Next Week’s New Codexes, Prices & Products CONFIRMED


TWO New Codexes arrive and the Space Marine Primaris releases wrap up. It’s gonna be pricy!

Here’s what’s headed your way this weekend according to numerous industry professionals:

The Space Marines reinforcements are HERE!

Warhammer 40,000

Codex Grey Knights $40

Grey Knights Datacards $15


Codex Chaos Space Marines $40

Chaos Space Marines Datacards $15

Space Marines Primaris Hellblasters: $60

Space Marines Primaris Intercessors: $60

Grey Knights Grand Master Voldus: $35

Hobby Items

Citadel Essentials: Warhammer 40,000 $35

Intercessor Paint Set $35

Ultramarine Paint Set $15


~What are you picking up?

  • Diablix

    Chaos players are considered B-class customers so much that we don’t even deserve a new cover or a limited edition codex…
    That’s a clear indication of how much effort they put in this…

    • shmabadu

      Yeah, but forget Chaos Space Marines, don’t you want to play with a shiny new Thousand Sons or Death Guard army?

      • Amdor

        Nope. Iron warriors serve no one god. Xp

      • luke-vdv


      • Doc Noble

        Still waiting for Slaanesh.

    • Sparowl

      Puts you a step above Xenos, who don’t even get new codecii until all the flavors of Space Marines get theirs. I fully expect Ultramarines….I mean Codex Space Marines to be updated at least twice before all the Xenos get a book.

      • Diablix

        Above Orcs and Tyrs, at best. I wouldn’t say tha Eldars, Tau and Necrons can complain about the quality of their past codexes..

        • Randy Randalman

          All of the codices have been written already.

        • Munn

          Ooh ooh are we doing the 40k suffering Olympics again? Okay…eh hem…I play Sisters of Battle.

          You can mail my gold medal to my house whenever.

          • Cergorach

            Pfft! I know people who play Squats! What about those who played Slann in RT?

          • AircoolUK

            …and where’s my Fimir army?

          • memitchell

            Genestealer Cult. I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win! I win!
            That’s an “I win!” for every YEAR I waited for the last (FIRST and ONLY GSC codex).

          • Richard Mitchell

            Winner winner chicken dinner over here everyone.

          • Diablix

            Actually I’m a sort of SoB player too (I own a few models and I sweared to myself that i’ll buy 3k points worth of army the day they release a new range of models)
            And I’ve a slaaneshi army too, Zarakynel included.

            It’s possible that I am the cause of everything, actually 😛

      • Bigalmoney666

        CSM didn’t even get a proper codex for 7th edition, and the supplements came out right at the end.

    • Tshiva keln

      There is a limited edition coming £50 $80 €65

    • DJ860

      I’m pretty sure this is BOLS taking liberties with hearsay and available information, not an actual product image. I’d be pretty disheartened if it didn’t have new cover art.

      • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer
        • orionburn

          Man I think that’s a really bad idea reusing covers. That leads to people getting burned on getting the correct codex for the right edition. My FLGS still has a host of old books that they have left over from 7th. People buying off of Ebay will have to really pay attention.

          • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

            Fair point, I hadn’t considered that angle.

          • orionburn

            I honestly thought those were internet mock-ups until you post the link to the community site. While it might not be as much of an issue for those of us following the 40k world on a regular basis I can see new players getting burned. Yes, there’s always a risk buying off of Ebay, but outside of that with the changes coming so quick I think it’s a mistake. And personally I always look forward to new cover artwork. Maybe they simply don’t have the time to do new covers for all the books with the release window they’re shooting for.

          • rtheom

            I don’t think GW would have a problem with this in the slightest. :p

            However, I will be supremely annoyed every time I go to leave and grab the wrong edition of the codex, only to realize I’ve got the wrong one after I’ve reached my game destination…

        • DJ860

          Thanks! I’d just have liked to have seen new artwork, but disappoining.

    • pokemastercube .

      grey knights are not getting a new cover. what i think is cos these are really just update books rather then actual new codex’s that is why they are useing the old covers and not new ones

    • Nameless

      if it makes you feel any better, the cover of the grey knight codex is the same as their 7th ed codex, although it is cropped a little differently.

    • MechBattler

      Limited Edition needs to go the way of the dodo bird. Anyone who feels a few extra pages or trinkets is worth paying triple the price or more needs their head examined.

