‘Big Trouble in Little China: The Game’ Preview

Pre-order for the limited edition is available now – so get your check in the mail!

You’ll get the full cinematic experience in this game! Players take on the role of their favorite character – including Jack, Gracie, Egg, and more. Each character has unique abilities that can help them, and the gang, during multiple missions throughout Little China. All while gaining chi and audacity to get ready for the Final Showdown with Lo Pan. Team up and take on the Three Storms and other henchmen.

So get the gang together and get ready to save the girl with green eyes!



Big Trouble in Little China: The Game$99.95

Core game includes:

  • Double-sided game board
  • Questbook with 15 fully narrated detailed story quests
  • 40 Highly detailed miniatures
  • 38 Custom molded dice
  • 6 Hero character boards
  • 168 Cards
  • 5 Boss boards
  • Fate Track
  • Dozens of tokens and  plastic pegs

Deluxe Edition includes the core game and:

  • Limited metallic gold box
  • 7 Quests w/ questbook
  • 38 Cards (quests, hell cards, hero upgrades)
  • 10 Custom dice, adding a fifth and sixth player
  • 1 Alternate Lo Pan boss board

It looks like totally fun time and the art is great. Epic Games says it’ll have pre-orders out in November.

Learn more about the game play and place your order here.

  • Nogle

    Ole Jack Burton told me to buy this damn game

  • Dennis Finan Jr

    Hahaha, thats great, you can be eddie li

  • marxlives

    Movie is a classic me and my son watch it from time to time.