Geekery: A Bunch of New Fox Marvel Movies Are Coming

Fox has announced 7 new release dates for mystery movies. What so you think they are?

Three have been confirmed, the rest we have dates for and can only speculate on what they are.

  • April 13th 2018 – New Mutants
  • June 1st 2018 – Deadpool 2
  •  November 2nd 2018 – X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  • February 14th 2019
  • June 7th 2019
  • November 22nd 2019
  • March 13th 2020
  • June 26th 2020
  • October 2nd 2020
  • March 5th 2021

The studio talked up another Fantastic 4 movie and a project focused on Gambit at SDCC last year, so those are on the table. Also expecting one of those dates is for Deadpool 3, and another is the follow up to Dark Phoenix. That leaves three total unknowns. Maybe a follow up of Logan, and a second New Mutants on that second Friday the 13th date in 2020?

Any ideas? Anything you want to see that we haven’t from the X-Men franchise?

  • Drpx

    Another Fantastic 4? Really?

    • That’s supposedly more “family friendly” whatever that means to Fox execs.

      • af

        Well done Fox. Because what failed with all the other Fantastic 4 movies was that they weren’t family friendly.

    • euansmith

      Eventually they are bound to get it right 😀 Personally I’d like a bunch of cheap and cheerful “The Thing: 2 in 1” style team up movies. Alternatively, they could make a movie that doesn’t include some version of Dr Doom. How about FF vs Namor or FF vs Moleman (if they could sign up Eddie Marsan, that could be great).

      • Sparowl

        From what I understand, the rights to Namor are owned by multiple parties, and involve non-euclidean entities in order to adjudicate putting him on the screen.

      • Me

        I think Doom would be fine if they did not mess with him. Both of the other depictions were so far off course as to only really have the name in common with the comic character.

        He is a decent ruler of his own country and honestly thinks that the world would be much better off if he ran things. That does not make him a nice guy by any means, but that depiction works much better than a murderous corporate megalomaniac or genocidal psychopath.

    • Sparowl

      The have to make a new FF movie every seven years, or they lose the rights, which revert back to Marvel.

      • I believe there’s a “you must make things with it or lose it” clause with X-Men, as well.

        • KreskinsESP

          And Sony has one with Spider-Man, which they are keeping (Homecoming is still a Sony production) and contracting the movie out to Marvel Studios.

    • GiftoftheMagi

      Yes, they are going for either a PG movie orTV series, highly family-focused and kid-friendly. And it has to be released within 7 years of the last film or they not only use the franchise but EVERYTHING tied to it.

      This…might seem like a decent step but there is one massive problem. Family-friendly films depend a lot upon merchandise and tie-in…and Marvel DELETED the FF from their universe. No merch, no shirts, nothing. And they control all merch items for everything Marvel.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      If they made it a Sci FI movie instead of a super hero movie FF would be amazing. Sadly they insist that the science squad act act like the Avengers. Also villains are what drive a movie IMO, so if you make the protagonist lame… Dr. Doom is one of my all time favorites but he has never come off as smart and powerful. They focus on arrogant, he is very arrogant, but forget the rest.

  • AntoniusPrime

    What do we think they could be?

    A means for Fox to continue to grab tightly to franchises and “be creative” with them!

    • euansmith

      Actually, if the aim is simply to hang on to the property, maybe they could drop the budget (CGI is getting cheaper) and just let a few different directors and writers have their go at the project? Tim Burton’s Fantastic Four? Edgar Wright’s Fantastic4? Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Doom Part IV?

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        That is scary. Kill Doom II was so gory I could barely watch it.

        • KreskinsESP

          Kill Doom III dragged a lot in the middle with all the extended sequences of him looking at feet while listening to semi-obscure Motown songs.

  • uatu13

    Ugh, please no more Fox Marvel movies. They’ve turned out nothing but trash for years now.

    • mafiacheese

      I enjoyed Logan and Deadpool, at the very least. But I get where you’re coming from.

      • uatu13

        Deadpool, X-Men 2, and First Class were about the only ones I thought were decent. These movies would be so much better if Marvel got control of them and folded them back into the MCU.

        • af

          You didn’t like Logan? Best big screen Wolverine in my opinion.

          • uatu13

            I watched about 45 minutes and all I saw was some dystopian mess with Patrick Stewart yelling the entire time. Maybe it gets better, but almost half the movie didn’t go anywhere.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      I hate Deadpool in comics but liked the movie. Otherwise you have a point.

  • Sonic tooth

    I truly despise superhero films. The forced smug “current” humor, the fake threat of the bad guys winning, the CGI set pieces, the corny storylines and the crap attempts at being “gritty”, shoehorned darkness (in a kids film) and awful music … no no no….bah humbug I say. Deadpool is the worst film I’ve ever seen