40K HOBBY: Converting Malakim Phoros

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Master of the Lamenters, Lord of Ruin, Watcher of the Deeps

Malakim Phoros is one of the many special characters present in Imperial Armour Nine: The Badab War Part One. It seems that the majority of these characters are not going to receive models in the near future. As a prolific Lamenters player, I had to make him.

I decided to base him off of the Gabriel Seth model. His face and stance really seemed to match Malakims Rage unto Death rule (very similar to Lemartes’ Fury Unbound rule). I replaced Blood Reaver with a Nemesis Force Weapon from a Grey Knight Terminatorto represent his Glaive Encarmine. I liberated a wrist-mounted Infernus from a Sanguinary Guard model for Catechist, his strangely unspecial named piece of equipment. I got some good inspiration from a guy on B&C for bit placement to cover his Tearer bits.

For painting I went with the ‘ancient gold and chequy armour’ described in his entry. Dwarf Bronze with Gryphonne Sepia, Shining Gold, and Mithril Silver for the metal. I also went really fine with the cheques. Note the bloody tears, now that’s a Lamenter.

~Thanks for reading everybody. Let me have it!

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