GW: Rumor Engine – “Bump Set Spike”

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The latest Rumor Engine from GW is sure to see cause a spike in curiosity.

via Warhammer Community

Okay, this is obviously some kind of spike, right? But, because it’s GW, this could be LITERALLY ANYTHING.

I can’t think of a single faction in a single game that GW has ever produced that doesn’t at least have some kind of spike on them, somewhere. Spikes and skulls are kind of GW’s signature move. It looks like it’s part of some kind of armo(u)r–either a shoulderpad or a knee pad. It looks more Chaos-y than Dark Eldar-y. But that’s assuming it’s some kind of 40K thing.

It could be one of the spikier Age of Sigmar Factions–heck that could be an armored plate/bony spike on the back of some new Lizardman Seraphon model. This one is less likely, but they are making a big splash in the latest Warhammer Total War game.

So I leave it to you Internet Detectives, what is this Spike?

  • Necrontyr

    Looks blood bowlish. Maybe a saurus or kroxigor shoulder pad?

    • Gunther Clone C

      My thoughts as well. For a shoulder/knee pad with a spike on it, it looks too…clean? for AoS/40k.

    • orionburn

      My first thought as well is that it’s for Blood Bowl. Would love to see a plastic Lizardmen army hit. I wasn’t that fond of the metal guys.

  • Chris Koster

    Gangers shoulder pad from necromunda.

    • Lee Ashford

      My thoughts too. A little tidy for Goliath though?

  • Severius_Tolluck

    I also say it may be for something for blood bowl, like a chaos team.

  • Harkeal III Brennon

    Primaris chaos o.O

  • Slaanesh Devotee

    Just looks like any old shoulder pad from brutish type factions.

    House Goliath, perhaps?

  • Tshiva keln

    First thought was blood bowl but now hoping it might be Goliath from new necromunda.

  • Foxdonut

    Clearly a slaanesh saddle.

    • Dexter Kingsford

      You win an internet.

  • AircoolUK

    Ork Buggy Driver Pauldron.

  • Alex Simmonds

    Goliath Shoulder pad? Necromunda was mentioned after all….

  • silashand

    Elf Union team shoulder pad. They previewed one of the models a couple days ago on the Warhammer Community site.

    • euansmith

      The Rumour-bit looks like plastic, while I assume that FW will be making their guys in resin.

      • silashand

        Elf Union and Nurgle were already confirmed at a previous open day to be one of the forthcoming 6-7 plastic BB teams. They will not be resin.

        • euansmith

          Oooooh! Cool! Thanks for that.

  • Snord

    It’s really time for BOLS to come up with a new graphic for the ‘Rumours’ articles…

    • Mathew G. Smith

      At least a way to differentiate actual rumors from official teasers.

  • rtheom

    Looks an awful lot like the old knee and elbow pads of the Chaos Warriors circa Hero Quest.

  • Enrique García

    What the hell. My money’s on this: