VERSUS: Repulsor vs Land Raiders

Today let’s compare the new Primaris Repulsor and how it stacks up to the classic marine ride.

The Venerable Land Raider

The Land Raider has been with us for a long time. It goes back to Rogue Trader and had been blowing up tanks and ferrying Marines around tabletops for 30 years. While there are a myriad of variants, at this point two are mainly used – the standard Phobos version and the Crusader.

The Standard Land Raider

It’s very pricy at 19 Power Level and is as tough as it looks. 16 wounds, T8 and a 2+ save makes it everything a Rhino wants to be when it grows up.  It’s a tough target magnet, carries 10 classic marines and gets a lot of high-strength long-range shooting to boot. The new twin weapons rules in 8th increase it to 4 Las-cannon shots a turn and 6 Heavy bolter shots on top.  It’s moving 10″ (while it’s intact) and Power of the Machine Spirit keeps those guns hitting on a 3+ while rolling. It’s a giant breadbox and in 8th may be the best mobile terrain you can get.



Land Raider Crusader

In the past few editions – the Crusader WAS the default Land Raider. It drops to 17 power level making it a cheaper option. It trades in the quad Las-cannon shots for a pair of Hurricane Bolters, and 6 more leather seats for the dudes inside.  It is just as durable and physically large as the standard design. Power of the Machine Spirit keeps the twin Assault Cannons blazing away away. At close range the Crusader kicks out 40 shots, making it extra spicy with any of the Captain/LT/Guilliman combos to make all that firepower connect. The 16 seats are enough to carry something extra nasty like 8 Termys, 5 Centurions, or 10 standard power armor marines and a big set of Characters to back them up.  On balance I still like it more in 8th with all the support elements available to marines.




Here we go, the new guy.  This is your only option for transporting your Primaris marines.  It clocks in at 16 Power Level making it a cheaper option, (just barely) than either of the Land Raiders. You get the nice T8, the same 16 wounds and more importantly a weaker 3+ save. It’s about the same size as the Land Raider for LoS blocking, but it’s up on that flying base, so I’ll leave it to your playgroup to decide if you allow shots underneath it.

The big changes are the Repulsor Field, making enemies subtract 2 from charge rolls – NICE! Auto-launchers are smoke launchers that you can use every turn.  It has Power of the Machine Spirit and EIGHT Weapons.  In a trend shared with the Redeptor Dread, the new Primaris vehicles are just dripping with weapons. You can get 35 shots out of the tank at S:5-4, or trade out some of those for higher S:9-7 options like the Las-talon at the expense of volume of fire.

Did we mention the Repulsor has FLY, making it able to leave assault and fire – a trick the Land Raiders can only dream of. It can carry 10 Primaris (ONLY) models in standard armor or 5 in Gravis armor, so anything outside of the jump pack Inceptors can get a ride. With the issues Primaris marines have with mobile long ranged opponents, the Repulsor is your only mobility choice at this time. I’m liking the combo of 8 Helblasters and a Captain+Lt combo inside to disembark lay down the plasma destruction.

In the Balance

8th is still very early in it’s lifespan but I’m think the Repulsor and Land Raider Crusader can still do good work.  The standard Phobos Land Raider is still hampered by it’s jack of all trades-master of none problem. It can do anything, but you pay through the nose for that utility and will have a hard time getting to use all of its skills in a single game.


~What do you think?

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Got some typos there. Gravis counts double for passengers, so you can take 10 Primaris or 5 Aggressors in a single Repulsor. Or maybe Combat Squad a full 6 Aggressors between 2 then add a G-Captain, an LT, and/or the Buff characters of your choice to each, and go Kaiju on some fool.

  • JayBiga

    What am I missing? The article says the Repulsor drops to 13 wounds, but the stats shown clearly state 16 wounds. What gives?

    • Crevab

      Typos. Believe what you see, not what the writer says

    • Oops my bad – fixed.

      • JayBiga


  • Kefka

    “allow shots underneath it” Okay, seriously? The tank is millimeters above its base. Any player claiming their dudes can look under it deserves to be evicted.

    • Sparowl

      I’d rather blame the idiocy of “true line of sight”.

    • Karru

      If the guy can get a laser through it easily, then I would allow it. In other words, it would never happen.

      • euansmith

        One for the FAQ, “Any player dickish enough to claim his squad can shoot under the Repulsor, is free to do so. However, the Repulsor Field reflects all shots back at the attacking unit.”

        • Brettila

          Except that it flies. It is on a short stand for stability. Shooting under it is an abstraction.

          • True line of sight.

          • USCchemist

            I get the logic, but A serious question. If it can fly, can it end it’s turn on top of models?

    • petrow84

      my God, the Monolith does as well :/

  • badmojo1966

    So the baby bear marines look inside at the giant papa bear seats and figure they cannot ride in it?

  • Antoine Henry

    This model is really ugly, The most important rules would be to know if he has the machine spirit.

  • Munn

    It’s a gun boat you put your intercessors in at the start of the game to reduce drops. Actually using it as a transport is kinda silly for an army that either deepstrikes or has a 30″ range.

    • Karru

      Yeah, I like it how some people say that “Guilmarines have no mobility” while they do have one of the best DS units in the game and possess 30″ range on their basic weapons.

    • SWISSchris

      If you play with plenty of terrain (I know, I know, most people don’t these days and it’s almost just two armies in barren wasteland with buildings in the deployment zones) mobility can be more useful than 30″ range.

      • Karru

        What kind of table do you usually play on? Full on Cities of Death every time?

        My tables are usually the “standard” hills, trees and rock formations with ruined buildings taking up 25% of the table and the rest taking up roughly 60%, leaving 15% of the table “open” so Tanks and other larger vehicles can move freely.

        That was a proper table in earlier editions. Rough terrain so Infantry had harder time moving around, nice LoS blockage going on and all that. Now not so much. As long as you can see a single strand of hair from a Wych, you can shoot the entire unit and unless they are physically in cover, they aren’t getting any save.

        So unless you are playing inside a Hive City each and every game, then that 30″ range is more than enough.

        • ZeeLobby

          Every 8th game is now played in a non-war-torn downtown NYC apparently.

          • Karru

            Yeah. I have a feeling people that say “just use more terrain lol” either haven’t read the rules for terrain/los this edition or have houserules in place.

            As long as you can see any part of the model, you can shoot at the entire unit. On top of that, you don’t get cover unless you physically inside a piece of terrain. The new cover rules are abysmal.

          • Drpx

            Everybody just make four foot walls. Big beautiful walls.

          • Karru

            Are they the best wall? How paid for them?

          • memitchell

            The Necrons will pay for the wall(s). Believe me!

          • kloosterboer

            Bigly walls. Hyuge. And the best ones in history.

        • SWISSchris

          Ha ha almost. I do love the City of Death supplements. 8′ x 4′ with quite a bit of terrain. I also forget sometimes that our house rules have changed what I play a quite a bit from what is in the vanilla rulebook these days so seeing only a single hand and wiping out an entire otherwise hidden unit doesn’t feature for me : )

          I agree 30″ range is is absolutely plenty for what is essentially small arms fire. When I first read the range of the primaris standard armament I was a bit surprised at how long it was, I was concerned it would removed some of the tactics as, unless the enemy are on the other side of the board, if you can see them, they’re in range.

          • Karru

            Yeah, our group has their own set of rules for cover which makes it more useful in many ways, but mostly to hinder Alpha Strike potential greatly.

            It is understandable that some assume that others are not either using terrain at all or in very low quantities but the 40k cover rules are just so bad that many opted to replace them before the book was released. Now it is almost second nature for most people so it really isn’t a surprise that you’d forget how bad the actual rules are.

          • SWISSchris

            Yeah I totally agree. My view of other groups is probably warped a lot by photos from tournaments and online battle reports (in terms of volume of terrain). White Dwarf stopped being a good indicator of how the game actually works many many years ago, which is sad compared to how much I loved it back in the 90s. The battle report in the 8th ed launch issue was simply an advertisement for new players on all the cool models they could buy. Stuffing every inch of the board with everything on the shelves is not a wargame.

            When I see the virtually empty centre of many boards I honestly don’t know how that is fun to play. With 2 gunlines facing off you may as well just roll a single dice to see who wins. It’s not Warhammer Fantasy where the generals would have selected open fields for combat so they can manoeuvre rank and file units for a charge. I imagine in 40k the battles would take place in and around strategic objectives, like modern urban warfare. If you can deploy your forces anywhere, why would either side possibly choose to engage across open ground? I mean, if this was the case, one side would at least be hugely dug in and fortified, but that’s not going to be every game. Not having a rant, just thinking out loud about how I prefer to play my 40k ; )

      • kingcobra668

        “Most people”

        That counting the handful of people you actually play with, or just a made up statement?

        • SWISSchris

          Neither. If you read the other comments here you’ll see I have already said tournaments and battle reports I see online.

  • GravesDisease

    Will anyone ever fire their auto launchers? With the amount of firepower it has, it would seem the opponent has already won if he’s got you forgoing that for an extra +1 save.

    • CloakingDonkey

      An auto launcher would just ruin the look of disgust on your opponent’s face when you tell him you have 5 Fragstorm Launchers coming his way. 😉

      • GravesDisease

        I thought autolaunchers were just smoke launchers which you could keep using, but they still stopped you from firing that turn.

        • CloakingDonkey

          I don’t even know what the auto launcher does tbh. But you can swap it for 2 Fragstorm Launchers… 3 Fragstorm Launchers are just not as cool as 5 Fragstorm Launchers.

  • lunahula .

    Las Talons you say o_o

  • Tshiva keln

    I think you need to leave off all the boxes on the back, all the rockets on the turret, and the gunner and Gatling gun off the turret to make it look ok. And this comes from someone obsessed with assault cannons.

