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Warmachine: Flames in The Darkness Gains Heavy Firepower

Ben Andraka 4 Minute Read May 21

The Infernals continue to be a very popular faction right now, and players may be looking for some new tools to fight them. We have recently seen the release of Cygnar’s first medium-based infantry and specialized infernal-hunters: the Order of Illumination Resolutes! 

Hordes: Meet Skorne’s New Little Terror

Ben Andraka 6 Minute Read April 16

There are few models as iconic to a Warmachine faction as the Agonizer is to Skorne. In the distant future, one tortured baby elephant has had quite enough and is ready to settle some old scores! Introducing The Terrorizer!

Warmachine: Infernal Howlers Come Screaming Into Battle

Ben Andraka 6 Minute Read March 6

A new wave of infernal models have come out recently, and the faction is shaping up to be quite strong as a whole. Medium infantry as a whole has not been incredibly popular in Warmachine Mk3, can the intimidating Howlers break the mold enough to see significant play? 

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