40K RUMORS: Eldar

Eldar are said to be coming this fall.  Here’s the latest word on those pointy eared Craftworlders…

We got a two parter here.  First up was the latest batch from good ole Faeit:

– Autarchs take Paths. These represent completed paths they have walked and are tied to the various aspects. By taking a path you make the respective aspect warrior a troop choice (the exception are reapers who just become scoring)

– Overall point cost reduction (guardians see it the most, aspect warriors see it the least, but are instead a fair margin better with only a minor cost decrease for two of the schools).

– new special rule that influence how howling banshees interact in combat. It’s current iteration really makes them feel like glass cannons that are amazing at what they’re designed to do.

-Seer councils have brotherhood of psykers (the farseers still cast their own abilities in addition, but two farseers together cast more than 2 farseers separately)

– in general, aspect warriors are hyper focused and hyper successful if used properly

– No new aspect
– 2 new flyers
– lots of units get access to skyfire
– new tank (on falcon chasis)
– Avatar is buffed a lot
– Two new special characters
– exarchs are all really good in duels in different ways
– farseers are still awesome psykers
– warlocks improve deny the witch.
– falcon/wave serpent point reduction
– way to make some of the craftworld specific lists
– additional rules for allying with dark eldar
– expanded fluff on the war in heaven

Then we got some followups of our own from the voices in the wind.

-New Eldar “large tank” is being worked on (not the same as the new falcon variant)
-Guardian/Storm Guardian combo plastic box
-Guardian jetbikes/Shining Spear combo box

Full Eldar Rules Roundup

~Look for these guys to land in the fall after Tau Empire arrive.

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