Goatboy’s 40k Stuff – Those FAQ’s Sure are Neat…

So if you are an avid 40k player you know that there are a bunch of old codexes in the game. GW did an interesting thing and changed up some of the older Marine codexes by tweaking wargear rules as well as some point cost changes. I find this intriguing as I feel it is a shift in how the company is supporting the game.

I know we have heard that GW is moving away from rules and really going to be a cool miniature company with some rules you can use if you want. That was some of the rumblings we heard and I am not sure if that is the case. This “quick” Dark Eldar FAQ as well as rule changes really has me thinking they might be turning towards making a “better” game instead of just some of the best plastic miniatures on the market.

So I wonder if will have other changes and tweaks in the game. We saw a new Eldar vehicle (the Nightspinner) debut in White Dwarf which is a big thing that we haven’t seen for years and no matter what we thought of the rules it was still an interesting thing. Wouldn’t it be neat to see other rule changes in FAQ’s or White Dwarf? For example, what if they released a new Necron troop choice out of the blue? Or maybe do some small gun tweaks for the Tau.

I could see it as a way to test out rules before the full new codex came out. I know we have been seeing more Forge World minis become a major part of the game so why not some more experimental rules in White Dwarf or on their own website. I am pretty sure they have a large amount of minis already designed so I am sure there are some they could release in one of the miniature waves with non-codex rules.

Would you like to just see new models? I know I still want some miniatures for the current armies right now (Thunder Wolves for the love of Pete) but it would be neat to see other armies get some love. The wait in between books is rather annoying plus the thought of more Marines is kind of stale. I am all for tweaks to the game and especially to the older codices to help excite their loyal players. It would be neat to see stuff tried out and to feel like our actual play experience means something to the game.  A goat can always hope.

So do you want more FAQ changes even though it might make your codex take longer to come out? Or more experimental rules and game design in those 9 dollar magazines? What do you want from the game outside of just formal codex releases?

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