Age of Sigmar: Watch the Narrative go through Coalescence

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Coalescence is a big Narrative Event coming next weekend for Age of Sigmar.

Next Saturday (June 10th) Age of Sigmar Players around the globe are invited to take part in Coalescence, a Narrative event for the Age of Sigmar. Coalescence centers around the Godbeast Eristrat, imprisoned long ago beneath an ancient Citadel, and the race to gain control of the beast for the Grand Alliance of your choice. Order, Destruction, Chaos, and Death all have a stake in the event.

The great and terrible Godbeast, Eristrat, a beast without its own will, an empty vessel filled by the will of its master. Too horrible for any single allegiance to wield, and so it was imprisoned long ago beneath the formidable Citadel of Carcerűn

But all prisons need a lock. Upon the highest crest of the tallest tower, was set the Diaphanous Fastness, a radiant crystal, its colors shifting dissonantly. Mighty deeds, performed by the Realms’ greatest heroes hold the power to resonate with the crystal. If truly worthy they might even bind the Godbeast to the champion’s allegiance and Eristrat would be freed to serve them, whatever their goals.

Each of the battles centers around finding a Keystone Shard which resonates with the Crystal used to imprison Eristrat. And claiming the Keystone Shard (coincidentally enough, there’s one for each local event that happens) advances the cause of your Grand Alliance.

Shards and a Crystal you say… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Order: The lessons of the Realmgate Wars were well learned. The forces of Order seek to return the beast to its slumber, where its life force may nourish the realms, and deny its power to the forces of fouler powers

Destruction: Awake the beast and unleash a rampage across the eight Realms greater than any can recall. The spirit of Gorkamorka would revel in the destruction wrought on the lands of the so called more civilized people, his laughter shaking the heavens.

Chaos: A beast of this magnitude sleeps wrapped around the very roots of the realms. To corrupt its soul is to corrupt the Mortal Realms themselves, and lend Archaon a much needed tool against the God-King

Death: All lives are owed to Nagash, for Nagash is all and all is Nagash. The death of such a powerful beast would flood Shyish with power unmatched, bolstering the Undying King and lending further strength to his restless armies. Unleash the beast’s soul from the chains of life for the Lord of Undeath and claim your rightful place amongst the vaunted Deathlords.

There’s more–you can find a brief writeup about the event over on the Warhammer Community page. And you can download the even package at the end of this article. This is a great way to be a part of the Age of Sigmar Community–especially as the event is being designed for first-time event coordinators to get their feet wet in the larger world.

via Warhammer Community

Coalescence a huge Warhammer Age of Sigmar narrative project, the brainchild of the NEOs (Narrative Event Organisers). This isn’t an official Games Workshop event, but we thought it was so cool, that we’d tell you all about it in case you wanted to join in.

Next Saturday, all across the world, there are narrative Warhammer Age of Sigmar games happening. Narrative games are a lot of fun, where you get to feel like part of the story of the Mortal Realms, all the more so when your events are part of a wider narrative, like Coalescence.

The best way to find out what’s going on near you is on the Coalescence Facebook page.

Or, if you fancy running an event yourself, you can register your interest in running one with the Coalescence team here.

So what are you waiting for? Take part in the battle for dominance in the Mortal Realms.

Download the Player Package for Coalescence.

Okay but if everything is Nagash, does that mean this article is Nagash? — DOES THAT MEAN THIS VIDEO IS NAGASH?!?!


  • Gunther Clone C

    I just want Skaven to be their own faction and make the beast into an “Uber-Hellpit Abomination.”

  • euansmith

    “I’m Nagash. I’m utterly, completely, stone-cold Nagash. I was Nagash before I even met you, I just needed to meet you properly to know. I’m Nagash.”

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      So you are on a roll today 😀 poor Nagash!

  • euansmith

    With it being event based rather than game based, maybe someone other than Order will win this time.

    However, with the stakes set ridiculously high, I can’t see GW wanting anyone other than Order to win.

    If only they made the event about the fate of a city, or part of a realm, or some special characters; rather than “Ermahgawd, the Myrtle Realms gonna so ‘splode!”

    • Hagwert

      I think they can get away it because the style of fluff is much more high fantasy than WHFB ever was and as such if something happens to wipe out an area or a race or a city it’s much easier to balance it out later as this style of fluff has plenty of wriggle room . Plus, Wrath Of The God Beast sounds like a great heavy metal album, I can almost imagine the big hair and testicle crushing denim !

      • euansmith

        You say that like it is a bad thing 😀

      • euansmith

        I guess that they actually got a bunch of “Legacy” Factions they can throw under the bus if something needs destroying to pep up the story line.

        “The Sylvaneth were saddened by the passing of their Wood Aeioulf kin, devoured by the rampaging God Beast.”

        • Apparently Hammerhal is the size of a continent and it’s barely a blip on Ghyran, so my god how big are the realms?

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          those underbus dwelling factions are likely to be my woody welfs , freeguildys, and my goblin cavalry.

  • Golden Yak

    I’m hoping Destruction wins, I just don’t see them being able to compete on the level of the other factions lorewise. Having a godbeast under their control would go some way to making them level up.

  • LiveWaaaagh

    People are still playing AOS?

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      ish…its more of a “filler” kind of game while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive.

      • UnpluggedBeta

        That actually makes a lot of sense to me.