40K – WFB NEWS: Flyer and Daemons OTW

A couple of news items this morning ladies and gentlemen.

This is more in the confirmation side of things instead of the rumors area. First up, a Games Workshop store put that top image up on their Facebook page yesterday and the following message:

+ + + BREAKING NEWS + + +
On Saturday there is also this beautiful book!
It is only available in English and only to order from us, but it has EVERYTHING you could wish for flying heart!

So that takes care of the flyer book release.

Next up, several retailers are now reporting the combo 40K-WFB Deamon Release coming in March. Product codes are apparently out there.  So yes, this would mean three months of back to back army books – Dark Angels, Warriors of Chaos – Daemons (both systems).  The smart money says Tau and High Elves are after that.

~Have fun!

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