WARGAMING: About Your First Army?

So everyone one of us one day picked up wargaming.  No one forced us, it was a conscious decision. Today I want us to talk about our stories and what choices we made with our first wobbly steps.

Some of us started in on our hobby as an extension of other more simplistic toy systems from youth (it was LEGOs for me, then Star Fleet Battle minis *ugg, winces in shame*).  some of us came into the hobby very young with wide eyes, while others approached it later in life with an excitement tempered by years of gaming, scale modeling, of some other background.

In any case we walked into a store, looked around and picked out our first set of miniatures.  I want to hear your stories of what you choose and why?  What spoke to you as a fledgling gamer, and did you make a good choice looking back on it years later?  There is no wrong answer to this question, and different people are attracted to very different things.

I’ll go first:  My first miniatures army I collected from start to finish formally (as opposed to just painting a handful of random models), was a Blood Angels army based on a box of venerable RTB-1s back in 1989.  At the time, they were the first plastic boxed set of minis Games Workshop came out with, so there wasn’t a lot of competiton in the plastic department.  I loved the look of the beakie helmets and the studded exagerated shoulderpads.  It always reminded me of the brutal looking knights from the 1981 film Excalibur, one of my favorite movies at the time.

Twenty-one years later, those same warriors of the Imperium are still duking it out on the tabletop (most recently in Darkwynn’s ‘Ardboys army a couple of weeks ago).  With a shiny new codex under their belts and many new minis added to thier ranks over years, I think I made a good choice and hobby investment.

How about you?

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