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How to Play Raven Guard in Warhammer 40K

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Jan 31 2024
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Today let’s take a look at some basics of how to play and get started with Warhammer 40k Raven Guard. The masters of stealth!

The Raven Guard are a precise and stealthy Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. As one of the First Founding Chapters, the Raven Guard have the distinct character of their Primarch, Corax. On the tabletop, the chapter fights with sneaky deployment and exacting combat.

Below we offer some tips on how to play the army and get started with the army.

Who Are The Raven Guard?

The Raven Guard were the XIX Legion of the original Space Marine Legions. Their Primarch is Corvus Corax . Their homeworld is Deliverance (originally named Lycaeus), a moon that orbits the Hive World Kiavahr. The Legion was devastated at the outbreak of the Horus Heresy and survived only by the most desperate of measures. The Chapter specializes in guerrilla warfare, moving behind enemy lines with unrivaled stealth, and striking with precise application of force.

They are known for hitting weak points in enemy defenses hard, and they perform lightning strikes upon locations of tactical importance to cripple their enemy. The Raven Guard disdain the notion of recklessly charging into enemy ranks. The Chapter relies heavily on their Scouts for pinpointing enemy positions and to scout for good drop sites. Because of their hit-and-run tactics, they also make extensive use of Assault Squads.

Why Play Raven Guard

Raven Guard marine

The Raven Guard brings everything we should expect from a Space Marine chapter while being as stealthy and tricksy as an Aeldari. They also have a great character, totally unique to their chapter.

Strengths of the Army

  • Deployment options.
  • Fun play style.
  • Versatility.

Weakness of the Army

  • Like most marines, an elite army with relatively few bodies.

Raven Guard Thunderhawk

Raven Guard Rules

Space Marine Army Rules

  • Oath of Moment: This powerful rule allows you to target an enemy unit in the Command Phase and give your entire army re-rolls against it.

Vanguard Spearhead

  • Rules: The Scout/sneaky detachment has powerful anti-shooting-based rules!
  • Enhancements: There are some fun ones here, but the real fun is stealing fun from your opponent, using Shadow War Veteran to deny their Stratagems!
  • Stratagems: Flavor award goes to A Deadly Prize which lets you boobytrap and objective.

Raven Guard strike force


What to Buy

The Ravenguard is no longer a Supplemental Codex. The army consists of a few unique units and a particularly suitable Detachment. To play it, you only need Codex: Space Marines.

Key Faction Units To Know

The army has an immense Space Marine unit roster. Knowing what units to take make use of the Chapter’s rules can be tricky. Here are some suggestions to get you off on the right track.

1. Kayvann Shrike

An iconic Raven Guard hero and Chapter Master of the Chapter, Shrike is a melee based character and Lone Operative.

2. Eliminator Squad

Raven Guard Eliminators
Eliminator Squads are one of the best equipped to take advantage of a variety of Stratagems. Enemy characters beware.

3. Vanguard Veterans

Elite Firstborn close combat Veterans, Vanguard can take advantage of Raven Guard tactics to get in close. The double advantage is you can use the awesome Forgeworld Raven Guard Dark Fury models!


4. Primaris Intercessors

Raven Guard Intercessor
Like all Space Marines Chapters, a core of Primaris Intercessor Battleline choices is never a bad way to go.

5. Primaris Inceptors

Mobile firepower, Inceptors can be equipped for any job.

Sample Starter Army

Patrol Detachment

Shrike. 1 Model. He is equipped with:  Blackout; the Raven’s Talons

Primaris Intercessors. Ten Models. Every model is equipped with: bolt pistol; bolt rifle
Primaris Intercessors. Ten Models. Every model is equipped with: bolt pistol; bolt rifle
Primaris Intercessors. Five Models. Every model is equipped with: bolt pistol; bolt rifle


Total:  ~500 pts.


How to Play Raven Guard

Raven Guard are the sneaky players’ choice of Space Marines. They have many deployment and movement based stratagems and tactics which will leave your opponent off guard. Thanks to these alternate deployments, Raven guard players should be able to pick their points of conflict and engagement with contemptuous ease. This being the case, Raven Guard can go all-rounder, shooting focus, or combat focus- all get an extra dimension thanks to the trickery of the Sons of Corax!

Victorus Aut Mortis 

Author: Allen Campbell
  • Games Workshop Rumor Engine: We've Awoken The Hive