BREAKING: Tau Rumor Tidalwave – Pt 2

The Tau rumors keep on coming! Look at all the latest:

rumors collated by 3++, and Dakka 3-4-2018

Unit Point Value Changes

Breacher -1
Strike Team -1
Devilfish -21
Riptide -24
Gun Drone +4
MV Shield Drone +2
Broadside -20
Skyray -19
Hammerhead -17
Piranha -6

Aunshi +8
Aunva +20

Equipment Point Value Changes

Airburst -2
Burst Cannon -2
Cluster Rocket -36
Fusion Collider -9
HBC – 20
HRR -28
HYMP -16
Ion Accel -42
Ion Cannon -20
SMS -5
Supremacy Rail gun -19

ATS (Ghostkeel , SS, Riptide) 18
ATS (all others ) +4
Counterfire Defense +5
EWO (Ghostkeel, SS, Riptide) 10
EWO (all others) -3
Multi tracker (all) 10
shield gen (ss) 40
shield gen (all others including ghostkeel now) 8
Iridium 15

Equipment Stat Changes

Seeker Missiles S8 -2 D6 dmg
Cyclic Ion Blaster 3 shots instead of D3 . Overcharge mode.
Cyclic Ion Raker 6 shots instead of D6 . Overcharge mode.
HBC (one profile only now ) 36″ 12 shots S6 -1 2dmg
High Intensity Plasma Rifle (new) 30″ RF1 6 -4 1
Ion Accelerator ( only normal and overcharge )
-72″ Heavy D6 S8 -3 d3dmg
-72″ Heavy D6 S9 -3 3dmg (self mortal wound on roll of 1)

Ion Cannon D6 instead of D3 perm for overcharged.
Ion Rifle (overcharged) 2dmg instead of 1
Longshot pulse. On a wound roll of 6, additional 1 Mortal Wound dmg.
Pulse Driver Cannon D6 instead of D3

Dawn Blade +3 S
EWO have additional clause of -1 to hit when being used.
Multitracker now only works on units with 5 or more models.

Markerlight table 3 and 4 swap, 3 is now ignore cover.

Nova-charge weapon profile: HBC Heavy 18 and Accelerator Heavy 6.

Oh 1 in 3 Crisis can take Iridum. 2+ AS

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~What do you think so far?

  • sjap98

    T’au tally

  • Fraser1191

    I would have preferred it if the HBC didn’t do 2D.
    There go all those primaris marines

    • NNextremNN

      Well if a Riptide fires at them they should be dead. But with his poor BS 4+ they still have a good chance of surviving.

      • Pl4gu3 B4st4rd

        Markerlights, anyone ?

        • NNextremNN

          Reroll 1s so 8% more hits? Or do you seriously consider pumping 5 markerlights into a single squad of Primaris instead of something more of a threat?

          • Pl4gu3 B4st4rd

            Depends on the situation

          • NNextremNN

            10 men Hellblaster Squad okay maybe. In later turns of the game there is a good chance that either the riptide or the pathfinders are already dead.

          • Atzilla

            Thats not how percentage works
            Reroll 1s is 16.67% more hits

          • NNextremNN

            It’s 16.67% for reroll but then again 4+ so only half of those rerolls hit 😉

          • Atzilla

            But the original shots where 4+ too, so that is still a 16.67% increase in total hits:

            Example averages:
            6 Shots on 4+ = 3 hits
            6 Shots on 4+ rerolling 1s = 3.5 hits

            3.5 is 16.67% more than 3

          • NNextremNN

            okay maybe my wording was wrong …

            (50%)+(1/6*50%) = 0.583% chance to hit for a single shot
            6 * 0.583 = 3.5 hits
            0.5 / 3 = 0.16 or 16% increase

            it’s still not that great.

          • Bredkooler

            Maths is hard.

        • Karru

          You must have missed the change in 8th then. In 8th edition Markerlights do barely anything. On average, you need 10 Markerlights in order to increase the effectiveness of your shooting so in other words, it is better to not take them and focus more on just taking more shooting guys.

          Having faced against a few Tau players that used Markerlights still early into the edition, I could safely say that I welcomed them with open arms at first because I knew they were wasted points, and that is exactly what they turned out every time.

          The usual 2-3 5-man squads of Pathfinders quickly disappeared from their lists and were replaced with more firepower. This had a positive effect on their army’s general damage output, but still they were lacking quite a bit.

          With the amount of stackable -1 to hit, Tau is in for a rough time this edition.

          • Koen Diepen Van

            T’Au is dead. It’s a army that can only shoot. And it’s not even good at that

          • orionburn III

            Yes, let’s declare their army null & void before we actually know what all is in the codex and how it will play.

