Hordes: Hunters Grim Warlock Unit Spoiler

Privateer Press has sent over some exciting spoilers from the upcoming Gargantuans book for Hordes.

Hunters Grim Trollblood Epic Warlock Unit
Feat: On My Mark
While in Grimʼs control area, friendly Faction models gain Mark Target and friendly Faction modelsʼ ranged weapons gain Snipe. On My Mark lasts for one turn. (Other friendly Faction models gain +2 to ranged attack rolls against enemy models within 5 ̋ of a model with Mark Target that are in its LOS.) (Ranged weapons with Snipe gain +4 RNG).
Effective RAT 7 Scattergunners?  Pygmy Burrowers with RNG 8?  Bushwhackers at RNG 18?  Interesting…
That’s it for the current round of spoilers, folks.  Gargantuans drops in just a few weeks!

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