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Paul sits down with a couple of guys from the GW Design Studio at Adepticon.  We talk Shadespire, and the future of 40k!

We don’t know what is coming down the pipe for 40k rules at the moment.  It is fun trying to read between the lines of every scrap of info we get!

Hey hey,

This is part of our ongoing coverage from Adpeticon 2017.  Paul gets to chat with Eddie Eccles from the GW community team, Jes Bickham and Robbin Cruddace from the GW rules design team.

Obviously, there is only so much they can reveal in this chat but they covered some pretty interesting things during their studio preview and we get to expound on them a little more here.  For me, this really gets the wheels turning again.  I love planning for the unexpected and dreaming of new things I want to buy and new ways to use my existing figs.

You can tell these guys are excited about the new things coming down the pipe and it was an absolute joy speaking with them.  I try to ask the hard questions – like about Squats and game balance but this ends up being a great chat about the current state of things and the wonderful things to come.

Mr. Bickham helped jump-start the new White Dwarf magazine and I just had to shake his hand. This magazine is better than it ever has been, if you aren’t already a regular subscriber please check it out.

These guys got to see all that Adepticon had to offer and played in several of the events over the weekend.  I have no doubt that they will take some of this culture with them across the Atlanta.

It was a true pleasure speaking with these guys.

What do you guys think about bringing back movement values and armor save modifiers?


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FTN mostly focuses on Warhammer 40k, but again you will see in the first few episodes we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record and I hope they help pass the time for you.

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Andrew Whittaker

  • Shawn

    All the way across the Atlanta? I don’t think they’ll get very far then, yeah? Otherwise, a great article.

  • Painjunky

    Did they explain why they still can’t work out how to use points?
    Or write rules that don’t immediately need FAQs?
    Or if they own a dictionary and can look up the word BALANCE?

    • Coltcabunny

      It’s in the same place where BOLS cannot tell the difference between an article and a podcast…

      • bobrunnicles

        Indeed. How about a transcript of the interview for those of us that can’t or won’t listen to podcasts?

        • Even some bullet points would be nice.

    • lorieth

      To be fair, points values are extremely difficult to get right.

      I don’t think most people appreciate how they should scale with unit effectiveness (i.e. as the square-root) and the complications of mixed weapons/stats, ablative wounds, mobility, charging vs charged etc. Not to mention the various rules which are disproportionately effective against certain factions.

      I’m not saying they can’t do better, but I think (a) people should appreciate the task for what it is; and (b) GW should have interim re-costings to tweak the balance (but not often).

  • As 40k seems to be heading more and more back to the 2nd ed rules I wonder what Rick Priestly & Andy Chambers think about it; after all they were rushed to overhaul the game for larger battles (3rd ed) rather than refine the 2nd ed rules as was originally intended.

  • Valegorn

    I really hope they don’t get rid of the Strength and Toughness values for guns and models. My biggest problem with AoS is the way you wound models, it doesn’t make any sense at all, regardless of how simple (which I think is a bad thing) and stremelined it is.