40K-WFB NEWS: 2012 Price Increase Arrive

Remember when we said the annual price increases were coming and folks said no way….

Here’s the full chart that numerous retailers have reported receiving:

GW 2012 Prices
BoLS Lounge

And here are some items pulled from the list. New price is listed, then old price and the percentage increased:

EMPERORS CHAMPION $16.00 $15.25 4.92%
SPACE MARINE RHINO $37.25 $33.00 12.88%
SPACE MARINE PREDATOR $57.75 $49.50 16.67%
SPACE MARINE LANDRAIDER $74.25 $66.00 12.50%
STORMRAVEN GUNSHIP $82.50 $66.00 25.00%
IMPERIAL GUARD BANEBLADE $115.50 $99.00 16.67%

In general it looks like some of the pricing bands have changed.  The old $33 dollar items look to have mostly moved to $37, while the $66 items are now $74.  It looks like all the finecast characters got a roughly 5% increase, while the plastic kits all got a rough 10-15% increase.

~We will have more coverage of how this alters the value proposition of the various wargames out there in the market.  Have at it folks. New prices will be in effect very soon.  I’d buy what you want right now if you want the current costs.

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