Goatboy’s 3rd Perspective – Building a Better Plague Marine!

Initial test for the Plague Marine Design

Goatboy here again with another 3rd Party bit review and this time I am coming at it from a full model perspective instead of just a single part.

As you know I am always on the look out for neat parts.  I am a compulsive bits hoarder and I am always looking for different pieces to create unique units in my army. This ability to build things in a different way is what keeps me playing.

So with that in mind let’s look at my current “custom” kit bash for my Plague Marine.  I wanted to go with a different look that wasn’t just a fat man trying to put on a little coat.  I wanted something weird and almost “old” looking.  I wanted these guys to look like a lost exploration group that got sucked into the warp and came back different.  They are explorers and they saw a little too much.

My Army is red based – so no green armor for me! I built the unit for 7 – thus the extra ability to have either 2 plasma or 2 melta guns with a Power Fist or Power Axe if needed.

Here is the parts list for the models.  I will review each piece in a little bit but I want to show the parts that created these little jerks.

Max Mini

Bio Hazard Backpack
Nuclear Gun
Biohazard Helmet
The resin quality is very top notch.  I didn’t have any issues with any of the parts and they all fit easily with the GW bits I used as the Chest piece.  The resin is a lightish color and has more give to it then the FW resins bits you might use.  I didn’t have any imperfections in the all the parts I bought.  
I really like the designs and thought they were good so there isn’t much to say.  I do wish they had more then 3 designs on the back packs but that is really the only true con I can find.
The resin quality is top notch on these parts.  I also really like the design for the legs as they feel unique enough but still fit into the same game world these models will be used.  The price is also good for 6 legs as it easily fits into the normal bit cost for legs from other bit resellers.
The half circle on top of the legs didn’t always fit snugly with the chest pieces.  I was using the chest parts from the Chaos Rhino sprue so that might have had something to do with it.  I like the cables on the back and think they fit with the Old Maritime explorer design I wanted to utilize.
Secret Weapon Miniatures
The resin was well cast and there weren’t any bits missing that you might see from imperfections.  The sculpture was crisp and I think they fit very well with the overall theme of my own army.
I am not sure about the beveled lip as it feels too small to fit your full legs in there.  I had to clip part of the edge down to make sure the foot fit.  This wasn’t that much of an issue as it still looks awesome it is just something about the beveled bases that I am not the biggest fan.  I know the edge is there so you can put some kind of liquid effect in there and I might add it later on.
Kit bashing is what keeps my hobby plate full as I try to think of new and different looks to complete my armies. I don’t like to have the same look over and over again so I am all about new manufacturers given me the crack I need for my Hobby Addiction.
Next time around I will be looking at some more model options as I surf around the web and find new things to paint up.  I ordered a set of Avatars of War Warcast models and I am excited to get my greasy mitts on them.  So what do you think of the conversions?  Got any bits favorites of your own?  Its time to share my fellow-converters!

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