GW: Next Week’s Prices & Products CONFIRMED


LOOK! Up in the sky! It’s even more steampunk Dwarfs – in airships…and they’re well armed! Also, the Grimdark Returns!

This week we continue to float over to the 8 Realms this week for the rollout of GW’s next stunning range for Age of Sigmar!  The Kharadron Overlords are here – along with a WAY cheaper way to play Shadow Wars Armageddon.

Age of Sigmar

Kharadron Overlords: Grundstock Gunhauler $50

Kharadron Overlords: Grundstock Thunderers $40 (5 models)

Shadow Wars: Armageddon

Shadow Wars Armageddon Rulebook $40

GW pulled out the stocks and cranked out a standalone rulebook for Shadow Wars Armageddon – WITH all the extra factions included. Nice work for 3 weeks!




Black Library

Calgar’s Fury $27 (Hardback)

An action-packed novel about Marneus Calgar, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines and Lord of Macragge, written by critically acclaimed author Paul Kearney.

The Realm of Ultramar stands as a shining beacon of order and strength in a galaxy wracked by war and torment. Custodian of this realm, the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, Marneus Calgar, has fought many foes and won countless wars to ensure its borders remain safe. But when an immense space hulk emerges into the Ultramar system, carrying with it the threat of something ancient and terrible, it is Calgar once again who stands in defence of his realm, prepared to meet whatever horrors are aboard and discover the mystery at the heart of the ship dubbed Fury.



Daedalus $17.50 (Audiobook)

Waging a bitter war of vengeance against Hive Fleet Kraken across Ultima Segmentum, the Scythes of the Emperor must continue to look to the future if the Chapter is to survive. In a distant system of the Sotharan League, a lone Apothecary has become stranded before a fresh tyranid invasion – and the stock of Space Marine gene-seed he bears is too great a treasure to abandon to the xenos. Striking from the air, Assault Squad Cassander must push deep into enemy-held territory if they are to mount a recovery mission, facing all the winged spawned horrors of the hive ship Daedalus.

Written by L J Goulding

Running time approx. 63 minutes. Perfomed by John Banks, Antonia Beamish, Robin Bowerman, Cliff Chapman, Steve Conlin, Toby Longworth & Luis Soto

~Who’s picking up what?

  • Shawn

    “GW pulled out the stocks and cranked out a standalone rulebook for Shadow Wars Armageddon – WITH all the extra factions included. Nice work for 3 weeks!”

    Never mind that they probably had this all planned from the begging. Gee we didn’t know that everyone like Necromunda, so we didn’t know it would be popular. BS with a capital “B and S.” And why not just make more boxed sets to meet demand? “Oh yeah,” GW says, “gamers are stupid and buy whatever we ship them and it would cut into our profits for selling both the rules and terrain separately when we could have met the demand of our customers and made them all happy.”

    • Hazamelistan

      But but… GW told them (and the rest of the world) that they did so. And added some feedback. And did the Layout! And translated it! And printed it! And all within just three weeks. 😉

      • ananoke

        This preorder is going to be a bit of an oddball. They haven’t printed it yet. It will be available for pre-order for several weeks before anything is ready to ship. The layout was already done, you can download those extra factions on the shadow war page on the store which are in the same format they will likely appear in the finished book.

    • MarcoT

      Isn’t this actually cheaper for many gamers? Not everyone needs the terrain. Forcing you to buy €100 of terrain for a rulebook could be considered evil too.

      • Hazamelistan

        Anouncing a serperate rulebook in advance would have been fairer. Or (like old Necromunda) providing it for free. Most of the guys I know bought the box because of the terrain and less because of the rules.

        • bobrunnicles

          But the Necromunda rulebook WASN’T free, at least not when it first came out. It was only when Specialist Games were sidelined that they put the pdfs up for free. I know my original hardcopies of the rules sure weren’t free!

        • Zethnar

          I bought the boxed set for the rules. I’ve never been a fan of GW’s terrain, always thought it was just too over the top with the skulls and the unnecessary detail.

          If they had announced this book before I bought the box I’d definitely have just bought the book instead.

      • dave long island

        It’s cheaper for me, because I’m not buying any of this !@#%! These antics and the games GW plays (pardon the pun) made the decision a lot easier.

        • DJ860

          Lol “antics”.

          They’re hardly mass murderers.

    • BaronVonYoloing

      You are aware that they print the book on site? In Nottingham right?

      It is very much possible they underestimated demand. Brought the old template up, added the new armies to it then hit print several thousand times to make new stock. Take off the tinfoil hat there is no conspiracy here.

      Alternatively if it bothers you so much find the datasheets for the new armies (easily available by the way. I could find a complete copy bar Sisters and Inquisition at my local GW) and use the old Necromunda rules since there is almost a literal 90% overlap in rules set.

      • Chet Atkinson

        I think the books are printed in China – has it written on the back.

      • Grimgor

        they dont print in rhe uk

    • Nuno Castilho

      They said it wouldn’t come out on the week after that, just that the 22nd was the day preorders started for the book, and that they would run for MORE than 7 days for this one. It’s right there in the announcement @warhammer community… BOLS, your reading comprehension sucks…

  • Punkindrublic

    Saving the Ironclad (Ironcloud?) for last, I see.

