Mini Tabletop Gaming Fog Machine

Add some atmosphere to your games and level up your miniature photography with some creepy fog…

Early Fog Monster Fog Machine – $85.00 Pledge

With the simple turn of a switch the Fog Monster will immediately begin producing Fog. Fog Monster uses an ultrasonic transducer that atomizes ordinary water and turns it into a cool dense fog that rolls across your game terrain with creeping, crawling ground effects. Technical explanation of the process found here.


  • 4″x4″x8″ Fog Monster Fog Machine
  • 110v Power Supply
  • 12″ straight clear tube
  • Free shipping to USA

Also available for a $99.00 pledge… 

Stretch goals include an extended pipe system and terrain pieces that allow more flexibility.

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  • Graham Bartram

    That’s a pretty good price for a pre-built fogger. Of course, you can do it cheaper yourself. I have built a 3D printer and I have the fog generator, I just need to pick up a power supply and print the case. I’ve saved about 50% compared to buying one, and I have the advantage of building in the exact features I want.

    • NNextremNN

      You still have to consider partial costs for the 3D printer, the filament and your working hours (for getting all parts, creating the 3D model and assembling).

      • Graham Bartram

        Indeed, that’s why I said it’s a pretty good price. If I didn’t already have the printer I would be tempted myself.

  • Thomas

    That’s cooooool.

  • CthulhuDawg

    You ever get that feeling when you see something you didn’t know existed but suddenly can’t live without it…

  • I like this idea. Wonder if I could fog a whole table using pipes. I’m going to look into that.

  • Robert Małecki

    Well thats basically piezoelectric humidifier… remember always to use demineralized water, or else calc can set on your miniatures and scenery 😉

  • Ryan Hall

    Thats it. My “Depends of Wargamers” is going on kickstarter.