40K RETRO: Grandfather Nurgle Needs a New Chair

Today we look pack at the Palanquins of Nurgle from years past and talk about why we REALLY need a new one.

If you’re a devotee of Nurgle you know walking is for suckers.  Yes even Great Unclean Ones waddle about in the muck, but for the movers and shakers of decay there is only one way to get around the Gardens of Nurgle – on a Palanquin.

Why walk when you can be carried on an enormous rotting chair, atop a mountain of complaining yet innumerable Nurglings.  If you listen closely sounds like the ocean…

That my friend is STYLE!

Yet for decades GW has left his most devoted champions of Nurgle only a few rotting crumbs to cobble together a sweet ride.

WAAAAAAAAaaaaay back in 1991, we got the original Palanquin of Nurgle, fresh from the seminal Realms of Chaos pair of books.

Note that back in the Realm of Chaos days there was a blurred line between Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000.  The palanquin was a small compact model, and came with a variety of four champions to sit atop. Look at that craziness up there, with everything from a fantasy champion, to a 40K chaos renegade, and what looks like a plaguebearer with a plasma pistol AND a meltagun. For many a year every Nurgle hobbyist tried to shoehorn various more recent champions into that teensy little chair – but it was an uphill struggle.

16 year later Epidemius arrived with GW’s 2nd Palanquin in 2007.

He was bigger fatter, and his palanquin had a full mound of Nurglings in all directions, as opposed to the two neat rows from the previous model. but it was still a chunky metal model not not easily converted. It also had a LOT of gaps and you needed plenty of greenstuff or epoxy to do it up right.

The Modern Era

Khorne gets cool stuff to ride

Slaanesh gets cool stuff to ride


Tzeentch gets cool stuff to ride


The Nurgling just want something cool to carry. They are sad. Mischievous but still sad.


In recent years we’ve seen GW go all plastic. The other chaos powers have received everything from Khorne Skull Cannon, and the Slaanesh combine of pleasurable doom…

Yet still, Nurgle waddles on with an ancient metal kit that you have to heavily convert. Hobbyists have been cobbling together counts-as Palanquins using Corpse Carts, Chaos Warshrines and the new plastic Nurglings – but it’s not the same.

With Codex Death Guard just around the corner, we hare at BoLS are lighting a candle for a plastic modern Palanquin to show up one of these months.

~ I want to believe. 


  • Bakvrad

    Nurglings are Never sad. At least I was told so ^^
    Who knows. Nurgle releases aren’t far away. But I would compare the palanquin with the options to ride, than the chariot options. The old chariot had the old slug-like beasts of nurgle in front.

  • Jeremy Larson

    It’s not just models. The rules for the palanquin have always been lack-luster compared to the others.

    • Muninwing

      yeah, it was epidemius that had the broken-crazy rules in 7th fantasy, not the palanquin itself

  • Fergie0044

    I took the saddle from the maggoth lord kit, trimmed the edges a bit and then stuck a bunch of nurglings underneath. Not particularly elegant but does the job nicely.

  • Brad Parks

    It seems more likely they would be released with the Daemon codex than the Death Guard codex. We basically know Mortarion is coming with the Death Guard codex and they aren’t going to want to release anything else “new” to detract from him and the stand alone Plague marines that are surely coming. My guess after Death Guard will be Space Wolves or Dark Angels, then Thousand Sons, then the other SW/DA, then Daemons. So probably a couple months at a minimum.

    • bobrunnicles

      Yeah they released Magnus and new Thousand Sons models, then a while later released a new Lord of Change and the Tzeentch Arcanites. It’s coming, but it might be a few more months yet.

  • did they seriously just say that Khorne monstrosity was cool!?

    • Tshiva keln

      Well, it does deserve to be out in the cold.

    • Muninwing

      it’s… interesting?

      it’s great for conversions…

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Looks like AoS is also getting some Nurgle love along side
    40K. Could we be getting a duel 40k/AoS release month?:


    Guess we’re getting a Nurgle battle tomb ala Blades of Khorne, a Nurgle themed campaign ala Realm Gate Wars; both seems like, as GW mentioned a AoS campaign running this year.

    • Vayral

      Giant Nurgle snail chair!

  • Vayral

    The Nurgle symbol is a fidget spinner…

    • I_am_Alpharius

      or is a fidget spinner a Nurgle symbol….dundunduuuun!

      • Vayral

        we’re all children on Nurlge now….