Next Week’s Dark Angels & Minis Prices & Products CONFIRMED


The sinister Dark Angels and a ton of Unforgiven products are coming this weekend. Get your wallet ready!

Here’s what’s headed your way this weekend according to numerous industry professionals:



Warhammer 40,000


Codex Dark Angels $40 (Collector’s Ed. $80)


DA Primaris Lieutenant Zakariah  $25

DA Primaris Aggressors $55

DA Primaris Hellblasters $60

DA Primaris Intercessors $60

DA Primaris Upgrade Sprue $12.50

DA Datacards $15

DA Dice $30


Black Library

Fabius Bile: Clonelord (Hardback) $27

Once a loyal son of the Emperor’s Children, Fabius Bile now loathes those he once called brother. But when a former comrade requests his aid on a mission he cannot refuse, Bile is drawn once more into the sinister machinations of his former Legion. Now, accompanied by new allies and old enemies alike, Fabius Bile must travel deep into the wilds of the Eastern Fringe, in search of a world unlike any other. A world which might hold the key to his very survival. A world called Solemnace…

Written by Josh Reynolds

Fabius Bile: Primogenitor (Paperback) $16.00

He is known by many names – Clonelord, Manflayer, Primogenitor. He is the epitome of deceit and perversion, and feared by man and monster alike. Once the Chief Apothecary of the Emperor’s Children, the madman known as Fabius Bile possesses a knowledge of genetic manipulation second to none. Now a renegade among renegades, he is loathed by those he once called brother, and even the most degraded of Chaos Space Marines fear his name. Exiled for his dark experiments, Bile has retreated deep into the Eye of Terror, leaving a trail of twisted abominations in his wake. But when a former student brings word of the ultimate prize for the taking, Bile is unable to resist being drawn once more into the cauldron of war. For in seizing this prize, Fabius Bile might yet discover the one secret his has been unable to unlock… the secret which will prevent his inevitable doom.

Written by Josh Reynolds

Renegades of Elysia (audiobook) $17.50

After a disastrous mission leaves their ranks decimated, Sergeant Zachariah must rapidly train a fresh batch of recruits to restore the 158th Elysian. The regime is harsh, lethal, and only the best will survive to become full–fledged drop troopers. But when a savage feud with a high-ranking officer threatens the 158th and Zachariah and a handful of men barely out of training are sent on a deadly reconnaissance mission he begins to wonder if his life might also be in jeopardy.

Written by Chris Dows.
Running time approx. 55 minutes. Narrated by John Banks. Performed by Matthew Hunt, Stephen Perring, Cliff Chapman, Jonathan Keeble and Steve Conlin.


~That’s a ton of Dark Angels stuff – and with Primaris bits! stuff! Who’s in?

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    Ffs Bols fix your mobile ad provider. Your site is barely usable for me, because it permanently redirects me to some “conglatulations for win an IPhone click here” site. As I sm typing this, this is my fifth time trying to load this article.

    • Krev_Grazl

      Even when it does load, it’s one of the slowest loading and least responsive sites that I use. It’s like 7th ed 40k – BLOATED

      • Krev_Grazl

        I’m accessing it on a PC

      • ZeeLobby

        Lol. All they’re missing is the flashing headline banners of old.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          I want a cursor that trails stars!

          • orionburn III

            While viewing it on Netscape with dial-up access.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

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        Eh. The usual response is “it’s just what Google Ads do”, even though I frequent hundreds of pages a day with Google Ads that never do this…

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          this is the only site I’ve ever seen do this.

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            It’s quite mind blowing. I’ve had ONE other site do this in the past 5 years. Lol. I just don’t get it. Part of me wonders if they simply just get more money for those special “ads”…

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            that must be the only reason. Feels like you’ve accidentally clicked on one of those websites Google advises you not to go to!

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  • ectoplasmic gyrator

    Well, so much for Lion El’Johnson. Damn. Even though he’s not my favorite, it’d be great to have another loyalist primarch in 40k. And the 1st Legion’s aesthetic is magificent, whatever else people say about them.

    • NNextremNN

      Don’t expect more then one loyal and one traitor Primarch per year. Dark Angles coming this year was making clear he won’t come. At least you can hunt a big wolf next year XD

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        But we got 2 Chaos Primarchs and a Loyalist Primarch in a single 12 month time period.

        • NNextremNN

          Magnus 2016 Mortarion 2017. I didn’t say anything about 12 months just that I doubt we will see more then one in one year.

    • orionburn III

      If it helps any some of the rumors were pointing to another triumverate box down the road where it would be the Lion, some new Blood Angels character, and who knows what else. Granted it’s all rumors, just like us getting the Lion with the new codex.

    • Apocryphus

      Just because he didn’t come out with the codex doesn’t mean he can’t come out later. Remember that GW is just going to start providing the rules for new releases in the box so we don’t have to wait entire editions to get new models.

  • Jack

    Wtf no lion? Well im going to sell my army.

    • NNextremNN

      I give you tree fiddy!

      • orionburn III

        “Dammit monster! You stop bugging my children now! We work for our money in this house and we don’t give money away!”

        • EnTyme

          I just gave him tree fiddy last week!

          • Matthew Pomeroy


  • BaronVonYoloing

    Man I love that cover just showing off how ballsy the Elysians are! Suck it traitor scum!

    • Koldan

      You think so? For me he looks more like a mad tooth fairy. “Now take the damn flashlight, it is your present” “Eww, hell no”

      • Jim Cook

        Kinda looks like the Marine’s about to go on that grenade diet

  • bad mood

    Wow Elysia? There might yet be some hope that they have some love left for Forgworld’s army lists.

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Clonelord cover…what was the artist thinking? Not a fan sadly. Also the snarky look on the LT , which I don’t like, actually works if you assume he is letting his amusement at the foolish DAs allowing an Ultramarine infiltrating force into their Chapter.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Called it. They are going to save the next primarch for a supplementary product.

    • Everybody could’ve predicted that, really. Just easier to collect clicks saying something will happen than that it won’t.

      With the whole Death Guard vs Ultramarines campaigning still being tackled in novels over the coming months, it seems unlikely they would shift the spotlight to another big player so soon, while everybody else is still waiting for an updated Codex and taking in what changed in the setting for their faction. Nevermind that pushing it so close to Christmas, or right after, would’ve been very bad scheduling.