Warmachine RUMORS: Khador Battle Engine Tidbits

Hi folks.  It looks like some preliminary info on the battle engines and in particular the Khador Gun Carriage is making the rounds.  Details after the jump.

Via the Privateer Forums & Focus and Fury

Khador Gun Wagon:
SPD 7 Mat 7 Rat 5. Def 10 ARM 20, 22 boxes.
Costs 10 points.
-Two Pow 14 AOE 4 bombards.
-Pow 12 horses that cause Knockdown.
Special rule lets it melee and shoot.

General Battle Engine Stuff:
Huge base for all warmachines.
Can’t be thrown, knocked down, slammed, pushed, or made stationary.
Can run, aim, charge.
They have to deployed first.
They don’t have concealment, cover, elevation; forest and clouds don’t block los to them.
They have pathfinder and can be repaired.

Have at it folks.  Standard caveats on all this stuff until official rules are in hand.

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