GW: Rumor Engine “Taking Stock of the Situation”

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Games Workshop has a new Rumor Engine teaser today. It is incredibly fancy. Check it out…

via Warhammer Community

The rumour engine continues to grind on – get your detective hats on and see if you can work out what this week’s glimpse at the future might mean!

This looks real fancy, whatever it is. It could maybe be a sword or some kind of power device–but something about the cylindrical shape in the center of it makes me think of the Ad-Mech. That filigree looks about like their style as well, which makes me wonder if it’s some kind of weird tesla gun, or a taser lance variant or something:

It kinda looks a bit like their taser goads. But it reminds me even more of the stocks on the rifles the Skitarii Rangers carry:

YOu can especially see the design echoed a little in the bottom right there. But they’re not the only ones who get fancy like that. I could just as easily see this being some kind of Kharadron Overlords (or some other dwarven style) gun. Maybe part of an Age of Sigmar’d-up wheellock pistol:

They are kinda in the middle of Shadespire season right now, and we know there are even more warbands coming for that–so is this a sign that we’ll be seeing some Kharadron fighters show up, or maybe soome of the Scourge Privateers or some of the other vaguely-pirate factions are going to get a new release here in the new future. I don’t know–but that’s why it’s up to you, the world’s greatest Internet Detective Agency to figure out what this is.

So hit us with your best shot–what is this thing? A pistol, a sword, newly repaired pinky on an Imperator Titan?

It’s time to take your feet off the desk, finish off that last slug of whiskey, and take the case.

  • DoctorBored

    Yeah, tbh it looks more 40k with the cylinders in the top.

    Probably plastic Sisters of Battle.

    • Puppet Soul

      This guy thinks there’s ever going to be plastic Sisters.


      *deep breath*


      8th just came out. You’ve got about two years until they release the codex for Sisters in 8th to coincide with leaks of indexes for 9th.

      • DoctorBored

        Is it fun to say the same thing over and over again? You trolls seem to have a lot of fun crushing hope for no reason, spouting a bunch of hurtful things for no reason. I get it. I know. The pattern is clear. Yet still I keep my faith.

        • Puppet Soul

          I have faith that Raging Heroes started shipping the troop boxes to backers for their Sisters line last week, and in the coming months should have them available for mass market.

          • Randy Randalman

            Except nothing about GW the last 18 months suggests there will ever be a long wait for codices. Oh, that and Sisters has already been written.

          • Puppet Soul

            Sisters’ codex isn’t on the docket yet, and everything about GW since 8th has been scheduling the release of new miniature waves to coincide with the release of their associated codices.

            So that would lead one to conclude that this is for Eldar, IG, or AdMech.

    • LankTank

      Id say more likely eldar as they are around the corner?

      • Puppet Soul

        aye, the best guess I’ve had so far is it being a joint on a wraithknight

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Elfin in look to me. Could go either way as 40K or AoS.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Inquisitorial stuff?

    • DoctorBored

      This would be my other guess. It would be cool to get some new Inquisition related things that aren’t Grey Knights or Deathwatch. There’s that other faction that still needs a codex, which one was it? The Witch Hunters right? What was that faction they worked with a ton? Oh, right, the Sororitas. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Fraser1191

    I kinda wish these would stop being incredibly ambiguous.
    Like it kinda takes away from it but this could easily be AoS or 40k, then to add insult to injury they don’t reveal what the rumour is when it’s released.
    Personally I can’t get excited for something I can’t decipher.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Does the job its suppose to though and get people talking and thinking about GW products as whole.

      • Fraser1191

        I’m gonna go out in left field and say it almost looks like the base of a lance

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah… I guess. I don’t think it would hurt to let on a little more though. It really is SO zoomed in. Now that 40K is getting a lot more fantasy elements (like corked poison bottles, etc.) and AoS is getting more sci-fi (squats), it really is impossible to speculate all that much :/

      • TheMawr

        It could do the job much better though. right now the RE seems like an after thought an intern quickly makes before going home on a tuesday. Forgetting all about the entire thing until doing the same next week.

        Actively staying behind revelations of past rumor engines should be the absolute least. (right now they only do it sporadically.) Putting more hints in the text if not downright stating at least what systems its for would be welcome and increase the speculation and discussion beyond just a couple of hours.

        And considering some rumor engines are tied one to another… at least do that. connect the rumor engines that are connected, to increase speculation.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      The whole point is to make people guess, talk and discuss. that’s the world we live in, sadly.

  • SilentPony

    Plastic Battle sisters confirmed!

  • chris harrison

    The detailing looks like something from a miniature for Confrontation, maybe Lions of Alahan or Cynwall Elves.

    • TheMawr

      To be fair that is not the first time recently.
      Sylvaneth take slight cues from the Daikinee concept. And Kharadron take to the skies like tir na bor dwarves did.
      But in general alot of recent design choices remind me of confrontation in such a way that I think they might have some ex-rackham employees among the miniature designers.

  • Possibly new shuriken pistol/rifle? The filigree is very stylistically reminiscent of the heart motifs of the elfs in fantasy (see: old alarielle model)

  • mark

    the design has solid elements of fleur de lys curvature/decoration so I’m also jumping on hereticus/Sisters bandwagon

  • Gooberbaby

    This is a rumor?

  • Rahl

    Something else to notice, seems to be painted and they edited it into grey scale, so probably pretty close to getting full pics of whatever it is. Then again, they seem to do that with about half the rumor engine pics, and many of those are still unrevealed.

    • J Mad

      If only i could reverse that and make it color 🙁

  • Chris Hateley

    It’s a space marine.

    • vlad78

      No, it’s a unicorn.

  • Inquisitor Corwin

    The Corwinometer is actually saying Vostroyans? That whole ‘las-musket’ look fits the bill for a command squad. For officer kit, I could see it being Valhallan or maybe even Mordian instead.
    I’ll give half-credit to Eldar Exodites as well.

  • majbjörn

    A Laser Lance PogChamp?

  • piglette

    New Hobbit terrain piece.

  • Jason Bingham

    Just what Ad Mech needs is more stuff.

  • D. B.

    Eldar Shining Spears?

    TBH, it looks more human, but it felt fun to throw that idea in. 😛

  • KreskinsESP

    My wishful thinking wants it to be part of a sonic weapon.

  • TB0N3

    Maybe Sisters, maybe Aelfaeae.

  • Why are they called Rumour engines? If GW make them themselves, they aren’t rumours, they’re true.