      GW’s limited editions are a minimum effort, highly predatory method of completely shafting people they know can’t resist a shinier version, even if it contains nothing of substance to justify the price.

    • Flan man

      Chaos just got a TON of love in the tail end of the last edition, and yet the players still find a way to complain.

      • Diablix

        You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.
        Nurgle and Tzeentch got a lot of new, shiny models with crappy rules. Full stop.
        All that everyone else that didn’t want to go full-Nurgle or full-Tzeentch got is a wonderful supplement totally useless rule-wise that has been invalidated in a few months.

        Saying that chaos players don’t have any reason to complain about is like saying that Grey Knights had received too much love because of all the new primaris releases….

        • Flan man

          Wait, are you serious right now? I said that they got a ton of love, at the end of last edition, which is true. Chaos received a supplement with space wolves, and three other wholly chaos dedicated supplements. That’s more than a majority of other codexes. Saying those supplements were useless is just false, and completely bias on your part. Pink/Blue/Brimstone horrors were considered top tier OP in 7th, and alot of the formations in the supplements were widely used in tournaments and in winning lists. And while a majority of the model release was Tzeench, you did get a awesome looking recast for Kharn. Now Nurgle is getting alot of needed love with a new wholly dedicated codex and the models are absolutely amazing. As far as being invalidated, everyone’s books has been. But most of the Chaos supplements had been valid for almost a full year. BA finally got a supplement and it didn’t even get that.
          My point is that with all that love given to them lately and the choice complaint is that you don’t like the cover? Seems pretty small.

          • Diablix

            So, you really don’t know what you’re talking about, I was right. Chaos Space Marines did receive a supplement with SW? Nope, Tzeentch did.
            All models you cited are god-specific and not even CSM. If you knew what you were talking about at least you would have spoke about Magnus, one of the few strong CSM units we had in 7th. But still, in 7th he was plainly WRONG – too overpowered and costly to be enjoyable in a beer&pretzel game (i like both competitive and casual playing)

            And I wasn’t complaining about models (even if playing Black Legion, Slaanesh and Adepta Sororitas there haven’t been many models i could buy since the beginning of the 6th……), I was complaining about rules. Either totally useless or totally OP. I just want decent rules. And judging from the first details i’m totally pessimistic.

            PS: Based on your comments you shouldn’t complain about anything. Because with your distorted view of what CSM is, you as a Blood Angel player received much more models in the last few months than all non-imperium-astartes army together in the last 5 years (i understand very well how differently UM and BA have been considered…but that’s exactly how you’re reasoning with chaos)

          • Flan man

            Just clarifying, anything that has a mark (god-specific) isn’t CSM?

            Edit: FYI, Being insulting and crass doesn’t make your point any stronger or more valid.

          • Diablix

            Horrors are clearly not CSM. LoCs are clearly not CSMs. Bloodthirsters are clearly not CSMs. Renegade Knights are clearly not CSMs.
            And for the few remaining new models, if you missed it out, DG and TS are receiving a “SW/BA/DA/GK”-like treatment. So yes, god-specific legions are not “vanilla” CSM anymore. At the point that I, as a Black Legion player, CANNOT play any of the new models without taking an allied codex.
            It is EXACTLY the same for Ultramarines Vs BA. The only difference being that with Chaos it’s clearly the other way around (vanilla CSM have been totally neglected for years).

          • Flan man

            On the original post you said “Chaos”, not “Chaos Space Marines”, so that’s what I was commenting on. Now that your changing the scope by narrowing down that changes the discussion a bit.

            I’m only going to exclude the current edition because that’s not the point of the discussion.
            But in 7th Thousand Sons were chaos space marines. Sorcerers were chaos space marines. Plague Marines were chaos space marines. Traitors Hate was for Chaos Space Marines. Black Legion was for Chaos Space Marines. Traitor Legions was for Chaos Space marines.

            Now I dont want to get into the BA vs Vanilla, because that’s going on a tangent, but although BA got kits, it was for models that already exist. Tactical Marines, when there was already a Tatical Marine Kit. Terminators, when there already was a Terminator Kit. So it really was just an overlap. And the rules that BA got compared to vanilla were not even equal.

          • Diablix

            Yeah, I said chaos, but on an article on the vanilla CSM codex. The scope was quite clear to me.

