator Armor
  • Tartaros Terminator Armor
  • Contemptor Dread
  • Power Armor Officer
  • Cataphractii Officer
  • Space Wolf Officer
  • Thousand Sons Officer

While upgrade sprues might extend the life of the existing minis, (especially if they were heavy weapons), GW still has a lot to mine for plastic Heresy kits.

A Mk V, or Mk II power armor kit in plastic would be great.

Plastic Heresy Bikes/jetbikes would also be very popular, with White Scars being mentioned.

We can always dream…

Characters could be either pulled from the HH novels, or updated famous 40K characters such as Typhon. Last year Ahriman got both an 30K updated mini, AND his updated 40K model as an example.

For settings, a quick look through Lexicanum for heresy battles involving the Death Guard, White Scars, and Dark Angels gives us these:

Battle of Perditus

Death Guard vs Dark Angels


Battle of Catallus

Death guard vs White Scars


~ What plastic kits would you put in this box to expand the HH plastic line?

  • The Dark Angels have been fighting the Death Guard for years. Typhon himself, in fact, was being hounded by Corswain and co for a long time after he escaped from the Lion’s fangs.
    It’d make sense from a lore perspective, but Typhon already has a resin miniature, so I can’t see him being a special character in plastic like Ahriman.

    The Death Guard have been trying to deal with the White Scars for a good while too, under Mortarion. Mortarion specifically got the job from Horus. Again, it would make sense and could make for a cool set, though I can’t really see a ground engagement here, especially not one involving Jetbikes, and anything less would be a disservice to the Ordu of Jaghatai.

    Curious, to say the least.

    • Charon

      B@C did feater Word Bearers and still had neither of the FW resin characters.
      Still possible they pull out “Pestilentius the pestilent” of their nose.

  • pokemastercube .

    assault marines would be good to get in plastic form for MK-IV. makes building my IX legion a lot cheeper

    • Eric Buchanan

      Yes this. sourcing proper arms and packs for 20 man assault squads is a major pain right now.

      • pokemastercube .

        yea, buying sanguiniry guard just for that back pack isnt a good way to go about it, tho i have got some cos i will be able to use them eventually in HH, just havnt fully built them incase they get additional weapon options

        • Eric Buchanan

          I did it once to make some fancy ravenguard vanguard vets, but its hard to get the packs in bulk by themselves anymore, you end up having to buy the whole box alot.

  • rtheom

    If it’s upgrade sprues on existing kits, I’m hoping that would lead into further upgrade sprue releases for the other legions. Would be a good way for them to introduce new “models” with minimal cost.

    • Shawn

      Amen. Plastic upgrade bits for my Iron Hands would be awesome.

      • rtheom

        I mean, we probably won’t because FW already makes shoulder pads and upgrade kits, and frankly I don’t mind the price on them really. I just don’t like needing to wait 300 days for the bits to finally show up.

        • Shawn

          The prices on most things I am okay with too, mainly squads and small bits. My issue is availability and having to pay ransom prices for shipping. Also, while their resin is as easy to work, if not easier than plastic, it also tends to be more brittle and breaks easier than plastic.

    • Emperor’s Champion

      I reckon that’s what’s gonna get people buying the plastic HH kits once the box sets are eventually off the market. Even though they are super expensive I’d still buy them over 40k marines just for the unified look, and any legion upgrades would probably deter people from buying resin.

    • Eric Buchanan

      Agreed, I think alotta people are thinking legion based upgrade sprues, my guess is that it’ll be unit based sprues. I.e. assault squad upgrade with mk4 jump packs, pistols, and arms.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        They are not going to make 18 legion specific plastic upgrade sprues for 30k.

        • Eric Buchanan

          Yes, I know thats why I stated the “upgrade sprues” were be for making units that are close to what we have already. like an assault marine upgrade sprue that has the parts to turn tacticals into assault marines. Or maybe to make heavy support squads.

          Did you bother to read my comment? Or did you just type the first thing that popped into your head?

      • rtheom

        That would indeed be interesting, but I wouldn’t count on it. If it was assault marines, they’d want to give them the running/jumping legs, and thus would need a whole new kit. Breachers could work, but I don’t think they’d want to step on FW’s toes for that. Heavy weapons they won’t do because FW just released a whole bunch of those upgrades a few months ago. Cool idea, but I highly doubt it.

        • Eric Buchanan

          I don’t think there is much worry about “stepping” on forgeworld’s toes here. My understanding was the reason these box games and HH plastics came around is that FW can’t keep up with demand.

          So offloading troop choices from them so they can focus on the more unique (and expensive units) would only make sense from a business perspective.

          It would also greatly lower the barrier of entry to 30k, a gateway drug if you will to full on forgeworld. (Just as the other boxsets have done)

          The current tactical’s feature a good number of dynamic leg poses ( in between static and full on running). I don’t think my assault sqauds have been hurt by using the mkiv and mkiii plastics as their base.

          I’ll concede the heavy weapons point, though some heavy weapons are included in plastic already, just not at quanitity.

