40K Lore: Trazyn the Infinite

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Trazyn the Infinite is an enigmatic figure who has reemerged onto the Galactic Scene.

Today Loremasters, we delve into the secret lore of the mysterious figure known as Trazyn the Infinite. He has been a thorn in the side of the Imperium, capturing the legendary Inquisitor Greyfax only to “release” her when things seemed dire. He opposed the Imperium then aided them when Chaos threatened Cadia…whatever this Necron Overlord’s true agenda is remains a mystery. Though no doubt his plans are as many and varied as his collection.

Let us then see what we can glean from what little lore there is on Trazyn the Infinite.

Trazyn the Infinite is an ancient Necron Overlord noted amongst his kind as a keeper of history and a preserver of artifacts and events on the Tomb World of Solemnace.

He is known to hold technologies and relics that are so rare as to be priceless. His collection includes the fabled Wraithbone choir of Altansar, the preserved head of Sebastian Thor, the ossified husk of an Enslaver, and a giant man wearing baroque Power Armour. Trazyn’s nature means that he is loathe to explore the galaxy himself but his desire to gather exquisite artifacts to both see and cataologue forces him to go out amongst the stars, when there is an opportunity he cannot afford to miss. Furthermore, he is known to often send substitutes of himself to do his work for him and many have become annoyed to discover that the Necron they had slain who they believed to had been Trazyn was in fact a Lychguard or a Necron Lord. On such occasions, the real Trazyn works to break through his enemy’s opposition in order to get his hands on his latest prize to add to his collection.

Sample artifact in Trazyn’s collection.

Trazyn has tried twice to obtain the Spear of Vulkan from Salamanders Forgefather Vulkan He’stan. However he was defeated in personal combat by He’stan, and later foiled once again in the Tochran Crusade.

During the Thirteenth Black Crusade Trazyn’s collection on Solemnace was thrown into upheaval. This provoked the Necron lord into investigating the cause via the Celestial Orrery, where he discovered that Pylons were holding back the tide of the Warp on Cadia. Not wishing to see Chaos spread throughout the Galaxy and perhaps searching for new items of his collection, Trazyn ventured to Cadia and aided the Imperial defenders there. On Cadia Trazyn worked with Belisarius Cawl in activating Cadia’s Pylons but ultimately could not prevent the destruction of the planet. As Cadia died, Trazyn took part in the final battle against Abaddon and unleashed much of his collection against the Black Legion, but seeing that Cadia was doomed he promptly teleported away.

The Collector

As a keeper and preserver of artifacts, Trazyn maintains a collection of rarities from throughout the galaxy. Some of the artifacts in his collection include:

Regiments of the Vostroyan Firstborn, which is made up entirely of the eldest son of every family on Vostroya. Without exception. Even to the Techtriarchs and the most noble families firstborn sons join the Regiments. For most Vostroyans, it is an honour to join the Firstborn, as great importance is attached to the payment of the debt owed to the Emperor millennia ago–when they refused to provide forces to the Emperor during the Horus Heresy.

Brother Cassiel of the Blood Angels, seconded to the Deathwatch. Note that Cassiel was a giant Space Marine and wore the baroque power armor of the Deathwatch and his face was frozen in a moment of fear. However it is hinted that he is far from the only Space Marine in the collection.

A temporal device containing the Tyranid invasion of Vuros, which he himself sparked. However Trazyn is forced to abandon the exhibit after several full-scale battles result from Tyranid breakouts.

Ossified husk of an Enslaver, an ancient race of warp-preadtors spawned during the War in Heaven. These predators dominated the minds of the Young Races and used the transmutated bodies of Psykers as portals to bring more of their kin to the material universe, until eventually they swarmed over the galaxy–only to die out, ultimately.

The World Spirit shrine of Carnac, proving that not even the Exodite Eldar were safe from the watchful eye of Trazyn.

With so many rare treasures at his disposal, it remains unknown what the ultimate aim is for his collection. Perhaps he sees himself as a steward of life in the galaxy, and is content to watch the millennia drift by, marking their passage with a mememento of the interesting moments. Or perhaps he is gathering them for some as yet unachieved endgame–time alone can tell, and it is currently on the side of the Overlord known as the Infinite.

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There are rumors though, of another Necron rising to contest him. Hazyn, the Infinite +1.

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    In the grim darkness of the far future…. It belongs in a museum!

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    His model is seriously missing a massive metal moustache!

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    Biggest troll in the 40K universe and I love it!

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    I just wished they made him worth it to take in 8th… sigh.
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    It is telling that you would never want to trade out a 86 point Cryptek for a 139 point HQ that something is off.

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