AoS: Khorne Army Finished, Ready to Fight

The backdrop’s been painted, the army is full of finished daemons hungry to find some blood for the blood god, time to finish this.

Hello BoLS readers!

Time to celebrate another culmination of a great deal of hard work and good times painting away. While painting is what keeps me mellow and content, there is a huge rush to the last couple days of a project, and for this army especially so being one of the longest spanning in terms of weeks. Always a good feeling to sit down after a ton of hours in a project and see it on the computer screen.

Personally happy and glad to be able to paint red again, which I have not in some time. Pleased with how the backdrop came out as well. Originally I kept it a bit simple for space and time, and felt it could have been a lot wilder. However with the pictures taken it actually worked really well, and I underestimated the impact of a mess of Khorne models which balanced it out in heft. Proves sometimes simple is better and learned I should probably watch adding complexity for it’s own sake, as simple can in this case be just what it needs.

If you followed the progress posts I hope you enjoyed them, and thank you!  See you in the next one.

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  • disqus_HUXMdKxsPG

    How much did that cost?

    • LeroyJenkinss

      Probably less than one bitcoin

  • becizzle

    How long did that take him? That’s guys a machine.

    • Kabal1te

      Just the models alone would probably take me a year or more.

  • piglette

    That’s incredible!

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan


  • James Washington

    That’s incredible!