Blood Bowl: Made to Order Chaos Dwarfs, Dark Elves & More

Get in here quick Blood Bowl players. Some classics are ready to come out of retirement and get onto the field.


Look who’s coming back in 2017. GW saws these teams have been the most requested since Blood Bowl was reintroduced.

These should be hitting the GW online store this weekend (April 8th).

Chaos Dwarfs

Chaos & Beastmen!

Dark Elves (& Assassin)

Last but not least, some proper trophies!

~I wonder who had to paint these up?

  • crazytuco

    Ugh. Those old sculpts look about as appealing as a bucket of buttholes poured out on the ground. I was hoping they’d give everyone the same treatment that humans, orcs, dwarfs, and skaven have benefited from. If I want Chaos and Beastmen I’ll just build my own from other plastic kits, thanks.

    • ThorOdinson

      Speak for yourself. Those models are great fun and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Chaos Dwarf team.

    • TenDM

      This is just part of their Made To Order catalogue where they do a limited run of old models. They’ll be releasing proper Blood Bowl plastic kits for other teams, these are just for fans of the ‘classic’ models.
      On the bright side at least the trophies hold up pretty well.

      • Cergorach

        I like the old thropies as well, wondering if they are metal or resin.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Metal normally, they never went finecast…

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      You get the part that this is MADE TO ORDER and not BRAND NEW SCULPTS, right?

      • crazytuco

        Yup. It’s why I used the term “old sculpts.”

        • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

          No, you should complain about old sculpts fi you are aware of them.

          Is not education, is common sense.

  • Super excited to get the beastmen, I almost picked up a few packs at a FLGS a few weeks back (they had bought out a massive back catalog of old BB minis) but it wasn’t in the budget so I passed. Not this time!

  • DrunkCorgi

    It’s funny… after 15-20 years, I finally threw out my Dark Elf team last year, convinced I’d never find a use for them. I’m glad I did, I’ve seen more attractive colonoscopies.

    I’m building a new team from plastic Dark Elves and Eldar… and it’s absolutely worth the effort. The old metals look horrible by comparison. Not terrible for their time, but I’d sooner sport a mullet again.

    • I still have mine and I will keep them just for the sake of nostalgia. 🙂

  • SWISSchris

    “I wonder who had to paint these up” – presumably someone in the 90s as these are the same exact models and paint jobs from the white dwarf magazines I bought when they were originally released.

    • Coltcabunny

      Ah BOLS, never change.

    • Exactly.

  • Toco

    I made my own team of Dark Elves from 40K Dark Eldar. But I really love those old models for nostalgia sake. So I’ll bite! ( to see the custom teams)

  • Alpharius

    And still some people haven’t quite grasped the idea of the Made to Order programme…

  • Lord Elpus

    I will order a chaos dwarf team😊

  • Dan Wilson

    ooh dark elves…

  • Alpharius

    Those centaurs are great. Very goofy but such classics.

  • Ben_S

    If the pictures are any indication, they’ve fleshed out the teams a bit, which is good. But I hope you can order some loose models, instead of having to get them in teams. Otherwise, it will be a pain for anyone wanting a couple more Chaos Dwarfs.