Age of Sigmar: New Battalion Warscrolls

The three Warscrolls for Beastclaw Raiders, Fyreslayers and Daemons of Slaanesh have been sighted!

This week’s new Start Collecitng boxes have battalions in them and here they are – hot off the presses.


They are seductively swift. You wont know you’re in danger until much too late.

That’s one’s got some gold – GO GET EM!

You know what Beastclaw Raiders love more than snow – BONUS CHARGES!


~A couple of these are super good deals!

  • majbjörn


    • Spacefrisian

      Spam the ham?

    • stinkoman

      That’s next weeks “Start Collecting (Matched Play)” box. Complete with special detachment rules for matched play.

  • Huntard

    I am meh on the Fyreslayers warscroll but am all about that start collecting box. The absurd cost of building a Fyreslayers army ($60 for infantry kit, $85 for magmadroth kit) is what kept me away from crazed dwarf goodness. Getting both of their core kits for 85 though is a steal. It’s the box that is solidly getting me back into messing around with AoS.

  • GrenAcid

    Those demmonets are ugly as always but I rly dig that chariot, can we asume we will see 40k rules for it?

    • Malisteen

      40k rules for the seeker chariots (regular, flayer, and exalted) are in the Chaos Index.