    • bobrunnicles

      And the ‘jetpack/baby zeppelin’ dudes. Can’t think of their name but you know the ones I mean 🙂

      • Kefka

        Dammit, I love those most. I want some rivet-gunning balloon dorfs YESTERDAY

  • tau fan

    what so we are looking at £30-35 for the Grundstock Gunhauler and £25 Grundstock Thunderers happy with the gunhauler for that price but for the thunderers thay better come with 2 of each weapon to be equil to the bad fireslayer kit for the same amount (as that kit comes with 10 weapons 5 of each)

    • Grimgor

      10 guns – 5 basic rifle & 5 special weapons (1 sweeper, 1 mortar etc)

  • AwesomePizza

    Wait so I bought the box set and I don’t get the complete book? Seriously?

    • Sleeplessknight

      GW’s mouth is ALL OVER that dip. Because they took a bite out of that chip after the first time they dipped and put it back in for a second helping.

    • Massawyrm

      While I’m not thrilled about it, either, everything else is free online. So it’s not like we’re being charged twice unless we want to be completists about it. And then, you can just sell your copy on ebay for more than the purchase price of the new one and make everyone happy.

    • __

      Unless you play Cadians, Blood Angels, or Orks, you don’t have the “complete book” anyway.

    • DJ860

      Download the extras. Would you prefer they never added anything based on feedback?

      “Oh sorry community, we can’t add rules for your choice of models because Jimmy Bloggs bought the rulebook first”

  • Rainthezangoose
    • dave long island

      I don’t get it.

      • There are Pounds (and Euros) in the picture, but the prices are listed in Dollars. This is brought up every week. Presumably because there are no UK based GW rumor sites.

        • Chet Atkinson

          Nah it’s cos they’ve only got that one shutterstock pic they have to re-use

  • frankelee


    $75 – Galvanic Magnavent
    $50 – Alchemite Stack
    $50 – Ferratonic Furnace
    $40 – Rulebook
    $25 – Space Marine Scout with Sniper Rifles
    $25 – Space Marine Scouts
    $29 – Ork Boyz
    $294 = You’re an endless money pit to them.

    They don’t even play these games, they just bought them decades ago from guys who did. And they think you’re dorks and suckers.

    • Thatroubleshootah


  • $40 for 20 year old rules? Nope. The Kharadron
    guys are cool, but I’ll wait for a Start Colleting box. Honestly, even then I’d have to think about whether I want to get involved with a GW game again.

    • DJ860

      Certainly got yourself involved in a GW comments section though haven’t you.

      • Why wouldn’t I? I have a bunch of Guard sitting on my shelf that I might want to use someday, if 8th (or maybe 9th) makes 40k into a game I enjoy. I came here to find out how much that Shadow War book was going to cost (which is about twice what I’d pay) so I could start using some of those Guard models sitting on the shelf. I like a lot of the Sigmar models. I’m still really on the fence about that game, I’m not a big fan of the company itself though. GW pretty much exemplifies the negatives associated with modern corporate groupthink. They are getting better over the last year. That gives me a little hope. If you really like GW, quit trying to chase people away from their games. Because the biggest reason that I am hesitant to start AoS isn’t that GW is run the way most corporations are run nowadays. It’s because there are too many people in the AoS/40k community that get defensive and rude because of a perceived slight to a

        • luke snell

          Sadly I think it’s the larger on-line community that is clouding the waters.
          In person I have never been around a friendlier, more embracing group of people than the present AoS community.
          Just ask anyone who has attended any of the major events that have taken place; given the fallout of the community from the end times it seems there is a concerted effort to be a positive community that is reaching outwards as opposed to being insular and self-serving. Let’s face it, the BoLS comment section is not a healthy place to be for anyone 

          • That’s the catch. I have to go find the local community to remove the sour taste I get online, but that online negativity really makes me wary of approaching that community. When it comes down to making hard choices between a number of cool games because of limited time and money, the negativity surrounding GW is a factor.

    • EnTyme

      How do you figure the rules are 20 years old on an army that was just released? Or are you referring to the Shadow Wars book?

      • The Shadow Wars book is what I refering to and it’s about twice what I’d be willing to pay for it. The Kharadron models are awesome, but I know that GW will roll out a better deal later so I’m not really tempted by those (the prices are reasonable by GW standards).

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      Implying they will get a Start Collecting! someday.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    My butt they sent a document to the printer, had them print thousands of copies and have them shipped world wide in 3 weeks. This book was totally planned before stores sent in their pre-orders 3 weeks before the box set was released.

    • Uuuuummmmmmm……yeah. It’s called supply and demand. They upped their demand by releasing the limited box set. It was an unpopular move for many people that wanted the book and terrain at 1/2 price. The box was a loss leader and it served its purpose. Do I wish I could have gotten the box set? Sure! Am I angry that GW didn’t make enough? No I’m disappointed. Am I (and MANY others I’m sure) going to buy this book at least in a digital format? Oh H*ll yeah!!!

    • Parthis

      I hate to be that guy, but, what? They already have the files, the rules written, a route to print, a delivery network and stores.

      It really doesn’t take much to realise a product or respond to demand.