Forgeworld: Heresy Astartes Bikers, Guns & Necron Madness!

Its a good day to be killing your fellow Legionnaires…  If you played EPIC – you are going to LOVE these new Astartes bikers!

First up, a little stroll down memory land.  Back in the time of the Thunder-lizards (the early 90s), EPIC was in its heyday and being set in the Horus Heresy,  had all kinds of cool models.  Dreadnoughts were Contemptors, and Space Marine bikers looked like this:

Fast forward to the 40th Millenium, where we have had to the deal with the brick-on-wheels Astartes bike for so many years I’ve lost count.  It doesn’t help that the bike looks like it would careen into a fiery deathtrap if it hit a curb at speed – as if that thing could get over 50mph.

So when these showed up, not only did I grin from ear to ear, but I knew that at last, the Astartes Recon squads (and White Scars fans everywhere) had gotten a ride they could be proud of.


Also, assault weapon packs, and a MONSTER Necron Tomb Complex you need to see to believe  – YIPPEE!!!

~What’s your take on the new Astartes bike? 

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