Kingdom Death Monster Preview pt. 1

Are you ready for this Kingdom Death fans?  We’ve got something really special in store for you!

For your viewing pleasure, BoLS has been sent an exclusive assortment of Resin prototypes for the upcoming game Monster.  While the plastics released with the game will certainly differ somewhat from the minis shown here, I think once you’ve seen these guys you’ll agree that if the finals are even half this quality they’ll still be some amazing minis.  And anyone pledging at the “All Resin Beta” level on the Monster Kickstarter can probably expect to get something almost identical to the minis I have here.

First up we have our starting Survivors.  These unfortunate souls have just awoken into the nightmare world of Kingdom Death with only shards of rock and lanterns to protect them from the horrors lurking in the darkness.  In addition to this set, the game will also come with a more modular unarmored set that you can more easily upgrade with the weapons and armor you will be crafting as your party starts killing monsters.

Here’s a sprue close-up.  The face on that rock dagger should make sense to anyone that’s watched the Monster Kickstarter video.

The anatomy and musculature on these guys is stunning.  It’s elegant and well defined but restrained enough that you don’t end up with someone who looks like a cartoonish action movie reject.

The detail on this face is amazing.  You can even make out the crow’s feet around his eyes.

Here’s another close-up.  A second female will come with the game for a total of four starting survivors.

Here’s that group shot again.

Plus some closer looks at our three assembled starters.

My old  renegade marine is back for scale comparisons again.  As you can see the Kingdom Death minis are sculpted at a considerably larger scale and with more natural proportions.

Let’s move on to the Rawhide Armor kit.  Once your party has taken down a monster you can start upgrading them with new parts like these. 

Here’s a close-up of one of the weapons sprues.  I was provided with several symmetrical sprues which allow your party members to wield any given weapon in either hand.  And on the little leather flap in the upper right I think we have some throwing darts.

Then we have these cool bits.  That skull could probably work double duty as a mask or shoulder pad, but as for the other thing… I can only guess that it’s a drum of some kind.  It will be interesting to see what kind of in-game effects it has if my supposition is correct.

Here are some close-ups of the legs and torsos showing the optional fur shoulders you can use.

Here are the four Rawhide survivors I put together from the bits I was given.  I don’t know exactly how all the pieces will end up functioning so I’m not sure if what I’ve put together will actually be legal or functional for play.  I just went with what I thought looked cool.

And that brings us to the final set; the Phoenix Armor kit.

This is the most complicated set I was given with tons of weapon options, and extra embellishments.

We’ve finally got some serious ranged weapons for our party!  And those are some very wicked looking arrows.

On the left we have some long headdress plumes and feather skirts for the female kits.  There are more skirts on the right for the males, and also a shoulder pad.  I don’t know at this point if these pieces are just decorative, or if they have to be crafted and provide bonuses.

Weapons, weapons weapons!  We have katanas, some kind of cool dagger thing, an axe and a spear.

And here is a lovely shield that appears to be woven together out of muscle and sinew.

Here are my four assembled survivors from the Phoenix set.  As before, I don’t know if any of these combinations are either legal or optimal.

~ Hope you enjoyed this little sneak preview.  Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 where we’ll be showing off a couple of monsters we also got our hands on.

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