Review: Asset Drop – Useful Hobby Supplies & Guides

This hobby focused subscription box has something to offer new and veteran hobbyists alike.

Asset Drop is a subscription service delivers high quality hobby supplies and guides to hobbyists once a month. The box (or drop, as they call them) offers veteran painters an ability try out new products that they didn’t know about, and help shake up their hobby routine. It’s also useful for those just starting up because of the included comprehensive painting guides. It’ll help everyone build a solid collection of supplies to work with.

I got to check out January’s Discovery Box – it gives an idea of what types of products you can expect to receive.

  • Scale Color – Brown Leather, Iroko, Inktense Chestnut
  • Coat d’Arms – Horse Tone Bay, Golden Yellow, Sun Yellow
  • Precision Ice & Snow Kit with Instruction Booklet
  • 16 Page Guide – Painting Leather, Wood, & Yellow

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The booklets provide everything you need to know to get the most out of the supplies in the box, and are constructed solidly so you can refer to them as many times as you need to. They’re well written, have great step by step images, and are easy to follow. You’ll get a guide in every Discovery box – you’re not just getting paint, you’re getting tutorials that can help improve your skills.

The quality and thought behind the box I received is what has me totally sold on the service – and why I encourage you to try it. The folks at Asset Drop aren’t just dumping random products into a box and shipping it out. All of the products work together, and the guides are actually useful.

Asset Drop works with companies with produce quality products – they’ve included things from Acolytle Miniatures, LifeColor Liquid Pigment, WarColours, RN Estudio, and Reaper Master Series. Based on what they’ve included in the boxes so far, you will get premium product every time you get a box.

March’s Discovery box is available now for £19.90 and it includes:

  • 8 paints from 3 companies
  • A painting guide that will teach new techniques to make your minis look great

They also offer a box that comes with hobby supplies and some badass female minis – perfect if you’re looking to do a new project once a month. This month’s Heroines Box is £21.90 and includes a mini and scenic base from Wargame Exclusive, and 3 Coat d’Arms paints. This is what came in January’s…

You have until the 7th sign up for March’s boxes – so get on it, it’s worth it!


Our January box is now on its way to the Veteran Sergeant to use on his painting stream this month – so make sure you tune in on Twitch to learn more about the paints and snow effects.

  • dynath

    It’s stuff like this that GW’s new “partwork” monstrosity is trying to compete with. I find this a bit more appealing but honestly my hobby dollar is never stable enough to buy these monthly box things.

    • marxlives

      I feel the same way, kits like this are WAAAY more useful than receiving 1/3 of a unit each month.

      • dynath

        1/3 of a unit for an army you might not field. If I got that chaos stuff it would join the half of the dark imperium box I haven’t been able to unload on Ebay.

        • Trevor White

          Which stuff are you trying to shift, and are you in the UK? :0)

          • dynath

            Its the deathguard stuff from Dark Imperium. I’m in the states though.

          • Trevor White

            Ah bugger, that’s what I’m interested in but shipping cost would be a pain.

          • dynath

            Yeah I run into that a lot. LOL.

        • TenDM

          I feel like the only useful option for GW would be terrain, terrain tutorials, and conversions. If it was offering some Aeldari shrubs I’d be in. I’d love to know how to make a T’au Command Centre using toothpicks and plastic plates.

          A three pack of Primaris Marines would be awesome if it included a tutorial for how to cut them up into corpses and objectives. Primaris players get a booster, everyone else gets a battlefield full of casualties.

      • Trevor White

        A fair point, but it’s appealing for someone like me who doesn’t really game, but enjoys building & painting a variety of stuff.

        • dynath

          I don’t play either but my variety that I like to paint and build doesn’t include the new chaos stuff. It all looks to busy for me and zombies aren’t my thing.

          • Trevor White

            I’m with you there, there’s a fair bit of over design happening. I think there are too many things *growing* on a unit of diseased and decaying dudes. I think more sparing use of the tentacles and mouths would be fine – the powers of chaos and mutation go hand in hand… or tentacle. The horny growths I’m super not keen on, and are what really make the designs too busy, but having said that I do have a pair of clippers and green stuff. Plus all the rust, weathering, and goo is fun to paint.

          • dynath

            LOL indeed.

            I’ve always been a fan of Alpha legion, be cause Evil looks like everyone else.

          • Trevor White

            I’m curious to see what they do there, and for the Iron Warriors. Speaking of – Obliterators have such a great concept paired with a really disappointing model.