  • Koonitz

    If it’s an upgrade kit, a Rhino would be an easy, and much needed, choice. Right now, trying to stay thematic requires a fairly substantial purchase from Forge World for even a small handful of Rhinos. Having a small upgrade sprue for the existing Rhino would be easy, and well received. Likely an easy way to move a few boxes, even if the rest of the models are already out (such as Mk III/IV, or Terminator armour kits).

    • memitchell

      Don’t know if a boardgame would feature vehicles.

      • Drew_Da_Destroya

        I mean, the DE board game features jetbikes, and the other Horus Heresy games had Dreads… so why not a Rhino?

        • memitchell

          Not to draw fine distinctions, but Gangs of Commorragh is a tabletop game, vice boardgame. And, dreads are ponderous walkers that move no faster than troops. You do have an intriguing idea, though.

    • rtheom

      Nah, we won’t see this because the FW rhino already does this. It uses a plastic rhino base with resin add-ons.

  • piglette

    Some day we’ll get a Night Lords boxed game.

    • georgelabour

      So basically you want a grim dark version of Operation?

    • Patrick

      As long as in includes M’Shen I’m interested!

      • Robomummy

        Assassination of curze boxed game, one callidus assassin and a ton of pissed off night lords.

        • memitchell

          Already have an assassination game…Assasinorum (or did).

          • Tim Lester

            maybe thats why they got rid of the old set

          • Robomummy

            i know, its a joke

          • memitchell

            Horus Heresy dungeon crawl. M’Shen is ordered to terminate Curze “Withe extreme prejudice.” Travels up river into the Heart of Darkness, rides with the Valkyries, surfs with Charlie, gets “off the boat,” watches a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor, sells the house, sells the car, sells the kids.

    • Loki Nahat

      There’s already the Batman Table-top game

    • EnTyme

      Night Lords v. Raven Guard with lots of jump packs and Corvus armor would be cool

  • Darth Bumbles

    How about an Alpha Legion game?
    You get 24 Marines (all identical) no rules and a sausage sandwich.

  • Adam Wright

    Breachers would be nice, along with Assault Marines.

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Destroyers, because Phosphex is just mean.

      • Eric Buchanan

        I’d imagine they could reelase a box that does Assault marines+destroyers. Its just 5 more bolt pistols, 3 phosphex bombs, and rocket launcher

      • Adam Wright

        I love Destroyers too. I still have an unassembled group of 10 to put together for my 1K Sons. Unfortunately since they aren’t a basic troop choice I’d rather see Breachers instead. Every legion can use Breachers, but not every Legion can use Destroyers unfortunately.

  • BT

    Death Guard vs White Scars could be a lot of white and spiky helmets on the battlefield.

  • This rumor does not track with the facts. Angelus is going to have nightlords darkangels and blood angels. The box set most likely reflect that. I doubt it will have death guard.

    • Adam Bastow

      Before Angelus was announced I predicted Dark Angels vs Night Lords with Breachers and Assault Marines. This would likely tie in with Angelus. Here’s hoping.

  • carlisimo

    It makes a little more sense as a 40k starter box, especially knowing that 40k Death Guard are due later this year.

  • Loki Nahat

    Betrayal at Calth
    Burning of Prospero
    Blockade/battle of Phall

    My guess is on Phall, ship to ship action

    easy graphics for cardboard tile sets, doors, ala Calth, special “room” hazards, zero G, no atmosphere/fire/chem hazards

    Indomitus Terminator armour (imperial fists) and Boarding Marines with Assault Marines being the IW “repel boarders” units.

    fight your way through the board, to take objective, something that is half way between Zone Mortalis, Space Hulk and the current HH sets.

    Easy way to encourage ZM participation with cheap cardboard tile sets.

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Death Guard 🙂

  • Louie’sUglyRanglehorns

    Death Guard vs. Dark Angels would be amazing, and with the upcoming Angelus book my money’s on DA at least. Two legions that just don’t give a f**k and go hard in the paint as a matter of course.
    On an unrelated note, I really hope Angelus covers the Rangdan Xenocides, which included both DA and DG, as there is storytelling gold to be mined there and could establish some background for those legions’ relationship.

  • Grand_Master_Raziel

    The Dark Angels have been seriously neglected throughought this whole FW/GW Horus Heresy thing. It’d be nice to see the balance redressed. I’d buy the box set if it featured Dark Angels. Probably not if it’s DAs + White Scars though.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    To be honest, I think that White Scars are mayby the most unpopular/underused 1st Founding legion out there (well, maybie tied with Iron Hands).
    It would be cool to have them but instead of “those mongol fast vehicles dudes” they will give us Dark Angels, firsts of the first. Also that would be a perfect time to release a mini of The Lion…

  • Deathwing

    As much as I want dark angels, I would say white scars give them more of an opportunity to make more heresy era kits into plastic with bikes, jet bikes, jump marines, etc.Pre-nurglized death guard give you a chance for heavy weapons teams and the heresy era rhinos to make them mobile .

  • andrew_burgess

    so with all the debate over whats going to be in the next boxed game
    here’s a little thought for you all
    most likely 30 marines of some form
    2 characters 1 loyalist 1 traitor as these seem to be the stock items for each boxed game along with an additional set of models would like to see a set of bikes and jet bikes and the marines to be assault and breachers