            And your argument doesn’t make sense. In 7th edition, when TS received new models and rules, became a new codex all for themselves. Units and new rules were not available to vanilla CSM players. That’s the same for the DG. Traitor’s Hate was one of the worst supplement ever. Black Legion had 1 page of rules. Traitor legions was barely decent but lasted 3 months at best.

            So, again, now that the new codex will come out, any CSM player that is not a TS or DG player will not have access to single model that came out after the beginning of the 6th. With the only exception of Black Legion players, that at least will have access to new plastic models for Plague Marines and Rubric Marines only. So me, the lucky one, received 2 units in 6 years. Woooh, i feel so much love!

          • Marios Kontopyrgos

            So if I am not mistaken and checking the Chaos index you can still use rubric marines and Plague marines as elites. So your point about them being outside the vanilla CSM is invalid. With that being said, even though I don’t play chaos, I would like to see new models for most of the separate Chaos Legions like Abaddon or an Iron Warriors Warsmith etc. Ah yes also a new Night Lords “Hero” mini. That thing isn’t just old enough to vote, it has probably seen 6 edition transitions….

          • Diablix

            I wonder why people keeps pretending to teach things they clearly don’t know.
            So, let’s analyze it by time period, to explain you why you misunderstood it:
            > up to mid 7th edition: usable by everyone. But no new models yet
            > mid 7th up to Traitor Legions: new models came out. Of all the new models, a vanilla CSM players could technically use the new Rubric and Plague Marines (and the Sorceror HQ on disc), but with the old rules of the codex, which were utterly crappy. If you wanted the remaining new models (or use the new rules) you had to play a different codex. Which is legit, of course, but it’s like saying to a DA “don’t worry if you suck, you can pretend to be a successor chapter of the Ultramarines with a strange iconography only to have decent rules!!”
            > traitor legions up to the end of 8th: There were specific chaos mark restrictions on each legion. So again, only BL could use 2 new plastic models for already existing units. No new rules, no new units. And for anyone who wasn’t BL, not even those 2 plastic models.
            > beginning of the 8th edition until now: yes, you can do whatever you want. Because they completely obliterated the concept of legions. Which is a total crap, not a plus, because the codex has even less flavour than before. But hey, it’s just a temporary book, I accept it
            > 8th edition codex: nobody knows, of course. If they do things well, they’ll re-implement the chaos mark limitations, i.e. we’re back to the no-new-models-thing for vanilla legions. If they’ll leave you freedom… well, it’s like saying “guys, don’t worry, if you like it, feel free to mix some Wulfens together with those Ravenwings!”

          • Flan man

            No hate, honestly, but it feels like the same argument for the Black Legion concept on the Dark Angels side of things is, “I only want to play Deathwing, and I’ve only gotten 1 kit, and 1 character, so GW obvioulsy hates us Dark Angels players”

            When you try to restrict it down to the smallest possible scope you can make an argument for anything.

            Part of the appeal to Chaos in general is that all the books blended together and allowed you to customize, and mix and match units to make an army that had alot of options. And that was kinda their thing lore wise. Yeah the Traitor legions didn’t love working together, but they did so because of a mutual hatred of a common enemy.

            As a Blood Angels player, I had no access to any Super Heavies, but if I wanted one I could ally in Imperial Knights. Or that we don’t have reliable cheap anti-air, and but I could ally Vanilla or Guard to help fill that gap. True I’m not playing “Pure” Blood Angels but the option is there for me, and its my choice.

          • Diablix

            You’re keep doing wrong examples. If I say “I want to play Black Legion” i’m not saying something akin to “I want to play Deathwing”, i’m saying something akin to “I want to play Ultramarines”. Do we really want to compare the amount of attention received by the two legions?

            And as I said, we Black Legionnaires are the lucky ones. What about Iron Warriors that, lore-wise, must be tightly Undivided? No daemons, no cult units, no mark of chaos. Still, it doesn’t seem to me that the Iron Fists have been totally ignored in the last 5 years….

          • Marios Kontopyrgos

            So what can be done for the Iron Warriors? They have an upgrade kit, make it plastic if its resin. Give them a plastic character and they are done. Fluff wise they are vanilla to the paint of being like Loyalists in their equipment and unit choices. Except if you want the lore retcon which I am sure will anger you more, as it should. So at times it’s the lore that constructs certain limitations. Anyways just wait it out. We are lucky nowadays. Don’t know if you remember or not but 10 years ago we wouldn’t have seen so many new releases in a year, and today we are getting new models twice a month. So give them their chance. I would think everyone is gonna get their turn. They can’t release everything on the same day.