    • CloakingDonkey

      But you need all those missile boxes to represent your 5 Fragstorm Launchers D:

    • SWISSchris

      Somehow model it with TL las cannons on sponsons and hull mounted assault cannon (or whatever that counts as). As you say, leaving off all the boxes would help immensely. I think I’d go as far as leaving off the turret and modelling something cool to cover it up.

      No idea why GW think the marines need to haul boxes of equipment around with them when they are essentially an elite drop army with their thunderhawks and drop pods; deploy quickly, get the job done, and extract? They’re basically special forces. Now Imperial guard are a different matter.

      The coax gun seems a bit superfluous and archaic with all the targeting tech in 40k. Add a pair of automated storm bolters for anti-personnel / vehicle defence if needed? Rather have it look cool than WYSIWYG. Tournament games / people with unreasonable opponents may not be able to go down this route though.

      • AircoolUK

        I think they just included the coax to give it a more modern look, or maybe just to give the gunner something to play with whilst the Machine Spirit does the heavy lifting.

        If they’d put tracks or wheels onto the chassis, they could have made a decent looking Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

        I’ll buy one, but I’ll be looking for a way to remove those repulsor things so I can tidy up the bottom of it.

        As with any GW vehicle, magnets are the way to go (for the weapons, not as a locomotive device).

        • SWISSchris

          I am slowly coming round to the repulsor skids. Almost ties in with the landspeeder.

    • AircoolUK

      I’d have pintle mounted gatling cannon on the doors in classic helicopter gunship style.

      I’d also change its shape to resemble a classic yet futuristic helicopter gunship style.

      Basically, I think I want a helicopter gunship style transport for that classic Air Cavalry, Vietnam style vibe.

      Which means I probably want new Catachans as well.

      • euansmith

        “How can you shoot women and children?”

        “It is easy; you just don’t lead them as much.”

        • threeorangewhips

          I can’t upvote warcrimes, but this is a classic line from a classic movie. /respect /quiet judgement

          • euansmith

            I commend your restraint. I think that the dialogue perfectly encapsulates the dehumanising effects of combat. It is pithy and yet manages to highlight and contrast two disparate world views.

      • Luca Lacchini

        Air Cavalry Catachans rule. They do even better when you give them veterans a shoulder pad like this:

        OK, last post about the Primaris grav-tank, at least for a while. I think it would look a lot better changing the turret with the one from the Stormraven kit – yet it would still be ugly as sin.

        • euansmith

          Those Puppetswar bits are very nice.

  • AircoolUK

    This is really more comparable to a Razorback in the way it functions. It will likely be the standard chassis for Primaris variants.

    The Land Raider is still king when it comes to transporting elite troops. I prefer the Redeemer and close combat troops myself.

    • NNextremNN

      The ability to transport limits and the possibility to transport units with Gravis armor, the weapons, toughness and wounds make it far closer to the land raider than a razorback.

  • orionburn

    Wait, wait, wait…you’re telling me the fixed mount heavy stubber that is mounted horizontally and has no vertical travel is an anti aircraft gun??? 0_o

    • NNextremNN

      There are no firing arcs in 8th so anything is an anti aircraft gun.

  • Alvin Adorno

    what are the pts for the repulser tank? A stock LR is 356pts

  • david

    The big question is, has the Repulsor have interior detail like its Land Raider cousin?

    • NNextremNN

      I doubt they will make new kits inferior to old ones so I’m pretty sure it has interior details.

  • gordonshumway

    If anyone every drops one of those during deployment I guess I’ll be…waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Eh? Eh?

    Seriously though, if you want an autowin against me bring a few of these as I will be laughing so hard I’ll be unable to play and have to throw you a concession.

    • No problem, they’ll always be fielded in pairs very soon. Or quadruples.

  • Tushan

    No mention of the still useless redeemer?

    • G Ullrich

      The 18th Legion does not share your opinion of the Redeemer…

      • Tushan

        My own 18th cant find a use for the piece of junk.
        Compare sponson cost to a crusader and weep.

  • They block LOS in that you cant see the enemy models through them. TLOS still factors in the positioning of your models

  • MechBattler

    Why not just call it the “Imma F*ck Yo Sh1t Up Weapons Array”?

  • Donald Wendt

    Has anybody seen a side by side Repulsor and Land Raider in the wild? I’d really like to see a picture comparing the size of them.

  • helter266

    Oh wait, and Repulsor has a “dedicated transport” battlefield role… so, yeah, there’s that…

  • kingcobra668

    “It’s about the same size as the Land Raider for LoS blocking, but it’s up on that flying base, so I’ll leave it to your playgroup to decide if you allow shots underneath it.”

    It’s like… a mm off the ground. Shelly, COME ON!

  • Alex Baur

    It bothers me that this tank has Potms. Vehicles that have it in 40k are because they are extremely old, sometimes thousands of years and the vehicles machine spirit is powerful enough to assist in combat. A brand new tank that cawl just built yesterday isn’t going to have that

  • Jooster

    Land raider wins because it doesn’t look freaking dumb. We don’t need 5-6 different weapons on one turret, unless we’re playing orks.