D&D: Githyanki & Githzerai plus Incoming AMA

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Mike Mearls talks Githyanki and Githzerai, making fairly big lore reveals/implications. Check it out!

D&D Beyond’s Todd Ke drink sat down to talk Githyanki and Githzerai with Mike Mearls, and in about eight minutes, we get a lot of insight into the lore, not just of the Gith, but the Mind Flayers, the cosmos, and what sorts of things we can expect to see in the future. It’s a followup video to the previous talk on Mind Flayers–and another one with heavy planar focus. Indeed, one of the big reveals is a clarification about Githyanki in the Astral Plane. So let’s get right to the video:

This is some fairly cool stuff. We learn that the Mind Flayed empire was flung throughout existence, that they have all but disappeared, and that nobody, not the gods, not the githyanki, not the githzerai, is talking about this. We know the Elder Brains held things in check, and that the Gith are changed from what they once were.

See, they used to be human. Warped by the magic and genetic engineering of the Illithid, but Mearls comes out and says without question, these guys were once humans. Humans who, immediately after fighting off the Illithid were divided by infighting. We’ve talked about this split before when we covered the Githyanki and the Githzerai. But now there seems to be more details, and not just of the player race variety.

Githyanki society is in a sort of stasis. And not just because they dwell on the Astral plane, where time doesn’t really pass, but because their society is shaped by Vlaakith the Lich Queen, who was there when Gith ventured into the nine hells to make a deal with Tiamat. Of course, Gith will definitely return one day. She promises. And in the meantime everything’s done. No need to worry about a scheme, long con, or endgame.

Especially not for any upcoming supplements that might heavily feature planar lore and/or psionics. So don’t even think about what that could mean for D&D as a whole.

Now, speaking of things with a larger implication in the realm of D&D, there’s a chance to learn all kinds of cool things coming up tomorrow,  Dec. 19th, when Mike Mearls takes up arms and brings the Birnam Wood to High Dunsinane Hill.

Er, takes to Reddit to A your Q’s in an AMA. I’m pretty sure he has no designs on becoming the Thane of Cawdor, but only wishes to answer your questions on what is to be or not to be in Dungeons and Dragons. This is fairly exciting, as Mearls is very present in the community–so be sure and check back Tuesday.

You can read more about the Upcoming AMA with Mike Mearls here.

It all begins at 10AM-PST, so be sure to tune in to watch everything unfold as it happens.

In the meantime, get your wildest guesses for what this means for the future of D&D right here in our comments, and happy adventuring!

  • Aurion Shidhe

    The gith have always been a slightly interesting facet of D&D, but as Mearls said, more of a sideshow. At least in our group. Funny enough, we encountered them the most way back in AD&D in a few Astral-based adventures. As opposed to later, when they became playable races. In 36 years of D&D I’ve never had a player ask to run either of the Gith races.

    That aside, with the strong psionic focus of the Gith I’m hoping that means we’ll see some psionic rules in the near future. I’ve got three Eberron campaigns going right now. I have no issues fudging psion rules for NPCs but I know some of my players are hoping to roll with a true psion PC soon. Some solid psion rules would spark interest in a Dark Sun campaign as well.

    • EnTyme

      I had a player run a Githzerai monk in one of my 3.5 campaigns. As we got into epic levels, the dice seemed to favor him more and more. He did some truly impressive stuff, so I ended up deciding he was the reincarnation of Gith, which led to him overthrowing the Lich Queen and reunited the Githyanki and Githzerai

      • Aurion Shidhe

        Nice! Suitably epic way to cap a campaign!

    • Mike X (Official)

      I had a player that was a Githzerai psion in 4th edition.