          • Diablix

            Let’s see, only the examples i can think of in less than 2 minutes:
            – Plastic havocs
            – An artillery unit – the most single expert army at siegecraft don’t have access to a single artillery unit! (something akin to thunderfire)
            – An ad-hoc terminator (e.g. in Horus Heresy they do have Tyrants)
            – In their lore there are the Stor-Bezashk during the Horus Heresy. they could be easily recovered in 40k
            – Plastic upgrade sprue kits
            – A legion-unique heavy weapon for the Havocs. It’s their signature unit after all
            – Plastic Warspsmith
            – Plastic obliterators
            – A new daemon engine, the lore has thousand of versions of them

            Are you satisfied? And this is one legion out of 5+1

          • Marios Kontopyrgos

            Some of what you have listed goes for all legions like plastic Havocs, Plastic obliterators. Which I agree with you. Plastic Warsmith and plastic upgrade kit I too mentioned it. As for the rest, I would like to see a new siege unit. New things though take time. Resin to plastic Should happen eventually for everything, everyone has that problem. I agree with you but you are being hasty. Yes some models have been the same for like 15 years but its only recently that they decided to change upgrade everything. It takes set up costs like new moulds etc. And before you call me bias I would love it if they released new Iron Warriors for that matter as I would want to start an IW army

          • Diablix

            Yeah, but you missed the original topic: i don’t really care that much about models and kits. Decent, balanced rules that characterize the legions well would be more than enough for me right now. Traitor Legions could have worked, if only it lasted more than 5 minutes and the base codex were acceptable. Problem is, i’m pessimistic about getting a codex on par with Space Marines. But of course it’s just my “sentiment”, can’t know anything for sure.

          • Marios Kontopyrgos

            I was only commenting on half your post. I cannot have a say on the rules as I haven’t played the army. I do have a small army of Death Guard that I had started before the announcement of the new DG. Well I hope its balanced.

          • Marios Kontopyrgos

            Last comment about new units, it just gets annoying having people complain all the time about their army not getting new models. I mean even before the primaris vanilla marines didn’t have anything new. I see lots of changes coming due to this “new” GW

          • Marios Kontopyrgos

            Perhaps you havent read your index. The death guard and the Thousand Sons have their own entries yet Rubricae and Plague Marines have a separate entry in the vanilla CSM. I don’t know what it is I am not understanding here…
            And you know its not the same as mixing Space marine chapters. Lore wise there are Khorne affiliated units in the Black Legion just as there are nurgle ones in lets say the Word Bearers. Only the 4 specifically devoted legions have limitations. Although rubric marines are kind of not very fluffy being used by other legions they do represent the Tzeentch followers of a legion.

          • Diablix

            Perhaps you didn’t read my reply. Go back, re-read and try again.

            And by the way, really, almost everything you said lore-wise is totally wrong, are you sure you can patronize others on this subject? To be clear:
            – Word Bearers do not worship chaos gods individually, but the pantheon of Dark Gods as a whole, so NO, Nurgle cult units for them are wrong
            – Rubric marines do answer to their sorceror. Albeit rare, there are examples of former TS sorcerer in other legions (e.g. Iskandar Khayon – from “Abaddon: The Talon of Horus). Rubric marines with the “black legion” keyword would be 100% acceptable
            – Night Lords and Iron Warriors do ostracize those that worship chaos gods, they are seen as weakling. So no, not only the 4 ones are limited

          • Marios Kontopyrgos

            Patronize others? You are the one acting all high and mighty on a website. Get a life dude. Have a nice day

          • Diablix

            To be honest i was just expressing my pessimism about future rules, with a “joke” about the cover and the lack of special edition. Then you and Flan man started telling me that i should stop complaning because we’ve so much many new shining models. Which I could accept, if only it were on topic and you had good arguments.
            That said, i wish a nice day to you too.

          • nuggy

            It really comes down to this simple question: Would you as a Blood angels player feel like your army has been expanded/updated by the release of the Wulfen? After all they are imperial space marines and must therefore a part of the same faction as your Blood angels.
            Pretty much every chaos player can agree that we would all be happy if we only got the bare minimum retooling/update that vanlilla space marines got a few years back with new sprues on existing kits.
            Also if you are going to ignore the new edition for your point in this conversation then you must also ignore all the DG releases that came with it and look at the state or the chaos range before that.

