WFB Tactics: Cover Da Chuckas

Fantasy Tactics: Cover Da Chuckas

Deployment with equal skilled players is just as important as list building. Today I look at how to keep your war machines safe with smart deployment.

The only rule:

Never , EVER, deploy your machine on the 12″ line. Warmachines belong away from the battleline. There are few exceptions to this rule. When fighting against dwarf miners,ambushers, or gutter runners would be the one of the rare times I would consider deploying a machine at 12″.

To really get the most out of your war machines they need 2 things:
  • 1. Line of sight
  • 2. Alive and not in combat
The 3 biggest threats to war machines:
  • 1. Fast Units: Cavalry/flyers/tunnelers
  • 2. Ballistic and Magic Missles
  • 3. Other Warmachines
Empire vs Dark Elves
Here a empire cannon is deployed 2″ in a wood.

The harpies can’t land in the woods since they are flyers.
Rxbows at long range will struggle to hit the machine with the extra cover modifier.
The RBThrower is in the same boat as the Rxbows and the great cannon can easily kill the RBT.

This cannon is not easy to get for the dark elf player. Smart deployment like this can help you get every last kill out of the big guns. Take a second look next time you are deploying and make sure your machines are well covered and are taking the best position.

What do you guys think about when you deploy your warmachines? Harpies and Bats making your machines cry flee? Tell us your thoughts.

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