Geekery: May The 4th Be With You

Happy May the Fourth! It’s Star Wars Day!

Today is the day that Fans everywhere are celebrating the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars. And who can blame them? We have a lot to thank Star Wars for and lot more to celebrate. Here are a few ways to get the party started:

Watch the Movies

Want to do a Star Wars movie marathon today, but don’t have the time? It’s time for Star Wars… Wars!

Part of celebrating May the 4th is watching your favorite Star Wars movies. This year get more in by watching all of the prequels and the OT at once thanks to Maurcs Rosenstrader

Star Wars Wars started with a simple desire to hear how all the opening title themes sounded being played simultaneously. Obviously that ballooned into wanting to hear it with sound effects, and then wanting to see all the images at the same time. I found an effect (a “blending mode” called “lighter color”, “lighten”, or “max” depending on your software) that takes the given layers of video and only displays the layer with brightest pixel. This is why Hoth blows everything away, why lightsabers, explosions, and blasters always show up, etc. I played around with contrast of each film to get it blended to my preference, and mixed the audio so they all had equal share in the soundtrack.

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away…

He also offers a grid view and a simultaneous version of just The Original Trilogy on the Star Wars Wars website.

Play Some Games

The list is long. So here at BoLS we chopped the list down to our top 5 games that feature Star Wars:

Star Wars: X-Wing is probably the most popular and therefore probably the easiest to convince your friends to play with/against you.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault – this one is next because its something you can play with the whole family at once – or your gaming group!

Star Wars: RPG – Speaking of Gaming Groups, why not run a one-shot Star Wars game to celebrate. FFG has just the thing, too.

Star Wars: Armada – Let’s get back to the Tabletop with this one. Nothing is as iconic in Star Wars as all the Space Battles. I mean, it’s called Star WARS, right?

Star Wars: Destiny – This one makes the cut because 1) it’s super easy to pick-up and play and 2) FFG just released the Spirit of Rebellion expansion packs TODAY.

Read A Book

This one is kind of a big deal. If you’re looking to get caught-up on the events around the Star Wars universe I would highly recommend you pick this one up. Fans everywhere have been wondering what has happened to Thrawn in a post-EU/Disney Galaxy far, far away. One way to find out…

Without Star Wars we would not have the same type of awesome geeky culture that we have today. Plus, we probably would have never had the most Radical Inquisitor in 40k ever imaginable:

And don’t forget tomorrow is Revenge of the Fifth. What are your big plans for Star Wars Day?

Share your favorite memories about the movies in the comments!

  • Bakvrad

    Enjoy the day everyone!
    We are rightnow looking movie 7 of 7! Awesome day ^^

    • petrow84

      We’re now celebrating the Revenge of the 5th!