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Chris Long

Professional Painter and Columnist: Bell of Lost Souls

HOBBY 40K: Pre-Heresy White Scars

Aventine here to show off a few of my Horus Heresy White Scars – you heard that right – WHITE SCARS! Everyone and their brother it seems is going Horus Heresy these days, but have you noticed that just as with 40K, the lighter the armor color the rarer the army?  Well I couldn’t have […]

40K Hobby: Aventine’s Necrons From the Depths

Aventine here folks.  I’ve been busily painting up my my newly-risen Necron Tombworld.  Lets take a look.  So I have always really liked Necrons. They had that nostalgic Terminator aesthetic plopped into my favorite fictional universe. I never started a whole army though, primarily because of their lack of variety and somewhat dry back story. […]

40K HOBBY: Aventine’s World Eaters Pt. I

Aventine here, with some shots of my newest army project. Some people may ask, why Chaos? Why now? Well my only answer is that I’ll be ahead of the curve when Legions comes out, and in the mean time they’ll be Space Wolves (boo!hiss!), haha. A Khorne Berserker army was my first in 40K, way […]

TOURNAMENT REPORT: Aventine’s Alamo 40K GT Journal

So it’s May and that means the start of the Texas GT season with our trip slightly south to SA (and continuing with the Railhead Rumble next month, and WargamesCon after that). John Bailey organizes an absolutely awesome event. The missions are almost completely just straight up rulebook affairs, which is perfect in my opinion. […]

40K HOBBY: Converting Malakim Phoros

Master of the Lamenters, Lord of Ruin, Watcher of the Deeps Malakim Phoros is one of the many special characters present in Imperial Armour Nine: The Badab War Part One. It seems that the majority of these characters are not going to receive models in the near future. As a prolific Lamenters player, I had […]

40K Sneak Peek : Stormraven Sprue Pics!

Look what’s been breaking across the net in the last few hours.  We’ve seen a couple of pics of the Stormraven fully assembled before, but here is a full set of sprue pictures of the upcoming Blood Angel and Grey Knight flying transport. Stormraven Sprue 1 Pic (engines, doors, interior) Stormraven Sprue 2 Pic (hull, […]