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November 23, 2011

GW NEWS: December 2011 Releases (Pics)

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The holiday season is upon us!  Here's what Games workshop has to fill your stockings with in December.

ProductComponentsStreet DatePriceMaterial
Blood in the Badlands96 page hardcover3-Dec$33.00book
Skullvane Manse1 terrain kit3-Dec$74.25plastic
Beastman Doombull1 mini3-Dec$49.50finecast
Beastmen Ghorgon / Cygor1 mini3-Dec$53.75plastic
Beastmen Jabberslythe1 mini3-Dec$66.00finecast
Orcs & Goblins Mangler Squigs1 mini3-Dec$57.75finecast
Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet4 minis3-Dec$52.00finecast
Dwarf Iron Guard4 minis3-Dec$23.00finecast
Dwarf Vault Warden Team2 minis3-Dec$15.75finecast
Nazgul9 minis3-Dec$74.25finecast
The Witch-king of Angmar2 minis3-Dec$33.00finecast
Uruk-hai Siege Assault Ballista4 minis3-Dec$41.25finecast
Dragon1 mini3-Dec$71.00finecast

~Fairly nice Beastmen kits there. Beastmen and Lord of the Rings enthusiasts everywhere rejoice!  I would expect the late December offerings to be along in just a few days.
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