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D&D Cosplay: Mollymauk from Critical Role

The fandom of Critical Role is deep and vast. Through their many campaigns, few characters of this hit series (pun intended) have stuck in the hearts of Critters more than Molly, the charismatic Tiefling from Season 2 (Long may he Reign). This week, we’re taking a peek into his lore, and featuring a stellar cosplay […]

40k Cosplay: The Sisters of Battle Squad

Not one, not two, but an entire horde of Sisters. So, so many sisters. Sisters on Staircases. In San Diego. At Wedding Ceremonies. Check out this week’s cosplay gallery, full of your favorite ladies of pain (and symmetrical bob haircuts). We’re featuring the work of Shawn Thorsson and his troupe of fierce lady cosplayers.

Cosplay: DragonCon 2019

The best of the best and most creative have gathered together once more in one of the most elaborate showings of the Cosplay yearly Calendar- DragonCon. From Game of Thrones to Justice League, Skeksis to dancing T-Rex, this Con has it all.

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