Dreadball: Buzzcut MVP

Mantic just unveiled their newest Dreadball MVP and wanted you all to see.  Say hello to Buzzcut.

via Mantic:

If eating your greens makes you grow up big and strong, then Buzzcut must have devoured forests as a child because he is huge. On the pitch he wears some armour, but generally plays almost stripped to the waist as if preparing for some manual labour which, in a way, he is. His usual excuse is that the uniforms come off when he gets into a fight anyway, and it is true that things seem to break when he is about. This doesn’t stop him being fined in almost every game for being improperly attired. As if he cared.

Mantic is cranking through the Season 1 teams and MVPs, and new teams and races are on display on thier site.  Go take a look.  You will be able to get in games of Dreadball and talk to Mantic staff at WargamesCon – so don’t be shy!

More Dreadball in the days ahead.

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