          • marxlives

            That is true, would like to actually see a codex and a play through before any judgement is made. So far, with the exception of Eldar, the winners in 8th have been surprising.

          • orionburn III

            I don’t think Tau are going to be an overwhelming force like it has been in the past, but it’s a bit early to toss them to the wayside without actually seeing the codex and how things will work.

          • zeno666

            Yeah, an army that can only shoot in a shooty edition. That must be horrible…

          • stinkoman

            it is when you dont do it well. AM do it in volume, Tau are supposed to do it with tech, but eldar have that niche. so where do Tau sit? a little bit of both, but not enough of either. we’ll see what the codex brings. im hopeful (but i was hopeful with demons as well) but not too hopeful i guess.

          • Koen Diepen Van

            Yes since most armies do it better.

          • stinkoman

            They have advanced weaponry, but dont know how to use it. they need to stop using the auto targeting systems built into thier suits and spend the effort on good old fashion drill exercises to up that BS.

        • stinkoman

          how many points are you going to devote to markerlights only to turn your mediocre shooting (with markerlights as well) into slightly better mediocre shooting? it would b nice to be able to use all that advanced weaponry Tau have effectively, but hey, we cant all be eldar.

  • BurpinforDayz

    RIP T’au

  • SirDavideo

    High Intensity Plasma Rifle? Is that replacing Tau’s current plasma weapons then?

    • Ninety

      Maybe it’s what Farsight gets?

  • benn grimm

    JSJ made Tau fun to play with and against, without it they are a pale imitation of the army they’re sposed to be. Like Orks without a waaagh or Crons without we’ll be back, reanimating protocols or whatever they’re calling it this ed. All the guns in the world won’t make a shred of difference.

    • I dont remember JSJ being fun. I remember it being super annoying and making the game impossible with the right terrain.

      • benn grimm

        Guess you must be pleased then. Good for you.

        • Drpx

          Why does everyone not want to play my army that can pick them off across the table then run to safety so they have to spend all their turn running after me?

          • benn grimm

            I don’t know. Because you have a fictional army?

          • Muninwing

            i played one game (in 4th i believe… it was on the floor of my apartment with book-hills and similar terrain) where Tau blew up my DE raiders, then i chased him on foot around the board for the rest of the game while we took potshots at each other.

            that game was fun, mostly because of the booze. had it happened in a competitive setting like a tournament i’d have been a giant squid of anger….

          • benn grimm

            Lol. Sounds like a fun game, involving chasing, far more fun than I set my guys down here, you set your guys down there and we’ll just run at each other (or just sit right here) shooting all our many diced guns until one is declared the winner. Not that there isn’t a place for that, but it was nice when the game also included more nuanced options. If ‘competitive’ is to be about more than list cheesing and rule manipulation, then layers of options when it comes to movement is surely a desirable thing.

          • Muninwing

            he peppered me with shots, i peppered him with shots, i chased while he avoided, right up until on one side he butchered my units nickel and dime… and on the other side he blundered and i got a charge off.

            i lost the game, but not by much. and we had fun. that’s really the important part.

    • I dont remember JSJ being fun. I remember it being super annoying and making the game impossible with the right terrain.

    • I dont remember JSJ being fun. I remember it being super annoying and making the game impossible with the right terrain.

  • CG

    I’m not sure why they’re increasing the prices for Shield Drones unless they’re going to do something about Saviour Protocols.

  • Jose Luis Camarasa

    Aun Va is still alive? Is he some sort of Lich or something?

    Stupid trivia: is funny because in spanish “aún va” means something like “still works” lol

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      GW kept Tycho around for a decade after he died.

      • Muninwing

        i’d really rather see legacy characters and units and the like, instead of the weird obsession with “advancing the plot” personally…

    • lorieth

      That reminds me of the tale of Vauxhall’s failed attempts to sell the “Nova” to South America. They really couldn’t figure out why no-one was buying them…

  • SacTownBrian

    It’s good to see some convergence of the rules across factions. Plasma and missile stats are the same and I’m all for that type of simplification. More interested in the Sept rules than anything else. Hope we’ll see those soon.

    • Muninwing

      it is a bit of a lapse though, since it means the “advanced stable tau plasma” is no longer a thing.

      predictable though with the overcharge rules.

  • tau4eva

    Seeker missiles still useless. Maybe for 9th edition codex…

    • Well they are much better than in the Index at least

  • Ninety

    Glad to see they got rid of the Ion weapons losing shots when overcharging. That was stupid to the point of bordering on vindictiveness.