Tabletop Gallery: “The Host of Baal”

I bet the Blood Angels go through a lot of armor polish.

Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do! Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing, Warmachine/Hordes, Runewars, Bolt Action, Armada & Flames of War miniatures photos are welcome.

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    I am SO confused. Advanced weathering techniques AND crooked/missing backpacks?

    • Stephen Henry IV

      It’s all a part of the ploy to undermine his opponent.

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      Presumably the backpacks are magnetised, to swap between standard and jump pack. Easy for the packs to get bumped around when handled.

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        Thank you! It was so obvious, but it was just not coming to me.

        • euansmith

          I thought it was just the way the cool kids were wearing their backpacks these days.

  • euansmith

    “Blood for the God Emperor! Strategically Vital Resources for the Golden Throne!.. You know, I think you’re right, the Khorne dudes have got a snappier chant than us.”

    • treadhead2

      “Hair gel for Sanguinius” looks at battle brother euansmith
      “I think you might be right”
      “No heresy to see here” remarks chaplain Lemartes

      • euansmith

        “Taketh thou not two bottles in to the shower! Only one bottle shalt thou take, and “Vidal Sasoon Wash & Go” shalt its name be! Verily, in the words of St L’Oréal d’Paree, thy be worth it!”