      • Ravingbantha

        That’s part of the reason for the complaint, We got 3 new books that came out, well over $100 in rules that GW new was going to be invalidated shortly after they put it out. Yes Thousand Sons players finally got some new mini’s, but aside from Kharn the rest of Chaos got nothing. All that love and attention, and for what? The rules are useless now.

    • dave long island

      Ya but this way it gives Chaos players something to complain about. It’s what you call a ‘win-win’… lol

    • ZeroOne

      I think it is a real shame they are releasing an Ultramarine upgrade set, whilst not releasing at least an Alpha Legion frame for the new space marines. I would love to see upgrade sprues for all the chapters.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    I am bored of saying this. Other currencies BoLs ?

    • Chet Atkinson

      Codexes are £25 New White Dwarf dropped thru door this morning 🙂

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        Hey thank you!

    • Ghachii

      Or at least change the misleading cover image that shows notes £ and €. If you have some pointless, narrow-minded insistence on being a ‘USA-only’ site then at least be honest about it and own it.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation


  • BurninWeasel

    I’ve got a question: Is the codex for Chaos Space Marines being released this saturday or is it just the pre-order? I’m asking this because some articles say it’s pre-order, others say it’s release, and quite frankly, I’m a bit confused and would really like to sort this out.

    • danbond

      pre-order, released 12th

      • BurninWeasel


    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      They always go Pre-Order 1 week in advance 🙂

  • orionburn

    Are they sticking with hardbacks for all the books? What happened to all that talk of special “gamer editions”? Were those going to be a digitial only thing?

    • EnTyme

      The way GW has been doing it in AoS is releasing a hardback for a few months, then switching to a cheaper softback.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        I imagine the same will be true for 40k as well.

        • orionburn

          Not sure how much it saves, but if it a soft cover got the price point down to $35 that would be sweet. I’d be apt to pick up more books just to read if that were the case.

  • MechBattler

    Cheaper hardbacks?! Am I dreaming? Quick, someone pinch me!

    • dave long island

      Okay, but 8th edition nerfed pinching. Just lettin’ you know… lol

  • dave long island

    They need to leave the helmets on the SM, especially the command guys. Helmet can’t do any gud if it’s not on the coconut. You don’t need to take a helmet off to ark commands to your team. You don’t see Tom Brady taking his helmet off in the middle of the action.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Then model yours with helmets?

      • dave long island

        pffffttt…. That’s just crazy talk… lol

    • BloodAngel

      The BEST thing about primaris marines are the cracking spiffy bald pates. They have the shiniest bald domes in all the realms. Primaris Marines are the best marines ever made and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

      • dave long island


  • Admiral Raptor

    I really wish that soft cover codices were still around. I don’t get this obsession with hard cover, other than an excuse to charge more. Soft cover is much nicer to transport.

    I guess it doesn’t really matter though, it’s 2017 and all the rule books are on my ipad.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Softcovers will probably come out after the hardback print run runs out. They do it for AoS.

    • BloodAngel

      I have them all on my ipad too. The only downsides are battery life and flipping through pages fast to find something you don’t previously have bookmarked takes longer.

  • EnTyme

    Well, maybe we’ve finally get the GHB2017 pre-orders next week now that we’re done with the Primaris wave.

  • JL

    Primaris only cost 50% more than your regular tactical squad. I’ll be skipping them just like their character models.

    • BloodAngel

      I agree with the sentiment. Although, I was always one of the ones who was always wishing for “truescale” Marines. So, probably going to let go of most of my marines and rebuild them as regular marines, but just bigger. The helmets and shoulderpads are still the same size as the previous ones, so I think between that and all the bitz I have, I can do a nice, “truescale” army.

  • frankelee

    Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to buy mini-marines from suckers on eBay?

  • BloodAngel

    I wonder if they will be splitting up the other characters from all the Triumvirate sets. It would make sense financially. The two main options are buy all three or buy a single from a split set on ebay or something. If they sold them all individually, that would allow them their cut of the market for the singles. I am wanting Girlyman and Cawl, not necessarily the GK char. I would also be possibly be interested in the sisters part of the other set.