Merry Christmas – Star Wars Edition

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Can you survive the Star Wars Holiday Special?
Behold the bane of George Lucas, the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special!

It was 1978 and CBS was desperate to attract young viewers.  While this youtube video is only 15 short minutes edited down from the full 98 minutes, it’s still gives you a sense of the absolute craziness that made it to small screen.  It is still is regarded as one of the most terrible things ever to get put on TV.

Extra points if you make it all the way through.

Let’s wash that out of your brain with everyone’s favorite Star Wars song:

What do you get a Wookie for Christmas (when he already owns a comb)?

Merry Christmas!  

  • Talos2

    Dont do it, it’s a trap

  • Lochlin Anderson

    While terrible, at least it didn’t kill people’s love of Star Wars like TLJ

  • Chris Hateley

    It’s better than The Last Jedi.

    • Spacefrisian

      At least it has a great deal of Star Wars in it, unlike Final Fantasy Spirits within with no Final fantasy.

  • Tothe

    Rifftrax is the only way to survive.

    • Jennifer Burdoo

      It’s AWESOME with Rifftrax.

  • Alexis M

    It’s better than The Last Jedi.

  • Damien 1.0

    It’s better than The Last Jedi.

  • bobrunnicles

    It’s better than…..wait a fricking minute, are we serious? TLJ may have problems but it isn’t the steaming pile of garbage that the holiday special is. Anyone that says that clearly hasn’t *really* watched the holiday special!