40K NEWS: Cya Later Bits Says Games Workshop

Games Workshop Partner Stores were told to get ready for a new policy update from GW today…

Stores across the United States held their breath and waited for the worst.  When the new policy finally came down the line it was clear what was being targeted.

GW Partner Stores were prohibited from breaking open GW product and from selling sub-components. What that means is no sprue-bitz sales for Partner Stores.

Now the bigger question is WHY?  GW has prohibited Partner Stores from operating online shopping carts for years, but sub-components were never bothered with, especially since GW shut down their own bits offerings many years ago.

Perhaps GW is planning on re-entering the bits business themselves?


A copy of the trade agreement has been spotted online here.

I’m no lawyer, but I would be very interested to get an opinion of the second to the last paragraph on P.2 starting with the phrase “This POLICY reflects the unilateral decision…”


What do you guys think? More conversation in the Lounge here.

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